Characters: Deadpool

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  • What are you doing here? I listed all my tropes on the main page! Yep, I'm so awesome I get my own page, not just a folder!

Aside from moi, my series is a home for lesser known, but still pretty awesome people. Not as awesome as me, of course, but honestly, who is?

Althea / Blind 'Al' Alfred

A former secret agent who hangs out with me a lot and tries to give me advice on being a good guy. She may or may not be as crazy as me...


Jack Hammer / Weasel

A super genius friend of mine who I go to for all kinds of sweet gadgets. The guy loves me! Keeps trying to kill me for whatever reason though. Maybe he's bipolar.


Bob, Agent Of HYDRA

My best pal in the whole world and a former member of that asshole supervillain group HYDRA. A lot of people say that he's got something called Stockholm Syndrome but I don't put much stock in that.



An ancient royal succubus and my lovely wife. She was in an arranged marriage to that old bag of bones Dracula but fell in love with me instead. She's totally hot and a real sweetie.



A mutant merc with shapeshifting powers and my cool ex-girlfriend. She's a real looker if I say so myself.



A genetically-engineered freelancer and part-time X-Man who works with me a lot. She's pretty cool but tends to kick my ass a lot.


Sandi Brandenberg

My secretary and good friend. She's a sweet one even though she's the ex-girlfriend of that jerkwad Taskmaster.



A cowgirl-styled merc and a close friend of mine. She's a mutant with super strength and durability and is insanely good with guns. I work with her on a lot of jobs.


Dr. Bong

A Mad Scientist supervillain, former archenemy of some cartoon duck thing, and my psychiatrist. He's a nice enough guy and really helped through a rough patch, though him being a supercrook means that I sometimes have to fight him when I'm helping out the good guys. He wears a cool bell for a helmet that he can hit to make super powerful sound attacks.


Deuce The Devil-Dog

A dog that used to owned by Daredevil's pal Foggy Nelson. Weasel won him from Foggy in a poker match and now he's Blind Al's guide dog. She loves him.


The Great Lakes Avengers

A no-name superhero team centered in Wisconsin that I help out sometimes. I was actually a team member for a time though that meant I had to contend with my true archnemesis, Squirrel Girl. See their own page for more.


An old pal of mine from Weapon X. He's a merc now and we've worked together on a few jobs.


    Deadpool Corps 

Tropes applying to the whole group:
  • Alternate Self: a whole team of alternate me!
  • The Chosen One: yeah, the Contemplator chose us to save the Universe. Finally, someone recognizes our value...

Lady Deadpool

A girl version of me who's just as crazy as yours truly. She's pretty hot. Not that you heard that from me.


A mouthy kid version of me. He's kind of a brat.


A zombie me from some weird-ass alternate universe. He's just a head now thanks to getting tossed into a riverboat propeller.


A version of me that's a dog. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

Golden Age Deadpool

An old-school alternate universe version of me.

     Rogues Gallery 


The Mad Scientist asshole who's responsible for making me what I am today. He keeps saying that he's a good guy now but I know that's bull.



A crazy cyborg who used to be a guard for Dr. Killebrew. He's obsessed with killing me because I shot him when I escaped Weapon X. Guy holds a serious grudge.



My archenemy. He's a crazy idiot who thinks he's the real Wade Wilson and that I stole his identity. Maybe he's right. Or maybe not. I don't really care.


A merc with the power to copy skills by looking at them. We've tried to kill each other a few times, partially because I'm one of the few people who can take him evenly in a fight. Also he's Sandi's ex-boyfriend. See his own page for more.

Black Swan.

"This is a game of gentlemen, Mr.Wilson, not buffoons."
A snob of a hitman who wants to kill me for stealing credit for some kills he made. He's kind of a dick.


Black Box

A mutant technopathic criminal who's basically a living computer. We've run into each other quite a few times. He creeps me the hell out.


Agent Allison Kemp

A former FBI agent who got crippled in a fight with me. She's kind of crazy now and wants to take vengeance on me.


The Resurrected Presidents

American presidents resurrected by a Necromancer. Came Back Wrong doesn't even BEGIN to describe it.



Please allow me to introduce Vetis, he's a man of wealth and taste, he's been around for a long long year, stole many a man's soul and faith! In case the Stones allusion didn't hit: A crossroads demon I've messed with, and is now seeking to seal some unfinished deals.



A hitman who's also a monkey. I'm serious! He only takes hits on other mercs and criminals so I've had some nasty run-ins with him. Worse he's got healing powers like me so he keeps coming no matter how many times he gets put down.


Evil Deadpool

An evil Frankenstein-style clone of me made from my body parts that got cut off over the years. He's be sent after me a few times by that crazy bitch Ella Whitby (see below).


Dr. Ella Whitby

A crazy psychiatrist who became obsessed with me while I was staying in a mental hospital. She's a complete wacko who made Evil Deadpool to try and kidnap me. She's totally fat even though people keep saying she's not.


Macho Gomez

One of the baddest, stinkiest bounty hunters in the galaxy. He came to Earth to pick up a bounty and now wants me dead because I stole his kill by accident.



This is the version of me from the Deadpool Killogy. For more information on this creep, follow the page link.