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Characters: Quake III: Arena
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Tier 0

Distaff Counterpart of Doom, though she makes her debut in this game. Formerly, Doom's military instructor. Now, she trains and introduces the newcomers to the Arena Eternal.

Tier 1: Trainee

The Player Character from the first Quake, Ranger is a former veteran of the Slipgate wars. His experiences left him more alien than human. The player fights against him in the Arena Gate.

Another counterpart to Doom. He led the invasion of the demon-haunted tunnels of Phobos, where he was betrayed by his superiors, who thought they could learn more from watching him die than studying his reports. The player fights against him in the House of Pain.

Not much is known about her, other than her occupations: porn star, master assassin and fashion model. She's part viper, part black widow, and all woman. The player fights against her in the Arena of Death, alongside Orbb.

Once an Arena watcher, he evolved beyond his specifications and became a deadly combatant. The player fights against it in the Arena of Death, alongside Mynx. Later, he appears in the Place Of Many Deaths and the Camping Grounds.

A combat veteran. Not much is known about him. The player fights against him in the Powerstation 0218.

  • Decoy Protagonist: He appears in the intro video, as fighting against thousands of monsters. Later, he does appear, but as one of the bosses, and not as the player character.
  • Mid Boss: The final boss of Tier 1.

Tier 2: Skill

The main Player Character of Quake II, he's a veteran of the Strogg wars. According to the manual, the Strogg did some experiments on him, which left him more Strogg than human. The player fights against him in the Place Of Many Deaths, the Camping Grounds and Brimstone Abbey.

One of the characters from Quake II. Nathan Grunt is a Strogg invasion veteran who still fights a war which ended years ago. He's fought in the Place Of Many Deaths, the Camping Grounds, and the Temple of Retribution.

  • Ascended Extra: A selectable multiplayer skin in Quake II, he becomes a full-fledged warrior in this game.
  • Mythology Gag: He does a few callbacks to his original series, like Bitterman:
    (When fragging someone with the Railgun) "'Old Betsy' still works like a charm."
    (When fragging someone with a Gauntlet) "Beats a hand blaster any day."note 

A character who looks like a big fat guy who would have been out of place here. The manual says that he's agiler than that. The player fights against him in the Forgotten Place and the Camping Grounds.

A Bounty Hunter who doesn't care who or what is in her sights. The player fights against her in the Forgotten Place, the Camping Grounds and the Temple of Retribution.

The second boss character of the game. She's an inhabitant of Tau Ceti who seeks revenge against the Sorg, Sorlag's race, for destroying her village. She's fought in the Proving Grounds.

Tier 3: Combat

  • Artificial Human
  • Rhymes on a Dime:
    "Here lies, <player>, the scab. Fought a god and bought a slab."
    "Here lies, <player>, the whining puke. He'd have had more chance if he swallowed a nuke."





Tier 4: Warrior


    Tank Jr, 




Tier 5: Veteran






Tier 6: Master



  • And Your Little Dog Too: Invoked:
    "You and your little dog Toto too!"
  • Mythology Gag: He sprouts many lines referencing his original series:
    (When a match ends with him not being first or last) "Over? I haven't found the blue key card yet!"
    (When last in a match) "I was last once before, and a whole planet paid the price."
    (When dying for lava) "I've been to hell once ... kinda felt like this."note 
    (When dying for slime) "Shouldn't this stuff be in barrels!?!"
    (When being killed by a BFG) "That toy ain't no BFG."
    (When kill with a Gauntlet) "Need... Berserk Pack... must... have... Berserk Pack!"
    "Where's the freakin' red key card?"
  • Space Marine



Tier 7: Elite


Introduced in Quake III: Team Arena


  • Leet Lingo:
    "Well lookie here! It's the infamous <player>. Time to ph34r those l33t 5k1ll5 again, eh?"

Introduced in the PS2 version

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