Awesome Music: Doom


Doom II

Other games in the series
  • The Doom 3 heavy theme. Reason being that besides the startup, you'll only ever hear it again when you're victorious, and almost invariably at the end of any Doom 3 mod episode too. It's sort of like an awesome music of crowning.
  • From TNT: Evilution, we have Sadistic and Death's Bells.
    • The music from MAP14 (Steel Works) may not be the best song ever (mainly because it's a short, cool sounding riff surrounded by several minutes of dull bass), but its remix by TheWeekle manages to make it epic.
  • Doom 64 may not have much in the way of rocking tunes (only the opening and ending themes could be considered traditional music), but what it does have is an incredibly creepy and atmospheric ambiance that really helps set it as the most Survival Horror-y game in the series until Doom 3 came along (especially when you reach Hell). Here's one of the creepier stage themes if you need an example.

Ports and remixes

  • The mod Back to Saturn X has plenty of original, great tunes. To wit:
    • Entering. The very first map, and it's got a very touching and sentimental track.
    • 24. It may not be fast-pumping heavy metal, but it manages to sound mysterious, beautiful and a little tense.
    • The haunting and mysterious Mystproj.
    • Scattered Ashes. Someone described it as sounding like a badass cowboy theme, and it's an apt description.
    • The highly intense Ominus.