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Characters from Phantom Brave.

Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi (JP), Sandy Fox (EN)

Primary main character. Marona is a young girl who lives on an island by herself in Ivoire. She is a Chroma, a character with strange magical powers (hers allow her to talk to spirits, and bring them to life by possessing inanimate objects). Because of this, she is feared (and very often discriminated against) by everyone on the mainland.

Voiced by: Hiro Shimono (JP), Lex Lang (EN)

Secondary main character. Ash is Marona's spiritual guardian and one of her closest friends. Before his death, he used to fight alongside Marona's parents as a Chroma. He can occasionally move in and out of his intangible state whenever he needs to talk to someone.

Voiced by: Kosuke Toriumi (JP), Steve Blum (EN; Vic Mignogna in the remake's "Another Marona" bonus story)

Walnut is a bounty hunter. He possesses the powers of a Chroma, but is employed as a Chroma Oxide, one who steals the bounties of other Chromas by either defeating the monster assigned to them, or defeating the Chroma outright. He appears again in Soul Nomad & the World Eaters under the name Endorph.

Voiced by: Lara Jill Miller (EN)

Castile is a young girl who lives on the mainland. She is very ill and unable to walk, but she helps ease her pain by writing letters. Through this, she becomes Marona's first human friend. She is also Walnut's younger sister, and the money he makes from his work is mainly being funded to find a cure for her illness.

Voiced By: David Lodge (EN)
An 85 year old man whose family was slain by Sulphur's hand many years before the game's main storyline. He has sworn to kill Sulphur and avenge his family, and has turned to the use of dark powers in order to achieve his revenge, despite once being the wielder of a holy sword. He is the former mentor of Raphael, and one of the warriors known as the 9 Swords of Ivoire, and is considered by most in the world to be the strongest. His signature technique is the power Dark Eboreus.

Voiced By: Crispin Freeman (EN; Patrick Seitz in "Another Marona" story)
One of the Nine Swords and leader of the White Wolf Army and the wielder of the Heliotrope blade. He was impersonated by Bijou, one of the local werewolves in Ivoire through Sulphur's Demonic Possession, terrorizing the local islands. Luckily, Marona and Ash has dealt with the impersonater, twice (second time with Raphael's help.

Sienna Scarlet the Brave

Voiced by: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (EN)
Owner of the Bottlemail Industry in Clutter Haven along with her scrabbit colleague, Murasaki. Marona pays her rent on Phantom Isle before she decided to give Marona full ownership of the island. She's actually the legendary Scarlet the Brave, a Brave who have defeated Sulphur 30 years ago, but injured her leg then. Because of this, she established a new identity as Sienna and ran the Bottlemail Industry to get information across Ivoire.

  • Badass/Handicapped Badass
  • Cassandra Truth: She tried to rally some of the island elders to fight against Sulphur and with Marona's plan, but they scoff it off because they are expecting Scarlet the Brave to be a strong man and not a woman with a broken leg.
  • Hidden Purpose Test/ Secret Test of Character: Highly implied. When Marona accumulated enough bordeaux to buy Phantom Isle from Sienna, she declined the money offer and instead sent her to the Isle of Evil to retrieve the Rainbow Bird (along with the Fighting Ravens). At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Sienna actually owned the Rainbow Bird from the beginning and she intentionally set it free so she can learn more about Marona as a person (the Rainbow Bird escaping was most likely the reason for Sienna to give Marona full ownership of Phantom Isle, as she expected her to release the Rainbow Bird or give it to someone else rather than giving the bird directly to her. And besides, the bird escaped from its cage because Marona, being the nicest girl in Ivoire, decided to give up the ownership of the Rainbow Bird to Walnut after beating his ass along with reviving him, feeling that Walnut deserves the bird for a certain reason).
  • Interspecies Romance: With an Owlman, who was killed by Sulphur. His death caused Sienna to (nearly) seek the path of darkness similar to Sprout. Fortunately enough, Marona and Ash was sent back to time and prevent her from doing that, thus creating Stable Time Loop. Oh yeah, the owlman's spirit thanked Marona and Ash for getting her out of the path to darkness.
  • Lady of War: With an English voice actor to fit appropriately here.
  • Nice Woman: In fact, she is one of the few adults in the game that didn't discriminate Marona for her ability.
  • Playing with Fire: She has the Psycho Burgundy ability
  • Proper Lady
  • Pimped-Out Dress
  • Scarlet The Brave is a girl!
  • Tomboy: "I'm used to be quite the tomboy, but I'm hardly a man".


The Lord of Terror. An evil entity that appeared from another world that rampaged across Ivior before he was defeated by Scarlet the Brave, but he survived and his returning. The closer he comes, the more monsters appear, before he finally returns.

Carona without her cape
Introduced in "Another Marona", Carona is Marona from another dimension where Ash was never revived as a phantom. As a result, she was exposed to the full hatred of Ivoire and was forced to take care of herself as a Chroma Oxide. She was sent by God Eryngi to help Marona and the other heroes to fight against Sulphur within 10 days. In reality, she was trying free her world from the clutches of God Eryngi, who is really the Merchant of Death.