Awesome / Phantom Brave

  • Midway through the game, Marona manages to complete another job, the second stop Raphael job (Again, the Raphael in this one is fake, though the real one does show up). When ready to collect her reward, the elder refuses to pay (Like much of her customers up to this point) through some misguided loophole and goes off on her for being a greedy Chroma. When the real Raphael hears of this, he starts causing trouble for this village, causing the elder to go back on what he said and promises to pay Marona if she were to take care of Raphael. Her response?
    Marona: I'm sorry, sir. I cannot accept. Have a nice day.
  • Seeing Every Single Warrior in Ivoire under Scarlet's leadership before The invasion of The Island of Evil shows just how dedicated the people are to freeing their world from Sulphur.