Flower Pot Drop

"Oh, I see. The old geranium to the cranium."

A character is taking a nice stroll, when suddenly a flowerpot falls out of a high window or Hammerspace and crashes onto their head.

This is a Zany Cartoon trope used as a less extreme version of Anvil on Head. Compare Piano Drop.


  • In Ouran High School Host Club, a couple of bullies at Ouran Academy try to drop two flower pots on Kasanoda, but Mori knocks Kasanoda out of the way and hits the second pot to the side in mid-air.
  • In one episode of Detective Academy Q, this was done to commit murder.

  • Parodied in Kung Fu Hustle, where the character doesn't get up after a pot is dropped on him from a top level apartment, and still played for laughs. When bad stuff starts happening, the recipient gathers the scattered dust around his head to hide.
  • In Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco, Sassy knocks a flower pot off of a shelf on top of one of the mean stray dogs.
  • The Avengers (1998). At the beginning of the film. Steed is almost hit by a flowerpot that drops down from a window above him.
  • In The Wrong Box, Masterman Finsbury tries, unsuccessfully, to kill his brother Joseph, and finally screams for him to leave. As Joseph leaves, Masterman hurls a couple of flowerpots at him - finding himself with an armful of flowers, Joseph calls out "It's no use apologizing!"

Comic Books
  • Monica's Gang: Monica once accidentally dropped one from an apartment window and hurried down. She couldn't use the stairs because they were being washed back then so she had to wait for an elevator. Despite this, she managed to arrive on time to be hit.
  • In The Smurfs comic book story "The Reporter Smurf", a Smurf reading the village newspaper wonders if he's a Taurus when the horoscope of the day for Taurus reads "beware of falling objects", and soon enough he gets bonked in the head by a flower pot, with his fellow Smurf confirming that he's a Taurus.

  • Dandelion in The Witcher saga was flower-bombed by his current mistress breaking with him, after she threw all his possessions out of the window.

Live-Action TV
  • In Dream High, Baekhee drops a flower pot from the top of the school building, hoping to hurt Hyemi. She hits Samdong instead and he is rushed to the hospital for a serious head injury.
  • Oscar relates that this happened to him in the True Jackson, VP episode The Prototype.
  • In The Adventures of Superboy, when Superboy confronts Mxyzptlk for the first time, Mxy points out a woman on the other side of town and makes a flowerpot fall towards her. Superboy is fast enough to save her, but then Mxy threatens him by implying he can cause similar incidents everywhere if he wants to.

  • In "Pray For You" by Jaron & The Long Road To Love, the narrator goes to church and takes away the lesson that instead of hating, you should pray for people. In addition to other misfortunes he wishes on the person he's mad at, he prays a flowerpot will fall from a windowsill and hit them in the head.

Newspaper Comics:

Tabletop Games:
  • The homebrew Falling Anvil discipline for Dungeons and Dragons (versions 3.X) includes this in varying degrees, starting with flowerpots, and ranging upwards through anvils, safes, and finally Viking longboats. Of course, it also includes a wide variety of other toon-like attacks and defenses.

Video Games:
  • One of the hazards faced in the Crazy Climber arcade game.
  • There is a Video Game named Crackpots where your goal is to drop flower pots to hit the climbing invertebrate.
  • A common danger in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit game, oddly capable of a One-Hit Kill when Eddie comes close.
  • Occasional hazard in the NES game Urban Champion.
  • The Mental Series has a plant pot in one of the rooms. Walter must drop it on a nurse's head to move on.
  • In Super Smash Bros. U/3DS, the Villager's dash attack has him trip over and drop a flower pot fowards, which breaks upon contact with the ground or an opponent.
  • In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Takedown mission, flower pots are dropped from the upper favela levels at a few points.

Western Animation:
  • Every My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode involving "Pinkie Sense" has used this:
    • In Feeling Pinkie Keen, when the already horribly-injured Twilight Sparkle is assuring Spike that something is not going to fall, a flowerpot then crashes on her head. Then an anvil. Then a hay wagon. Then a grand piano. They all turned out to have fallen out from a delivery truck that Derpy Hooves was working at. This being Twilight, she's fine a few scenes later.
    • In The Mysterious Mare Do Well, during The Reveal that Mare Do Well is some of the Mane 6 teaching Rainbow Dash a lesson, Pinkie Pie says she rescued the construction workers with her Pinkie Sense. She then detects a falling flowerpot with it, and dashes away to avoid it.
    • In It's About Time, when Twilight asks the gypsy Pinkie Pie if she can use her Pinkie Sense to detect what will happen in the future, Pinkie explains that it's only for immediate emergencies. Cue flowerpot to Twilight's head.
    Pinkie: Like that. [pause] Where did that even come from?
  • On the Tex Avery short "Bad Luck Blackie", a flowerpot is the first thing that falls on the bulldog's head. Larger and more unlikely objects soon follow.
  • In the Donald Duck cartoon "Donald's Dilemma", a flowerpot falling on Don's head gives him Identity Amnesia and a handsome voice, making him think he's a great singer. Daisy brings him back to normal by dropping another pot on his head.
  • On Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this happens to poor Michelangelo. (when?)
  • In the first episode of Clerks, Dante and Randal are climbing up Leonardo Leonardo's building when all of a sudden a flower pot drops in the middle of them. Dante asks "Why are we walking like this?" as the camera angle changes and zooms out, revealing they are just barely there.