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Western Animation: Bad Luck Blackie

"One of the most perfect cartoons ever made."
Chuck Jones, praising his mentor's film.

"Bad Luck Blackie" was a 1949 animated cartoon produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, directed by Tex Avery.

The short involves an innocent little kitten being bullied by a cruel bulldog. After enduring his slapstick torment the kitten escapes into an alley, and meets a cigar-smoking alley cat with black fur. The cat offers to protect the kitten by crossing the dog's path and causing him bad luck whenever the kitten blows on a whistle. When the dog manages to thwart the black cat by painting him white, the kitten paints himself black and takes up the act of being bad luck. The rest of the short involves the Amusing Injuries that befall the cruel dog as the kitten uses his newly-found protection to his full advantage.


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