Creator: Hiro Shimono

Hiro Shimono is one of the newer seiyuus that seems to be set on very very meek young boys who're painfully shy, and have artistic sense. The catch, however, is that the guys he voices may have a hidden streak of cruelty or hot-bloodedness. Often (at least in anime he stars in), the characters he plays become subject to abuse... lots of abuse. Also tends to have a Unwanted Harem.

Also interesting to note: He has voiced at least three Otakus turned Ascended Fanboys.

As of The New Tens, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka appears to be his Spiritual Successor in terms of characters played.

Minus the hidden side, he is pretty much the Japanese Spear Counterpart of Stephanie Sheh.

Western counterparts? For Texas, Chris Patton, Joel McDonald, Greg Ayres, and Micah Solusod. For California, Johnny Yong Bosch.

Roles voiced by Hiro Shimono:

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