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Sandra Marie "Sandy" Fox (born July 13, 1962) is an American voice actress who has had numerous roles in various animated cartoon and Japanese anime series, and video games. She was also a notable contestant on Whammy who made the finals of the Tournament of Champions in season 2. She's also the current voice of Betty Boop. She also did characters voices at two attractions in Universal's Islands of Adventure Universal Studios such as Thing 1 and Thing 2 in The Cat In The Hat attraction at Seuss Landing and Olive Oyl at "Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges" a river rafting water ride in Toon Lagoon.

Together with her husband, fellow voice actor and Love Planet Records co-founder, Lex Lang, they perform in a musical group called Butterfly. They are also founders and creators of "H2Om Water with Intention". Fox is a member of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs and is founder of The Love Planet Foundation.

She is known for her high-pitched voice and is often cast as characters that fall into either, Cheerful Child, Token Mini Moes, or Cute but Cacophonic.

Her Japanese equivalent would be Tomoko Kaneda. But her vocal range is more comparable to Hilary Haag and Hynden Walch, as both of those voice actresses are well known to have naturally high-pitches that often cast them into cute, young girls.

Christine Marie Cabanos may be her Spiritual Successor in terms of the loli typecast, as Sandy Fox rarely gets any anime roles nowadays since 2011 due to her work as a humanitarian. Though recently she seems to be getting more roles in anime in 2015, as seen in her casting as Chibi-Usa in the Viz re-dub of Sailor Moon and Eddelrittuo in Aldnoah.Zero. Her Texan counterparts are Hilary Haag (for Houston), Tia Ballard (for Dallas), and Monica Rial (for both Houston and Dallas).

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