Characters: Lighter Than Heir

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Trainees from Steinbech Military Camp

     Zeppelin Von Schultheiss 
What happens today will determine where my future lies!

Self centered and conceited, Zeppelin's the story's "protagonist" who wants to claim her father's title as her country's greatest hero. Be afraid.

     Emmerich Hertz 
Oh, for god's sake...

Cold and introverted, Hertz is one of Zeppelin's "comrades" she first meets in boot camp, who surprisingly hates her already. What's his problem?

  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Possibly with Zeppelin. Unless they really do just hate each other, of course.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Grunwald is about to finish off both Austerlitz and Zeppelin. Cue Hertz firing a shot in his arm with a gun he repaired.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Due to the Von Schultheiss reputation it's hinted that Hertz was viewed as a disappointment.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Good at repairing guns. Very important since it's what helps him catch Grunwald off guard.
  • The Leader: An impromptu one after the Volant attack.
  • The Stoic: The most calm of the group.
    Hertz: NOBODY ASKED YOU DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE! (Beat) -inhale- We have to do what we need to or the rest of us will starve before we reach Martino.
  • Stoic Spectacles
  • Why'd It Have To Be Heights?: Afraid of heights. Played for laughs in training camp, then seriously when having to climb the radio tower.

     Fritz Roth 
You can't just hold someone up with just any pistol! You gotta ensure it has the best shot!

Without a proper family or home, Roth is a slick talking con-man who figured joining the military would be an improvement over a life on the streets.

     Ria Klein 
Now, it's been a while but we talked on the bus! Ria Klein? I was the model!

Originally a fashion model, Klein's been molded into quite a fine soldier, while still retaining her sweet and caring attitude.

     Ada Fleischer 
Oh my gosh! So flippin' stellar!

A rabid fangirl and lover for all things stellar, Fleischer mostly joined the military to be around her idol, Zeppelin. Hopefully she has her own special talents.

  • Ditzy Genius: A bit clumsy and accident prone, but is capable of creating and piloting a mech suit.
  • Its Pronounced Tropay: In the cast page it states Fleischer is pronounced "FLYSH-er".

     Mathis Schultz 
We got really close, but you can't live on happiness alone.

Schultz is a former actor, and since joining the military, has become a nervous wreck. He joined the military to provide for him and his girlfriend. At least, that what she was before he ran off without consulting her first.

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