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As a Mario fan website, Lemmy's Land shares many characters with the Mario series. However, most of them are very, very different.

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    The Koopa Family 

Lemmy Koopa
There is nothing to fear in Lemmy's Land, unless the idea of 43 fun-filled sections fills you with terror.

Lemmy is Bowser's second oldest son, and the Koopaling who owns all of Lemmy's Land. Almost every section in the website has his name on it. Lemmy is the most fun-loving of the Koopalings.

Roy Koopa

Roy is the third oldest Koopaling, and the strongest. He's fully aware of how strong he is, and likes to bully his siblings, especially Iggy. His section is Roy's Sports Hall, where various villains have fights, but after an incredibly climactic fight between Roy and Mr. L, Larry tricked him into voluntarily staying in the Sports Hall's medical ward, leaving Larry as the Hall's leader.

Wendy O. Koopa
I love to talk on the phone with... EVERYONE!

Bowser's only daughter, and the third youngest Koopaling, who is very bratty and thinks highly of herself. Wendy complains to Bowser to get things more than any other Koopaling. Her section is Wendy's Phonebooth, where she answers the questions of the users.

Ludwig von Koopa
The wisest of us need so such trinkets to realize success, but it is your choice to strive for them if you feel so inclined.

Ludwig is Bowser's oldest son, and he is a brilliant inventor and composer. His section of the website is Ludwig's Quizzes, where users can answer questions.

Morton Koopa Jr.

Morton is the second-youngest Koopaling, and he talks the most out of any of them. People will do anything just to get him to shut up. His section is Morton's Basics, where the user can see basic instructions for submissions and similar things.

Iggy Koopa
This casino is for compulsive gamblers only, so step right up and let's get down to business.

Iggy is the middle Koopaling, and Lemmy's best friend. He is often beaten up by Roy. He is good with machines, but doesn't invent things as often as Ludwig. His section is Iggy's Casino, where various games of chance are held.

Larry Koopa

Larry is the youngest Koopaling, and he loves to sneak around, lie, steal, and trick people. His section is Larry's Bios, which features details on several characters, both Canon and Fanon. He has also lead Roy's Sports Hall since the Roy vs. mr. L match in Season 10.

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is Bowser's youngest child, and the one he favors the most. Bowser Jr. is whiny, bratty, and annoying, and his siblings despise him.

King Bowser Koopa
Oh, Lemmy sent ya, eh? Fine! Stay if you want to, but he'll go to the dungeon for this. And if you pull anything stupid, he'll serve double time! Oh, and you'll go in the lava pits.

King Bowser is the ruler of the Koopa Troop, the father of all of the Koopalings and Bowser Jr., and the nemesis of Mario. He is brash, arrogant and rude. His section is King Koopa's Item Chest, which has a list of all of the items in the Mario series.

    Other Canon Characters 


Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, and a complete and utter idiot too. Most stories, even serious ones, have him playing the part of the fool.

Luigi Stared at Mario.
Luigi: you've never finished kindergarten?
Mario: Hey-a, I'm cold.

Luigi is Mario's younger, more sane brother. He is much, much less well-known in-universe than Mario is.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Where she is kind and caring in the games, she is far more bitchy in Lemmy's Land.


Wario's exact connection to Mario is unclear, but he seems to be some sort of Evil Twin, or at least Evil Counterpart. He is very strong, but also very vulgar.


Waluigi is Wario's strangely thin stepbrother. He and Wario spend time together frequently, but Waluigi seems to resent Wario.

Princess Daisy
Lemmy: Then you should have picked a better partner!
Daisy: But he picked me!

Daisy is the Princess of Sarasaland, and a foil to Princess Peach, who she despises.


Wart is Bowser's toad-like brother, who attacked Subcon once.


Yoshi is a green, adorable anthropomorphic dinosaur, and Mario's close friend.

    Roy's Sports Hall Characters 


Referee for Sports Hall. Doesn't talk much.

Kamek: And with magical overriding-normal-fight powers, the Millennium Star has trapped all three combatants in an ice rink with a... Spiny shell. Uh... Why is it so deadly?
Bzzzzzt! Fwoom!
Kamek: Ah. Now the Spiny shell is both electrocuted and on fire. Yes, that WOULD be deadly...

Kamek is the announcer for several fights in the Sports Hall. He defeated Tanoomba in the Season 3 finale to become the Champion.

The Mafia

Her Tallness: Let me break it down for you. I'm at the top, and you're at the bottom. Simple!
Big Nose: Isn't the Captain at the top?
Her Tallness: I just let him think that.

The Mafia is a sinister group operating in Seasons nine and ten that seems determined to get the weakest fighters to win the tournament in order to obtain the Dynastar, the Season 10 prize. The members of the Mafia are mostly silhouettes, and operate by the following codenames: the Captain (implied to be Mario), Her Tallness {implied to be Peach), Dome-Head (implied to be Toad), Big-Nose (implied to be Yoshi), Whispy (implied to be E. Gadd), and Pink Snout (who is obviously Birdo). The Mafia has also recruited a number of fighters, including Don Pianta, Wario, Nastasia, Mr. L, Spy Guy (who is actually a Mole), and Biff Atlas (who eventually leaves), among others. They manipulate matches to ensure victories that would not otherwise have occurred, such as Goomba defeating Bowser. After the fight between Roy and Mr. L, which the Mafia had quite a hand in, the Captain, Dome-Head, her Tallness, Pink Snout, Big-Nose, and Whispy appeared, and attacked Rawk Hawk (who Nastasia had previously hypnotised). In the scuffle, Tallness was captured by the security guards, so the Captain hired Her Tallness Two (heavily implied to be Daisy). Mr. L and Chained Kong were able to save the original Tallness from Amazing Flying Hammer Bro's room, several weeks later. Now that everyone knows about the presence of the Mafia, security has been boosted in the Sports Hall, the Axem Rangers are checking every fighter that enters the Arena, and fingers are being pointed by the fighters. Spy Guy and Count Bleck are investigating to learn the identities of the silhouetted members.

The Ministry of Gloomtail
Gloomtail: I AM GOD!

The Ministry of Gloomtail is a sinister group (but not quite as sinister as the Mafia) led by Gloomtail, which is aiming toward obtaining the Dynastar to prove Gloomtail's godhood. The members include Millennium Star, Team Super, Bogmire, and Muddy Buddy, who was deemed a failure after losing to Count Bleck and is banned from the Ministry. When Baby Bowser fought Millennium Star, Muddy was forced to choose between helping his best friend, and helping the Ministry. He chose to help Baby Bowser.

    Fanon Characters 

Susan B. Koopa
All of the Koopalings: Moan!

Susan is the Koopalings' cousin. She enjoys their company, but they all hate hers. Her section is called Susan's Trading Card Game, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

Karma A. Koopa
Oh, I'm just as gentle as a kitten until you tick me off. Then you'd better hope you can run is all I have to say.

Karma is Ludwig's fiancee, a Koopa Troopa-Yoshi hybrid. She is a good fighter, and can't stand Larry.

Playful and Bagels
Bagels: You mean run?
Playful: I don't run.

Playful and Bagels are respectively the family cat and dog of the Koopa Family. Playful is regal and decadent, while Bagels is energetic and fun-loving.

The King
Lemmy: When I fire my wand, you're all going to race over to those blue envelopes and-
The King: Now when you say race, you mean?
Lemmy: Uh... hurry, go very fast, move your feet quickly, run, skidaddle, varoom, floor it, turn on the gas... is any of this getting through to you?
The King: What?
Lemmy: Yeah, you'll ask your partner.
Daisy: I can't get through to him either!

Daisy's father, the King of Sarasaland, is a complete and utter idiot.

Clawdia Koopa
Clawdia: HEY!
Lemmy: Sorry, Mom!

Clawdia is Bowser's wife, the Koopalings' mother, and the Koopa Queen. She is much more caring than her husband.


"Oh my DAD!"

DAD is the first-ever Koopa Troopa, and the Koopa God.