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Characters: E.V.O.: Search for Eden
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The main character. He is informed about the test of Survival of the Fittest and reaching Eden at the beginning of the game by Gaia after evolving into a fish. After allowing a world of oxygen, he becomes an amphibian. After defeating the last of the giant insects, he is further evolved into a reptile. He can choose his evolutions into becoming a bird or mammal later on. While no one else seems to care about Gaia, he solves troubles caused by a Crystal that's messing up with evolution. One user of the Crystal is also actively searching for Gaia and is the last opponent defeated before entering Eden.


The embodiment of the Earth. Gaia is charged by her father, the Sun, to test all of her children with Survival of the Fittest. Whoever wins get to be with her, form civilization, and basically marry her. She shows favor to the Protagonist and will revive him if he dies. She does end up with him after he defeats Bolbox, his only major competitor.


All of these are Beef Gates, except for the King Bee, and decide to Never Say "Die".

Kuraselache Leader

"The sea is the only world! I'll destroy anyone who helps the Strolites!"

The Starter Villain of the game. He rules the sea with an iron fist and, wanting to prevent the creatures from leaving, forces everyone not to even speak about a world filled with oxygen. He's defeated by the Protagonist, letting the Strolites create a new world with oxygen.


"You make me very angry! I am going to defeat you!"

The strongest of the Ikustega. He is the first boss of Era 2 and is very conscious about his body. Is defeated by the Protagonist, proving his strength to the Elder. Is later somehow replicated by one of the Crystals that were eaten by Bolbox.

  • Acrofatic: You wouldn't expect how fast and high he can jump!
  • Berserk Button: Mocking his body.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: You laughed at my body? I'll kill you! To be fair, Survival of the Fittest is pretty much law.
  • Final Boss: Can possibly be, since he's one of the opponents that Bolbox sends out.
  • Meaningful Name: Debu is Japanese for 'fat', as in body.
  • Real Ikustega Have Pink Skin: When Bolbox sends him out.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: While the first boss is there to show you how tough the bosses can be, you probably have a good evolution build by the time you get to him. Debustega, on the other hand, teaches you that grinding is VERY important in this game so you can get a good evolution to beat him.

King Bee

"If you feel the way we have chosen to live is wrong, then perhaps you should change it. You may only change it one way, though. By force!"

The Arc Villain for Era 2 and the leader of the insects. He lets the giant insects eat the plants to fill their appetite and is the first boss that used the Crystal.

Queen Bee

"I feel it is unfair that only our society should be destroyed! The Amphibians should be destroyed, too! I shall destroy you first for defeating my husband!"

" How great the being living in the north is. He made us big again and we are very grateful. We cannot let you pass because we are showing our respect for him."

The Final Boss of Era 2. She plans to avenge her husband by killing off all of the Amphibians, starting with the Protagonist. She is later revived and is made giant again by Bolbox close to the end of Era 5.

  • The Dark Chick: To Bolbox in Era 5.
  • Degraded Boss: Goes from Era Boss to a regular boss in Era 5.
  • The Dragon: If she's not part of a Duumvirate with her husband.
  • Irony: She says she cannot let you pass in the second fight. She is also the only Skippable Boss in the game in that encounter.
  • Royal "We": After being revived.
  • Skippable Boss: Her second fight.
  • Taking You with Me: Since she sees that the Insect community is going to be done for since her husband's dead, she plans to take the Amphibians down with her.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: The last of the three. Not even having the strongest evolution builds alone can let you live; you need to make strategies.
  • You Killed My Husband

Mother of Prime Frog

"We are the Prime Frog family. Even Reptiles are scared of us."

The mother of the Prime Frog enemies in the first half of Era 3. She allows her children to torture young reptiles and will get revenge if someone scares them off and returns to her domain.

Tyrannosaurus/Tyrasaurus Clan

"Well, I guess I have to believe you're actually here."

"We were nearly to the point of extinction, but the one living in the North saved us. He made us into a very inportant ancestor."

They are the rulers of the Age of the Dinosaurs. Most are killed when the asteroids fall and hit Earth, but some survive and are made prey of the Yetis. Bolbox later preserves them and they collectively serve as one of Bolbox's three guards.

The Three Brothers of the Mammoth

"You look like you belong to the Yeti family. Yeah, you should be! Hey, brothers! The enemy is here!"

Three Mammoths who appear in Era 4. The Yetis have not reached them yet, so they decided that the Yetis were scared of them. When they think a Yeti (actually the Protagonist) comes, they attack.

Bird-Man King

"Come on, you vulgar creature! I am Bird-Man King, boss of the Bird-Man!"

The leader of the Bird-Men in Fort Bird-Man. They found the Crystal and used it to gain intelligence so that he could rule the world.

Sir Yeti

"Destroy the creatures! Destroy! That is my destiny."

A Yeti living behind an ice wall who belives that the Crystal will let him rule the world and defeat all other creatures besides his family. He finally meets his end by the Protagonist's hands.

Yeti Mother

"I cannot forgive you for defeating my husband!"

The wife of Sir Yeti and the actual Final Boss of Era 4. She fights the Protagonist to avenge her husband but is defeated.

Yeti Avenger

"Our Yeti humiliation will end!"

A descendant of the Yeti family who appears in Era 5. He plans on defeating the Protagonist to end the humiliation, waiting in the sanctuary in the Monkey-Human cave.

Rogon King

"We cannot allow the Whales to stay. Once they evolved themselves to become creatures of land, now they have returned to the sea to oppose our rule. The sea is our territory. Well, I have a point, do I not?"

The leader of the Rogons. After the Whales left, they ruled the sea, but had to fight for it when the Whales returned.


"I was once part of the Monkey-Human tribe, but they made fun of me since I had less hair and was smarter than the rest."

A former member of the Monkey-Human tribe who found his way to Africa after being driven out due to him being human. He met Bolbox, who accepted him and cared for him under he condition that he guards the entrance to Eden while Bolbox tries to enter Eden. The Protagonist defeats him.

Bolbox/The Creature in the North and the Eight Crystals

"You are the one trying to obtain entrance into Eden with help from Gaia. I am Bolbox, the strongest creature in this world. I have evolved into a caveman by eating the Crystals the Dino-People have collected. I will go to Eden. I am the most suitable partner for Gaia, together we will rule the future. I've got some bad news for you. You will not make it to Eden. This is the end of your journey."

Bolbox is a single, giant cell who thinks he's a human that has evolved greatly with the power of the Crystal, which has been revealed to be eight separate Crystals rather than one. He made it to the entrance to Eden before the Protagonist and revived the Queen Bee, empowered and enlisted the Tyrasaurs, and cared for Cro-Maine, making all of them his devoted followers. He is the only one besides the Protagonist actually looking for Gaia, making him the closest to a Big Bad this game gets. Notably, he directly contrasts the Protagonist in that he used the Crystals to a massive extent and, instead of moving ahead in the evolution chain, obtained great power by becoming a single cell. He is the Final Boss, using revived forms of Debustega and certain enemies, all of which got a power boost. After his defeat, the Protagonist is allowed access to Eden.


The Antagonist of the PC-98 version



"After all of our attempts we were not successful." "That is correct. It was our pride and I am very sorry we intervened in the evolution of this planet."

Two voices that speak throughout the game. They usually give explanations on certain mechanics and note something important coming up. They are really Martians and were responsible for the plot, creating the Crystals to improve Earth civilization. The Crystals ended up causing chaos and mutated the Insects, increased the knowledge of certain flying animals, powered up the Yetis, upgraded the Rogons, and mutated Bolbox. They start to regret their actions after seeing the full extent of their damage in Era 5, apologizing for what they did.

  • Bigger Bad
  • Easter Egg: If you can fly in Era 5, through either staying a Bird or using a Review of Evolution, you can find their UFO on Mt. Condor. Attacking them and then sparing them will result in learning their identities early.
  • Foreshadowing: A few of the things they say hint at their identities and role in the plot.
  • Mr. Exposition: A few times.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Their attitude in the Mt. Condor secret scene and ending show this.
  • The Unfought: Barring the one time you can attack them. Justified in that the game is centered on Earth beings and are technically not in Gaia's power. They're not evil, anyway.
  • Walking Spoiler
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: They wanted to speed up Earth's growth. They ended up creating massive chaos, culminating in the monstrous evolutions of Bolbox.

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