Characters / Den of Shadows

Note that characters are listed by what they began the series as. If a human gets turned into a vampire, they are still listed as a human. (The one exception is Risika, because we only see her as a human in the flashbacks.)

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Risika is a vampire who was turned about 300 years before the start of In the Forests of the Night. Her original human name was Rachel.


Aubrey is a rather old vampire, who was created by Ather. He's the main antagonist of In the Forests of the Night, but he switches to love interest in Demon in my View.

Lord Daryl

Lord Daryl is Turquoise's former slave master in Midnight, and the villain of Midnight Predator.


Christopher is a vampire that Sarah meets in a school and eventually gets into a relationship with. Kristopher refers to when he was much more destructive, and he's called Kristopher for the entirety of All Just Glass. He is Nikolas's twin brother.


Shevaun is one of two protagonists of Persistence of Memory. She is a True Neutral Anti-Hero, who is linked to Erin for unknown reasons.


Nikolas is a vampire and the sworn enemy of the Vida line because he killed Elizabeth Vida years and years ago. He's also Christopher's twin brother.


Nissa is Christopher and Nikolas's younger sister, and a member of SingleEarth


Kaleo is a vampire and the real Big Bad of Shattered Mirror.


Jeshickah is an important vampire in Midnight, and the plot of Midnight Predator is triggered when Turquoise and Ravyn are sent to kill her.


Jaguar is the vampire who runs Midnight and its slave trade. Despite this, he's not shown to be a villain, and he helps Turquoise on multiple occasions. He was also the one that sent her to kill Jeshickah in the first place.


Fala is the main villain of Demon in my View, trying to kill Jessica for writing true stories about the vampire world (despite the fact that Fala was never mentioned in In the Forests of the Night). She originally tries to make Aubrey kill Jessica, then decides to do it herself.


Pandora was Adjila's mentor in magic. She shows up in Persistence of Memory to help him sever the link between Shevaun and Erin.
  • Ambiguously Evil: She's characterized a lot like the other villains in the series, but she doesn't actually do anything evil.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Not that we can see, anyway.
  • Expy: Of Dominique.
  • Jerkass: Like Dominique, she's not really evil, she's just unpleasant.


Ather is the vampire that turned both Aubrey and Rachel. She provides a good deal of exposition for In the Forests of the Night.

Sarah Vida

Sarah Vida is a vampire hunter, and a member of the Vida line. She's the main protagonist of Shattered Mirror and All Just Glass. She gets turned into a vampire at the end of Shattered Mirror.

Dominique Vida

Dominique Vida is the head of the Vida line of witches, and one of the last remaining witch vampire hunters.


Adjila is Shevaun's husband, as well as a Triste witch. His magic accidentially linked Erin to Shevaun.

Adia Vida

Adia Vida is Sarah's big sister, and a dedicated vampire hunter. She's sent to kill Sarah after Sarah gets turned into a vampire.


Caryn Smoke is a member of the smoke line, meaning she's a healer with pacifist vows. She first appeared in Demon in my View, and she's appeared several times since.
  • Badass Pacifist
  • Blessed with Suck: Her pacifist vows have made her a Badass Pacifist.
  • Bystander Syndrome: To be fair, she is a Technical Pacifist, and she does try to step in any way she can.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Along with the rest of SingleEarth
  • Good Is Not Dumb
  • Healing Hands
  • Heroic Sacrifice: She attempts it in Demon in my View, but Aubrey decides not to kill her.
  • Hypocrite: Despite being part of SingleEarth, an organization working to stop witches and vampires from hunting each other, she still gives medical support to the witches who hunt vampires.
    • Take into consideration that Caryn once said that if Dominique wanted to she could order the girl to go into a house full of vampires alone and with no weapons and she'd have to follow the order. Now remember how Dominique treated her own daughter for being dissident. Caryn might not really have a choice in the matter.
  • Light Is Good
  • Nice Girl
  • Recurring Character: Caryn has never had a book focusing on her, but she made an appearance in Demon in my View, Shattered Mirror, and All Just Glass - more times than any other character in the series. (The only exception is Dominique, and she has had a book focusing on her.)
  • Technical Pacifist
  • Tyke Bomb: She's a rare, Technical Pacifist example.


Zachary is a vampire hunter and a witch that used to be dating Adia before the start of Shattered Mirror.


Jay, introduced as a minor character in All Just Glass as a vampire hunter and a witch, later went on to become the central protagonist of Promises to Keep.

Jessica Ashley Allodola

Jessica Allodola is an author of vampire fiction. She attracts the attention of multiple vampires when they find out that her fiction is real, down to every word. It turns out that she's actually more the daughter of Siete than anything else, and she tapped directly into his memories to write her stories.


Turquoise is the main protagonist of Midnight Predator, a human vampire hunter. Her family was killed by vampireswhen she was younger, and she went into slavery with Lord Daryl. After Nathaniel helped her escape, she changed her name from Catherine to Turquoise.


Erin is one of two protagonists of Persistence of Memory. She is linked to Shevaun for unknown reasons. This gave her symptoms resembling schizophrenia, and she spent several years in a mental institution before the start of the series.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Being linked to Shevaun.
  • Distressed Damsel: She falls into it a couple times.
  • Emergency Transformation: Sassy turns her into a hyena to save her life.
  • Expy: Of Jessica, mostly.
  • Ghost Memory: She has a few from Shevaun.
  • Grand Theft Me: By way of Shevaun, although it wasn't her fault - it was Adjila's.
  • Important Hair Cut: One of the times that Shevaun took over Erin, she tried to cut off Erin's long hair, due to Shevaun having shorter hair. This resulted in some pretty bad cuts on Erin's neck. Erin cut her hair to shoulder length and never wore it longer.
  • Light Is Good
  • Nice Girl
  • Pinball Protagonist: She has no control over anything, and for the vast majority of Persistence of Memory, she has no idea what's going on.


Ravyn is a vampire hunter who accompanies Turquoise into Midnight to kill Jeshickah.


Alexander is Risika's brother. He tries in vain to protect her from vampires. At the end of In the Forests of the Night, he comes Back from the Dead with no explanation, and he's appeared a couple times since then.


Anne is Jessica's adopted mother.


Nathaniel is a human who helped Turquoise escape from slavery in Midnight. In the start of Midnight Predator, he helps Turquoise and Ravyn go back to Midnight to kill Jeshickah.


Robert appears in Shattered Mirror when his sister was abducted by Kaleo.


Marissa is one of Erin's classmates. She turns out to be a human member of SingleEarth.


Sassy is a compulsive liar that Erin met before the start of Persistence of Memory in a mental institution. He's also a hyena shapeshifter.