Berserk Button: Western Animation

When a nice, normal character suddenly goes into a rage, you've hit his/her Berserk Button.

  • The 7D: You can be naughty with Queen Delightful, you can be naughty with her kingdom, but you CANNOT BE NAUGHTY WHEN IT COMES TO HER DOG!
  • Serge the Seal Pup, of Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show!, can be sent into psychotic fits by anything that reminds him of his parents' deaths. These are usually punctuated by his Catch Phrase:
  • Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers: Do not threaten Zachary Foxx's Galaxy Rangers. He will kick your ass. Threaten his kids or bring up his lost wife? You'll be lucky if he stops at just kicking your ass.
  • Pingu: Do. Not. Ignore. Pingu's. Dad. It. Won't. Be. Pretty.
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Insult Ultra Lord in any way, shape or form in front of Sheen Estevez. .
    Sheen: What are you guys so worried about? Ultra Lord's gonna be here any minute.
    Cindy: Ultra Lord's not coming, you ding-dong! The Yolkians lied to you!
    Sheen: WHAT?! Then they have awakened the wrath of Sheen!
    • Also, Jimmy gets very angry if he receives an F. Crocker learns this the hard way.
  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Robotnik has a lot, such as serving him some other food besides his traditional eggs:
    Robotnik: Hotcakes! Isn't that nice! You know what I like on my hotcakes?! *pulls Scratch over*
    Scratch: Wh-What?
  • Adventure Time
    • Make sure you never slap Jake out of Marceline's hands. It would be the WORST mistake you could ever make with her, because she angrily transforms into her One-Winged Angel form and tries to kill you.
    • Also, it's best not to take her bass guitar.
    • Or eat her food.
    • It is also a very bad idea to sell her most treasured possession for your own gain. Even worse is tricking her friends into removing the memory, Ash learns that lesson the hard way.
    • Jake seems to be Finn's berserk button. He flies into a rage whenever anything terrible seems to happen to Jake.
    • The same is true of Jake towards Finn. Fair to say, the brothers care for each other deeply.
    • Lemongrab is a LIVING berserk button. It's nearly impossible to say anything to him or do anything near him that won't result in one of his signature freak-outs.
    • In "Another Way", after spending days being doted on by creepy-looking clown nurses, being told "It's the only way!" or "There's no way!" or the like becomes Finn's berserk button.
  • American Dad!: Hayley Smith does NOT like being dumped. Every incident was treated like a natural disaster.
  • One possible reason that The Angry Beavers are so angry could be because people keep calling them weasels.
  • Animaniacs
    • Don't ever call Wakko stupid or else you're in for a world of hurt. Ms. Flamiel learned this the hard way.
    • And don't ever call Dot "Dottie" or else you'll die, although she is never seen doing this.
    Dot: (to Gerth Plotz) Call me "Dottie" and you'll be taking your Tang intravenously.
    • Two words: Katie Kaboom. Especially in her debut episode where her boyfriend turned out to be Chicken Boo ("I am not over-reacting! I'M DATING A CHICKEN!!!").
    • Pesto. "DAT'S IT!"
    • His sister too.
    • And whatever you do, do not mention the word "cat" around Runt. Luckily for Rita, he doesn't know a cat when he sees one.
  • Archer
    • Sterling Archer tends to vomit, completely freak out, or both at the mere hint of his mother dating or having sex. And when he learns that Woodhouse helped her give birth to him, all he can think of is the fact that his valet saw his mother's private parts.
      • Also, don't make fun of him for having breast cancer. Brett and several Irish mobsters learned this the hard way.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Aang is extremely attached to his pet Sky Bison, Appa. (Understandable, since Appa was trapped in ice 100 years with Aang, and is the only being besides Aang that survived the Air Temple raids.) During "The Chase," he remained calm and good-natured in the face of Toph and Katara's bickering, continued assault by his enemies and sleeplessness, but he screamed at Toph when she dared blame Appa for the problem. This was some Foreshadowing of Aang's huge freakout when Appa is kidnapped, which lasts for two whole episodes, the first one which he spends consumed with uncharacteristic rage and pessimism, and actually goes into the Avatar State when facing the kidnappers, and the second one where he represses his emotions. He snaps out of it eventually, but does scream at the brainwashed Joo Dee when she tries to get in the way of their search for Appa, and shows unrelenting determination to find him. In short, don't mess with the Avatar's bison.
    • Also, NEVER put Katara in danger in front of Aang, or even just PRETEND to do so. It is THE BEST way to push him into the Avatar State and guarantee complete destruction for a hundred meter radius.
    • And, don't start a 100 year old war. It's not smart. Otherwise, you get THIS.
    • The first time that Azula ever showed any explicit anger was when a recently Heel Face Turned Mai said that she "miscalculated." As she's a Magnificent Bastard obsessed with perfection, this is a far worse insult than it may seem. It had much further reaching consequences for Azula...
    • Also, Admiral Zhao's berserk button comes in the form of the most epic burn Aang has ever delivered:
    Aang: I don't know why, but I thought you'd be better than Zuko!
    Aang: AHOY! *Moons Zhao with pants up* I'm Admiral Zhao!
    • Zuko's berserk button, particularly in the first season, seems to be any reference to his banishment, from anyone other than Iroh. He destroyed Zhao in an Agni Kai when Zhao mocked his scar and taunted him about not being able to go home. He also challenged Lieutenant Jee, who unknowingly hit a sore spot when he called Zuko out for his lack of respect... exactly what Ozai said before burning him.
      • After seeing his backstory, anyone would agree that being mocked for getting burned and banished is a justifiable reason for freaking out.
  • In one episode of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes we learn that Rocket Raccoon does NOT like being called a "mascot."
    Hawkeye: I see you're still traveling with the talking pencil and the furry mascot.
    Rocket: (Jumps onto Hawkeye's chest, grabs him by the throat, and shoves a gun into his nose) Call me "mascot" one more time. Please.
    • Ant-Man is normally a pacifist, but if anyone hits the Wasp in his presence, they're in for a world of hurt.
  • Batman: The Animated Series
    • The Riddler does not take it well when his henchman questions his sanity in "Riddler's Reform".
    Henchman: Gee, boss, you're starting to scare me. You're talkin' kind of crazy.
    Riddler: DON'T EVER CALL ME THAT!!!
    • Also, it is not wise to sexually harass Poison Ivy or Harley Quinn. Let's just say they tend to use big paddles.
      • And if Poison Ivy sees you hurt or kill a plant, she so won't take kindly to that.
    • Ubu hates it when someone goes before his master Ra's al Ghul, or when someone tries to leave without his master's permission. (If he does let you without objecting, that means you're walking into a place he knows is dangerous, the very reason Batman figured out Ra's knew more than he let in their first encounter.)
    • Never threaten, enslave or do anything to harm children around Batman; he will END you.
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (and thus extending to the entire DCAU):
    • Batman listens to Joker's story about how he tortured Tim Drake patiently, but when Joker says, "You're just a little boy in a playsuit crying for Mummy and Daddy. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic... oh what the heck, I'll laugh anyway." and laughs at Batman, he flips his shit, to use a technical term, and instantly charges Joker and pummels him, delivering one of the most furious beatings Joker's taken from Batman.

      That scene was really one giant Berserk Button for Batman; it just took all of his self control to keep from losing his shit any sooner than he did. But seriously, when he did, it was SCARY. Kevin Conroy had voiced Batman for the better part of a decade up to that point, but NEVER had his gravelly voice sounded as beyond-the-grave chilling as it did when he ground out through gritted teeth, "I'll break you in two." Ironically, Batman soon after LOSES the fight and is at The Joker's mercy, possibly because he was overcome with rage and thus could not fight logically and sensibly.
    • In the same animated movie, Terry also managed to push the Joker's berserk button by laughing at him.
  • Beast Wars
    • As has been stated elsewhere, Tigatron is a hippie. A hippie who will blow a hole through you if you threaten nature.
    • And he found out that destroying "the colony" was a very bad idea when an enraged Inferno almost turned him into soup cans.
    • Silverbolt, a classic Knight in Shining Armor, is very protective of his lady. Bring any harm to her and enjoy the next five minutes. That's all the time you'll have before the beatdown commences.
  • It's a really bad idea to mess with, endanger, or — possibly worst of all — flirt with Lydia Deetz. Beetlejuice may be a lazy good-for-nothing, but you don't put a hand on the mortal he adores without paying a price.
  • Beavis And Butthead
    • Beavis barely notices the massive volume of insults Butt-head throws his way, but don't call him a "butt-knocker". Or he'll kick you in the nads! Also don't insult Metallica in front of him.
    • The realization that he will never "score" led Beavis to a screaming fit twice. The commotion itself was a Berserk Button on two people: the bus driver in The Movie (after telling him to sit down, but Beavis says "shut up") and a stage manager (who warns the other kids not to piss him off).
    • Coach Buzzcut may be the high school equivalent of Drill Sergeant Nasty, but so help anyone else who lays a hand on his students...
  • Ben 10
    • In the debatably canonical episode "Ben 10,000", Ben has grown up and had a son. Kevin picks up the Villain Ball and messes with said son. Cue vicious pounding by Ben-as-Waybig.
    • Zombozo found out the hard way, regardless of series, do not hurt or threaten to hurt any member of the Tennyson family around Ben or Gwen (particularly Gwen around Ben and vice-versa) and you'll be lucky if they let you live.
    • It's equally as bad to threaten or hurt Ken or Kevin around Gwen in Ben 10: Alien Force or Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.
    • If you harm, or worse kill someone in front of Ben Tennyson, he'll go into Unstoppable Rage mode and beat you to a pulp. Aggregor, Darkstar and Kevin had learned that lesson the hard way.
      • And Ben doesn't take too kindly to innocent people getting caught in the crossfire either. More than a few villains have inadvertently pushed this button due to the lack of empathy of seemingly lowly civilians.
  • The 3 main protagonists of Biker Mice from Mars will react very badly if you hurt their friends or damage their bikes. And it's not a very good idea to call Modo a rat
  • It is discovered in The Boondocks that throwing a chair amidst a crowd of people will, whether or not the chair connects with anyone, instigate a full-scale brawl.
  • The title character of the animated series Bounty Hamster, a battle-hardened Bounty Hunter who happens to also be a small fluffy critter, develops Unstoppable Rage whenever anybody mentions how cute he is.
  • CatDog
    • Dog turns from a happy-go-lucky scatterbrain to a flesh-hungry hellhound if you make the mistake of messing with his bones.
    • Rancid Rabbit in the episode "Let The Games Begin".
  • Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
    • Winnifred, a wannabe witch, gets violent when someone calls her "Freddie."
    • Chip and Dale hates being called squirrels.
      • Which is at the same time Hilarious in Hindsight and Lost in Translation: in many, many, many countries, chipmunks don't even exist so there is no possible translation. Subsequently, Chip'n'Dale are called… squirrels.
    • Gadget becomes livid after being deceived by what was thought as a human baby, but rather, a little person committing misdeeds.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door
    • Nigel Uno has broken out of brainwashing when one of his buttons was triggered. Among the set-offs: being overcharged at a restaurant.
    • And don't threaten his True Companions:
      Number 86: You made a mistake by underestimating me, Nigel, but I don't make mistakes!
      Nigel: You just did... you made me angry!
    • Don't insult the Rainbow Monkeys in front of Kuki Sanban, a.k.a. Numbuh Three. And God help you if you mess with her plushies.
      Numbuh 13: (breaks the Rainbow Monkey Lisa on Kuki's face)
      Kuki: (insert The Scream)
    • Do NOT turn down Kuki's thermostat. EVER. Or raise her father Kani's, for that matter.
    • As well as Numbuh 83, who, if you threaten to put her in a dark room, will beat up anyone around her.
      Numbuh 83: (Innocently, after beating up a group of grown-up mooks) I'm afraid of the dark.
    • Do not threaten to harm Kuki in front of Wallabee Beatles, and also don't call him an idiot.
    • Numbuh 86 has a hair-trigger temper to begin with, but use sexist language in front of her and she goes Up to Eleven, as Numbuh 2 found out when he called her "Toots" whilst channeling Philip Marlowe:
    Numbuh 86: TOOTS?!?!?!!!
    Father: "You...Big...JERK! Now you've made me angry! Very...VERY...VERRRRY...."
  • Cyberchase:
    • Nine-year-old Inez is probably the most rational and level-headed of the main cast, but is just about guaranteed to throw a fit if called "Nezzie."
  • Danny Phantom:
    • Calm, debonair Vlad Masters turns angry if you call him a "fruitloop". Or mention how he lost the woman of his dreams to an idiot and still can't use his vast fortune to buy the Green Bay Packers. Or suggest he get a cat.
    • Don't call Danny a loser, either. Then again there's plenty you shouldn't do. Don't insult his father, don't endanger his friends and don't threaten the Opposite-Sex Clone that he treats like family.
      • Danny's eyes glow green uncontrollably if his berserk button is so much as touched, much less pushed.
      • Special mention goes to Dark Danny, who's eyes flashed red when he was disguised as Danny and had to listen to Sam and Tucker insulting him.
      • Although they glow brighter when he's more annoyed, like in Fanning the Flames.
    • Jack and Maddie Fenton may not be the most efficient ghost hunters around, and they're kind of oblivious in general. But if you ever try to hurt their kids, they WILL take you down.
  • The titled character from Dan Vs. goes berserk at the start of each episode, causing him to seek vengeance on what started it.
    • You do NOT ask Chris to make you cocoa in the middle of the night, and then LEAVE before it's ready! SIT DOWN!
  • Darkwing Duck
    • Megavolt really hates it when anyone calls him "Sparky".
    • Threaten Darkwing's daughter, Gosalyn, and prepare to get dangerous.
  • Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines
    • Dick Dastardly absolutely hates it when Muttley curses. As a result, he'll say, "What was that?" . Another berserk button Dick Dastardly has is when Muttley laughs at someone's misfortune. He has various reactions to it.
    • Muttley adores his medals, and if someone tries to take his last medal away, he'll bite that individual's arm.
  • Dave the Barbarian may be a wimp, and he may be a lousy barbarian, BUT NOBODY MESSES WITH HIS SISTER!
  • Dexter's Laboratory: Dexter's future self the scrawny, weak, and cowardly D22, you can beat and push him around, you can insult him and break his spirit, but whatever you do do not break his glasses.
    • And don't you dare hurt or threaten Dexter, or Dee Dee will kick your ass.
  • Disney:
    • Hercules
    • In the series episode that's a crossover with Aladdin: The Series, being called "Jerkules" seems to function as this for Hercules. "Everyone thinks they're so funny when they call me that, but it's Not! That! Funny!" Well, he was called "Jerkules" by bullies in the original film (presumably a lot), so it's not surprising that it pisses him off. It may also be the fact that they thought they made it up, unaware everyone else also called him that. He also won't be happy if you touch Icarus, and when a super-powered half-Olympian ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
    • Anybody that even implies that they'll harm Meg should be prepared for a lot of pain.
    • He also didn't like it when Phil accuses Meg of being "two-timing, lying, scheming" and that she doesn't love Hercules. He learned Phil was right, but also Meg was unwilling to work for Hades anymore.
    • Disney's animated short Lambert the Sheepish Lion stars Lambert, a lion raised by sheep (spot of bother with the storks, don't y'know). Lambert is retiring, and generally the butt of the herd's jokes, even when he's a full-grown lion. But when a wolf threatens his mother, though — let's just say the wolf's reaction to Lambert's suddenly becoming "a raging lion" warrants a Trope page on "Classic 'Oh-Shit' Expressions Of All Time".
    • Donald Duck, who's famous for his short fuse. Even Don Rosa's The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck series showed his parents were both short-tempered, as well.
    • Do not tell Hortense McDuck something is "men's work". She laid Teddy Roosevelt flat with one punch. Yes, that Teddy Roosevelt.
    • One Donald cartoon "Cured Duck" was practically created as an excuse to show this trope in action. When Donald is unable to open a window at Daisy's house, he loses it and demolishes her house. She tells him off for his attitude, only to display an even worse temper when he makes fun of her outlandish hat.
    • In Adventures in Music and Disney Sing-Along Songs, you do not interrupt Professor Owl's music lessons.
    Professor Owl: QUIET!!!!!
  • Drawn Together: Toot does not like it when you try to take a crap on pizza as a prank.
  • Dungeonsand Dragons
    • If you so much as look at Sheila crosswise or threaten Uni (which happens about once a show), Bobby goes into charging mode regardless of who/what the party is up against. And Sheila is just as protective of her little brother and the rest of the party; when she thinks Hank has switched sides, she's ready to attack him despite being shorter and much lighter in build.
  • The Fairly OddParents
    • Don't try to harm, capture, take or threaten Timmy Turner's fairy godparents. Timmy has magic on his side, and as Abra Catastrophe demonstrated, he uses it to beat your ass to Pluto and bounce off to the other side of the Universe to show he doesn't fool around.
    • Do not bring up March 15th in front of Crocker. Bad things have happened to him on that day...
    • Wanda and Cosmo are extremely protective of Timmy and each other, though Wanda is more likely to show it. When Jorgan, the toughest fairy in the universe, threatened Timmy on one occasion, Wanda's hair burst into flames and she scared him! And as for Cosmo, when the Destructinator threatened his family, he turned into Godzilla to pummel him into the ground.
  • Family Guy
    Stewie: We don't like your cooking, your stupid karaoke nights, and we especially don't like the way you hump that chair in the den!
    New Brian: Well, Rupert seems to like my humping.
    Stewie: What did you say?
    New Brian: Rupert. Humped him for two hours last night. He just lay there and took it.
    Stewie: Did he?
    New Brian: Yeah. And now every time you're sleeping with him, he's gonna be thinking of me.
    Stewie: Hmmmmm.
    • Stewie chops up new Brian and throws him into the trash. So don't mess with Stewie's bear.
    • In the episode "Fat Guy Strangler," while Lois' mentally ill brother, Patrick, is visiting the Griffins, Peter dresses as Ralph Kramden (from The Honeymooners) and uses his catchphrase "Pow, right in the kisser." This triggers a flashback for Patrick, who as a child had walked in on his mother having sex in the kitchen with an obese man dressed as the famous Honeymooners protagonist — this triggered a traumatic episode that eventually saw him sent to a mental institution — and he goes on a rampage, killing or seriously injuring obese men in Quahog. Eventually, he targets Peter, who eventually escapes his predicament (only when Lois shows up to talk Patrick out of it, claiming that she is assaulting his "girlfriend," Marion).
    • Lois doesn't like it when you insult her children. Gloria Inronbox learned that the hard way.
    • In the case of Peter, don't go near Lois if you know what's good for you.
    • In later seasons, Brian's existence is this for Quagmire.. Although after "Tiegs for Two" they seem to be a lot less hostile to each other.
    • Apparently, Jeff Fecalman from "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q" has one. If you even so much as make eye contact with Brenda, you'll be lucky of all he does is scream at you.
    • Speak ill of Robot Chicken in the presence of Chris and he will likely scream at you and storm out of the room. Note that there are very few things capable of actively making Chris angry.
    • Go ahead and call Peter a poopnose. See how fast you wind up on the floor with yours broken.
    • Don't interrupt Stewie's TV time. Things will get ugly.
  • Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes: Don't touch any member of the team while the others are around to see it.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Mr. Harriman does not like having his secrets revealed to the world as shown in World Wide Wabbit.
  • Freakazoid!
    • Gutierrez does not like being called a weenie.
  • Futurama
    • Let's just say that Clamps doesn't take kindly to insults towards his titular clamps. Or being referred to as Francis.
    • From the same episode, being a crustacean-humanoid, Dr. Zoidberg has the dubious honor of cutting anything the shop needs him to. Don't try to convince him otherwise.
    • The Giant Unattractive Monster can take ugly insults from the three Benders, but never talk about his mother, as Fry learned the hard way.
    • To everyone's surprise, Bender's trigger is turtles being harmed or insulted. (He identifies with them.)
    Bender: [arguing that all robots should be shut down] We're destroying the world and killing the turtles!
    Preacher-Bot: To hell with the turtles!
    Bender: Nobody insults the turtles! [punches Preacher-Bot]
  • Gargoyles: After accidentally shooting and nearly killing Elisa, Broadway considers guns his berserk button.
    • Also, Each member of the Manhattan Clan has a Berserk button, you do NOT want to push it.
  • Never try to harm Nick Tatapolous. Not unless you want his adoptive son to tear you limb from limb. Did we mention his son is Godzilla?
  • Prime Evil from Filmations Ghostbusters has a Hair-Trigger Temper, and it's easy to tell when he's angry: his robotic, skull-like head turns red-hot. However, one thing that really makes him angry is when his henchman Haunter calls him "Old Boy". (And for some reason, the guy never learned...)
  • Gravity Falls:
    • Do not mess with Mabel Pines' brother Dipper or vice versa.
    • Speaking of Dipper, do not call him adorable or imply that he isn't smart enough to solve something.
    • Soos is usually a nice guy, but he gets mad if someone mentions the fact that he's overweight.
    • The only wrinkly old monster who is allowed harass Stan's family is himself! Additionally, Stan does not want to talk about his tattoo, and he does not appreciate people trying to see it or videotape it.
  • From Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Razer's already The Berserker, so it doesn't seem like you can get him madder than he already is. Hurt Aya or reveal that you killed his wife, and you'll quickly discover that he can get much, much angrier. And when you've got a ring that becomes stronger the angrier you are, the results are quite spectacular.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:
    • In the episode that introduces Nergal Junior, his berserk button is being called a "freak". Given that his father is a monster from the Earth's core who has issues making friends, and Junior's true form is some kind of tentacled monstrosity, he's understandably sensitive.
    • Also, do NOT go near Grim's trunk. Or read his diary. Or look through the pockets of his robe.
    • Never, EVER touch Skarr's garden. (He'll give you fair warning, so if you do it, don't say you weren't warned.)
  • The Grinch isn't exactly a nice person to begin with, but as shown in The Grinch Grinches The Cat In The Hat, he definitely doesn't like being called Mr. Greenface.
  • Grojband: Trina Riffin has way too many to count.
    • Laney Penn doesn't like it when someone disses the band (as Trina found out after she asked her "What part of 'Your band stinks!' didn't I say?"), or recognizes her as a boy.
    • Corey Riffin's usually a calm boy, but put him in an elevator with elevator music playing for a long time, and that's when he loses his temper.
  • Happy Tree Friends
    • Flippy. A cute, green, beret-wearing war veteran bear who is among the nicest characters in the series. However, if he sees or hears anything, anything that even vaguely reminds him of war in even the slightest way...there are entire episodes that are centered around the psychotic PTSD-induced rampages that occur.
    • In the spinoff series Ka-Pow, Buddhist Monkey really, really hates vandalism. But then again, the Red Shirt ninjas are asking for it by using martial arts moves to break the necks of flowers and backs of books.
    • The normally sweet Giggles totally loses her temper when someone harms the environment.
  • Peter Potamus in Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law will flip out if he finds out that you got that thing he sent you, and didn't tell him.
  • You know Ding-A-Ling Wolf from those Hanna-Barbera cartoons starring Hokey Wolf? Sweet, innocent, a little naive, big soft Puppy-Dog Eyes? Well, whatever you do, DON'T choke, jump on, or try to hurt Hokey in a major way unless you want to be beaten with a tree branch by this little guy.
  • Invader Zim
    • Gaz is generally willing to leave people alone as long as they leave her to her video games and pizza. Otherwise she will stop at nothing to destroy you. Notably, she won't scream and yell like most of these examples — she's far too scary for that.
    • Do NOT mention Santa around Professor Membrane.
  • Tony Stark from Iron Man: Armored Adventures has no mother, has lost his father, and as such is extremely protective of his friends, who he considers his adoptive family. Trying to hurt them has resulted in the normally calm genius outright trying to KILL the people responsible, and you'd better believe he can do it.
    • People stealing his tech and in general using tech for evil also pisses him off. And don't even think about making any wisecracks about his father.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures has an episode in the first series dealing with this. (Don't call Jade a shrimp, and don't put any of Jackie's friends in hospital. They will hurt you).
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes: Never, ever, insist that Heloise is "not so tough". You will pay.
  • Dukey from Johnny Test. Whatever you do, don't try to mortally endanger Johnny in front of him. He will bite or worse yet, poop!
  • Kim Possible
    • Ron Stoppable has a tendency to snap if his beloved fast food chain, Bueno Nacho, is destroyed or taken over by villains.
    • The other way to send him into frenetic rage is to harm Kim Possible. Lord help you if you hurt his girlfriend. Two of his foes learned the hard way that that is something you just don't do in the series finale. (Not just harm her, the Lorwardians were going to kill her, stuff her, and mount her on a wall as a trophy like some animal!)
    • And Ron himself is the subject of a berserk button. It's a... hmm... KimPossibly bad idea to bully him, as Drakken, Killigan, and Monkey Fist found out on a time-travel jaunt. Now think about that, three supervillains thrashed by a five-year-old girl.
    • "A Sitch in Time": "YOU'RE the reason I moved to Norway? You're the reason I've been eating MEAT CAKES?"
    • Also Wade, after Team Impossible spikes his computer when he attempts to hack them. He comes back later in the episode in person to deal with them. "Nobody, nobody spikes my system!"
  • King of the Hill
    • Do not speak ill of propane in Hank Hill's presence. Amusingly, in the episode "Hank Gets Dusted", a Reality Show producer suggests doing this to get a rise out of him, but Hank's cousin Dusty Hill says "There are some lines a man just doesn't cross!"
    • Also, you do not mess with his lawn. Ever. One of the few times he got really angry at Dale was because of that.
    • And don't criticize Peggy's intelligence or Spanish skills, no matter how true you are.
    • Don't turn down a Tom Landry Middle School tradition. You will die.
    • But above all else, if you do anything to endanger his son Bobby, he WILL kick your ass.
    • Don't say anything to Cotton that brings back memories of WWII, and especially don't do anything that infers he's a Nazi of any form. Luanne's roommate's unborn children learn that the hard way.
  • In The Legend of Korra, Tenzin's Berserk Button is invoking his mom, Katara, in an argument. Or his father, for that matter. And also Meelo's antics can push it.
    Tenzin: (Face going red) Don't bring my mother into this!
    Tenzin: (Face goes purple; Gasps) Meelo no! That's not a toilet! (Embarrassed) Oh dear...
    • Much more seriously, telling Tarrlok that he's no different than Amon. In a way, it's true, since Amon is his brother. And also they're both just like their abusive dad.
    • Mako's Big Brother Instinct leads to this trope if anyone tries to hurt either Korra or Bolin in front of him. When Bolin was kidnapped by the Equalists in "The Revelation", he threw one of his captors across the screen Hulk-style - er, Korra-style. And Mako himself admits in "Endgame" that he "was losing [his] mind" after Tarrlok abducted Korra in "When Extremes Meet."
    • Don't ever say Mr. Sato's actions will be disapproved by his late wife. not even if you're his daughter.
    • Growing up without a father is shown to have been a sore spot for Lin- Bolin asking Toph about it in Season 4 is enough to set off a vicious argument between the two Beifongs.
  • Liberty's Kids
    • Do not insult the British Empire within hearing range of Sarah Phillips. Just don't.
    • Don't mock France or call Henri little.
  • Littlest Pet Shop (2012)
    • As a nod to real nature, Sunil the mongoose does not like cobras. In fact, the word "cobra" is pretty much a trigger word for him to Take a Level in Badass.
  • The second episode of The Looney Tunes Show showed Lola's usually happy father going berserk after Daffy called his club number.
  • The Madballs cartoon had Freakella, who loses it when someone makes fun of her hair (Mop head?!).
  • Megas XLR
    • Coop has a a few, and there is likely one on the dashboard somewhere.
    • If you're his alternate dimension clone, never make him skinny.
  • Metalocalypse
    • Charles Foster Ofdensen is a normal-looking businessman, a savvy manager, and a very clever lawyer in charge of metal sensation Dethklok. DO NOT threaten his "Bread and Butter". Just don't. He will END you.
    • Do not threaten the life of any of Nathan's friends. He will cut your hands off with a broken snowglobe.
    • Pickles' Berserk Button seems to be his family. Specifically, his brother, Seth. At some point in each of the episodes Seth is in Pickles tries to kill him.
    • And if you're at a concert with Toki, do not stand in his personal space and cheer in his ear. Especially if he's sober. Good lord.
  • One that can only be described as Rule of Funny: In Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers, French words make one of the Beagle Boys angry... you know, in a story that takes place in France.
  • Motorcity: Tooley doesn't like it when you speak badly of Abraham Kane . . . doesn't make him any smarter though.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot. Three words: "IT'S A TOGA!!!!!"
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Threatening Fluttershy’s friends isn't a good idea.
      • Never, ever hurt an animal of any kind in Fluttershy's presence, even an insect. If you do, you'll learn why you should Beware the Nice Ones
      • Animals running from her and not wanting to be her friend will send her off the deep end.
      • Threatening colts or fillies in front of her is an even worse idea.
      • In "The Return of Harmony - Part 2", the idea of Discord emerging triumphant is enough incentive for Fluttershy to stop crying and push herself to her physical limits while the ponies are chasing Rainbow Dash.
      Twilight Sparkle: If you can't catch her, Discord wins!
      Fluttershy: That. Big. Dumb. MEANIE!
    • Whatever you do, NEVER, EVER break a Pinkie Promise.
    • Normally, the Cutie Mark Crusaders don’t take kindly to being pushed around, but when their clubhouse was taken, that finally set them off.
    • Whatever you do, don't ever disrespect Shining Armor’s wife Cadance in front of him. Twilight learned this the hard way when she called out Queen Chrysalis who fooled everyone else with her impersonation of Cadance during the wedding rehearsal.
    • Never come between Spike and Twilight.
      • Never disrespect Rarity.
    • After Rarity states that she's above challenging Trixie:
    Trixie: Ooooo; what's the matter? Afraid you'll get a hair out of place in that rat's nest you call a mane?
    Rarity: Oh, it is ON!
    • Best not to threaten Spike in her presence either.
    • Never, ever, threaten Cadance’s husband Shining Armor or anyone else she cares about, or else...
    • Winning against Discord’s mind games. In which case he will promptly cheat to win.
    • In Twilight's Kingdom Part 2, Twilight tries to avoid Tirek when he first tracks her down... until he blows up the library. After that, she turns all her magic on him.
    • Do not offer yaks imperfect copies of anything from their homeland.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar:
    • Never, EVER touch King Julien's feet. And if you ever decide to skate over them... well, say hello to Julienderung.
      • "Friend-in-a-Box" suggests that a Freudian Excuse may be involved. After Mort becomes obsessed with a portable video game, Julien goes out of his way to try and force Mort upon his feet, claiming that he wants to experience the joy of kicking Mort off. Eventually, he even goes so far as to beg Maurice and the penguins to pay attention to the royal feet.
    • NEVER forget or ignore King Julien Day, for that matter... "Which forgetter is next for the whooping?! Come on, I want you to hurt LIKE I DO! UAHAHAHAHAA!"
    • Rico's berserk buttons are messing with his dolly or hurting his friends, especially Skipper.
    • Okay, so he doesn't go berserk, per se, but Skipper really doesn't like it when you call him fat, or any of its synonyms. He likes to claim it's muscle.
      • He really doesn't like Hoboken, NJ.
      • Or Denmark.
  • Phineas and Ferb
    • Perry the Platypus doesn't usually turn Dr. Doofenshmirtz over to the authorities because he enjoys foiling his plans. But in "Journey to the Center of Candace", when Doofenshmirtz builds a device that "will destroy anyone who can't make up their mind," Perry realizes that this will put Phineas and Ferb (who were earlier having difficulty deciding what to do today) in danger. He immediately attacks the doctor, handcuffs him to a pipe, and calls his boss to send reinforcements to arrest him. He may just be the family platypus, but don't mess with his kids, even indirectly.
    • Doofenshmirtz has what may be his own Berserk Button in the form of his daughter Vanessa, as evidenced by the fate which befell a biker who attempted to pick her up.
    Doofenshmirtz: She's sixteen! (zaps with ray gun)
    • Phineas once got angry at Candace for calling one of his and Ferb's plans "stupid". It only lasted about five seconds, but for Phineas that's pretty extreme.
      • Threatening or causing harm to his sister (unintentionally or not) is also a bad idea. Phineas got downright scary when Buford was responsible for turning Candace into a flygirl.
      • When Isabella goes missing during the zombie apocalypse in 'Night of the Living Pharmacists' Phineas freaks out and becomes practically useless until she eventually shows up unharmed.
    • Isabella seems displeased whenever someone uses her Catch Phrase, especially on Phineas. Obviously, she's perfectly fine when it's Phineas using it on her.
  • The Powerpuff Girls
    • Do NOT mess with Bubbles' hair. And whatever you do, DON'T taunt her and call her the weakest. To say the results won't be pretty would be an understatement.
    • DON'T call Buttercup cute or otherwise try demeaning her. The Rowdy Ruff boys learned this the hard way in their first appearance.
    • Speaking of the Powerpuff Girls, don't ever touch Fuzzy Lumpkins' property, or you're going to be in for a massive beatdown!
    • Also, don't put on the mayor's hat.
    • The girls DO NOT mess around when it comes to their sisters or the Professor. You've been warned. Similarly, hurt the Powerpuff Girls around the professor and he'll fight you to a standstill.
    • Do NOT bring up men around Femme Fatale.
  • Alfe in The Problem Solverz episode "Hide and Seek Ninjaz".
  • Recess
    • Don't mess with recess in general, this is especially was dealing with TJ. He will defend it and those like Dr. Phillium Benedict learned this the hard way.
    • Spinelli has gone berserk at people who have called her a girl in the past.
    • In the 2001 Homage episode, Gretchen snaps when the SAL-9000 calls her "dumb".
    • Gus doesn't play dodgeball. Unless you hit a little kid with a dodgeball. Then you really won't like what happens next.
  • The zombie slayer from Regular Show is always mad at zombies.
    • If your boss is a gumball machine named Benson, do NOT slack off at work.
      • If his purple gumballs turn red, you know his Berserk Button just got pressed.
    • Don't insult Muscle Mans mom, not even to correct his lame 'My Mom' jokes.
  • The Rocko's Modern Life episode "Power Trip" has a literal example of the trope: Do not touch the green button on Mr. Smitty's chair!
  • Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends: Vampires and Banshees very existence are each other's berserk buttons.
  • Rugrats:
    • Angelica has two. One; don't take her Cynthia doll away from her, and Two; while she takes delight in picking on Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil, she objects to anybody else doing it. For the latter, if you hear "Listen, lady! Nobody messes with my dumb babies 'cept me!" from her, you're pretty much screwed.
    • The normally kind-hearted Didi hates it whenever someone gets her name wrong, intentionally or not. This became a Running Gag in "Aunt Miriam".
    • For Stu, don't ever bad-mouth his inventions. This especially applies to his older brother, Drew.
  • As lampshaded in Sabrina: The Animated Series, no one, and I mean no one, messes with Salem's can opener.
  • In Samurai Jack, the Scotsman's wife has a rotten temper as it is, but mentioning her weight will cause her to fly into a rage so fierce that even Jack will flee in terror.
  • Scooby-Doo
    • Though non-violent, Shaggy has a variant: if your criminal scheme threatens to cancel one of his beloved mini-golf tournaments, he will instantly morph into a Sherlock-Holmes-caliber detecting genius and solve the case so fast even Velma's left wondering how he did it.
    • On Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Velma gets angry enough to kick down two tombstones when she thinks Shaggy is trying to weasel out of going to the prom with her. In a later episode, Shaggy chooses being friends with Scooby over being Velma's boyfriend, causing Velma's Berserk Button to be pressed before she collapses into tears.
      • In the crossover episode with Dynomutt and Blue Falcon, Shaggy will kick your ass if you mess with Scooby.
  • The Secret Show villain Robert Baron is normally Affably Evil, but he HATES being deceived. If he finds out somebody is trying to fool him, he turns bright red and starts charging through walls.
  • Sonic Sat AM: Cowardly Antoine will not let you get away with mangling French cooking. Especially if you try to make escargot... with margarine.
  • South Park
    • English kid Pip can't abide being mistaken for French. In the episode "Conjoined Fetus Lady," the other kids on the dodge ball team actually make use of this fact, to take advantage of his unstoppable rage.
    • Eric Cartman apparently has at least four Berserk Buttons. One is any references to him being fat or overweight. Another is being compared to Family Guy. He also really hates being conned out of his money; it's in your best interests to give it back or he will do something really horrible to you. And then there's insulting his mother; when Grandpa Marsh does so, he flies into rage and starts to beat the crap out of him, although Stan and Kyle restrain him before he can do any real damage.
    • As for Kyle, don't call his mother a bitch. Justified, as his mom isn't exactly the type of person you'd want to piss off.
      • Or be Cartman and do anything.
      • Kyle isn't from Jersey Shore. Don't suggest that he is.
      • Or make fun of him being Jewish, or cross the line with Ike, or say something stupid within earshot. Kyle is built on this trope.
      • Contrary to the former, Kyle does call his mom a bitch in "Fun with Veal", though.
    • Don't speak any foul language within Sheila's earshot. Prepare for the worst.
    • Never call Bono #2, no matter how true it is. Literally.
    • "Are you looking at my headgear?"
    • Tom Cruise goes crazy when anyone says that he's a fudge packer, even if he is packing fudge at the time, wearing a fudge packing uniform in a fudge packing factory.
    • Kenny (as Mysterion) gets one when he tries to tell the rest of the kids that he can't die, and Kyle says it'd be pretty cool to be immortal. Kenny, who knows better, flips out just a little bit.
      • He gets another one in "The Poor Kid". Don't mess with his little sister.
    • If you don't want to piss off Mr. Mackey, don't take a dump in the urinal. Or ruin the tooth decay play he worked on for six years, whether it's by accident or not. Or touch any part of the overwhelming trash and paper hoard that suddenly materialized in his traditionally clean office.
    "Don't you touch that! That's not something to throw away! If you throw that away, I will RAPE you in the mouth, m'kay! I WILL RAPE YOU IN THE FUCKING MOUTH, M'KAY!
  • Whatever you do, don't insult Candy from Space Goofs. The gang of bats that took over the aliens' house learned this the hard way.
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man: "Don't call me Max! The name is Electro! ELECTRO, I TELL YOU!"
  • In Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Spidey quickly picks up on and exploits Scorpion's dislike of being insulted and called names to break his focus. Scorpion does get slightly better with this by later seasons, though making fun of his mother still proves a surefire method of riling him up.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    • Whatever you do, do not ever insult the state of Texas within Sandy's hearing range. SpongeBob and Patrick had to learn this the hard way.
    Sandy: Y'all best apologize, or I'm gonna be on you like ugly on an ape!
    • And Neptune help you if you strip Sandy of her fur.
    • Also,
    • Nobody, and I mean noBODY, pogo-dances with Patrick, but SpongeBob!
    • And for the love of God, do not touch Mr. Krabs' thermostat! (Or play in his yard.)
    Krabs: I don't care if there are icicles hangin' from my ceiling. Don't..touch...THE THERMOSTAAAAAT!!!!"
    • And for that love of God, do not hug and crush Gary's shell. Or touch his...undercarriage.
    • And for the love of Neptune DO NOT put Puffy Fluffy in a house with another pet!note 
    • Don't ever, ever say "day off" or "overtime" to Mr. Krabs. And if he sees you pick up a penny off the street, you might as well just go ahead and buy yourself a coffin.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Just try laying a hand on anyone Anakin cares about. I dare you.
  • Steven Universe: Steven's a contender for one of the sweetest characters in cartoon history, but if there's one thing that can guarantee a bad reaction out of him, it's saying something bad about his deceased mother, Rose Quartz.
    • And if you so much as touch Steven himself, you can expect a world-class ass-kicking from the rest of the Gems.
  • Cody in the Street Fighter cartoon Crossover episode, "Final Fight" doesn't seem to like it when "his" Jessica gets hurt. "You! Hurt! MAH! JESSICAAAAAAAA!!!!!
  • In Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League, hurting his friends is an obvious one for Superman, but Darkseid just by existing is a Berserk Button for Superman. Darkseid is the only villain that Superman is fully prepared to kill (well there's Mongul too, but a lot passion was involved with that). Given how monstrous many villains in the DCAU are, the fact that Darkseid in general is a Berserk Button for Superman, and the only villain he wants to kill, is quite impressive on his part. In the Justice League episode "Twilight (of the Gods)," Superman goes into a blind range and beats up Darkseid just for showing his face.
  • Sym-Bionic Titan: Don't threaten Ilana when Lance is in earshot. Try to harm either of them, you end up upsetting Octus.
  • TaleSpin: Never, ever, try to harm Kit, Rebecca or Molly, or else Baloo will make you sorry. The only thing that's an even worse idea is doing anything to the Sea Duck or insulting Baloo's piloting abilities.
  • Raphael of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as shown in the 2003 cartoon episode "April's Artifact", hates bugs. PERIOD. He even gets pushed too far when, not long after one of the hornets has slashed and paralyzed him for a while and he recovers from the paralysis not long afterwards, and says "Bugs... must... PAY!"
  • Teen Titans
    • If you hurt Raven's friends, you're screwed.
      • "No one should ever go into my room."
    • Robin does not like being compared to Slade. At all. (Most noticeable in the Apprentice episodes, he manages to get over it but it's still a sensitive issue for him.) However, this is partially true, since he's as obsessive as Slade. Deep down Robin does realize this, but doesn't want it to be point out. This may be why he's so obsessive with Slade, as he made him something he doesn't want to be and always many steps ahead of Robin.
    • There's also one episode that's all about Beast Boy's Berserk Button taking physical form (it's a long story) and hunting down a jerk that put Raven in a coma. Surprisingly, the romantic overtones were completely unintentional.
    • Starfire likes being pranked just as much as Winry Rockbell likes having her Automail destroyed and by that we mean, not at all in fact this is what might happen:
    Starfire: On my planet, we have a name for people who do such terrible things, you are a... a.. (head expands) CLORBAG Varblenilk!!!
    • Get between Starfire and Robin at your own risk.
    • Slade hates it when someone makes him lose his cool, outdoes him, or when his apprentices betray him.
  • In the Droopy cartoons, if you dare do something petty and cruel to something Droopy dearly values, he will walk up to you and dispassionately say, "You know what? That makes me mad," and then demolish you.
    • And just for the record, even his son in Homesteader Droopy kicked a corrupt sheriff's ass for taking his baby bottle.
    • Also in the same episode, we learn it is unwise to give a stuffed moose a mohawk.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
    • James the Red Engine does not like to be reminded of his particularly outstanding screwups. Especially the time his crew had to borrow a passenger's bootlace to repair a leak he'd caused in a brake pipe.
    • Also never call Toby electric.
    • I also dare you to force Gordon to pull trucks.
    • Please, do what Emily tells you.
    • Never, ever bump the Troublesome Trucks. They'll be sure to retaliate and play a big trick on you.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures
    • Never call Babs by her real name.
    Buster: Over here, Barbara Ann Bunny!
    Babs: Don't call me that!
    • Never give Fifi's photograph to someone else. Never mistake her for a cat, either.
  • Tom and Jerry
    • Spike has two main ones, among others. Number 1: don't wake him up while he's napping; and Number 2: don't ever touch his son.
    • Ironic to say, in an episode called The Milky Waif, Jerry has one. Tom found that out much TOO LATE: Tom was smacking Nibbles with a fly-swatter and when Jerry saw the red welt on poor Nibbles' behind, Jerry ROARED before giving Tom a quality ass-beating.
    • Tom's master from the Gene Deitch shorts has very sensitive buttons. His buttons from his three shorts are: 1) Don't mess up his fishing trip. 2) Don't interrupt his barbecue. 3) DON'T touch his guns.
  • Owen from Total Drama has three of them.
    • As Heather learned, don't insult his girlfriend.
    • As a metal door learned, do not make him hungry.
    • And as Ezekiel as JACK THE FREAKING RIPPER learned, do NOT threaten his best friend.
    • And while we're at it, DO NOT mention Jose to Alejandro. Oh, and don't call him "Al", even though Cody tried to use it against him once and Owen calls him that because he can't say "Alejandro" right.
      • Owen is Alejandro's Berserk Button.
    • Be you Heather, Courtney, or a baboon, do not harm Cody in any way in front of Sierra.
    • Zoey, the usually calm and nice girl tried to kill Scott after he eliminated Mike, but her true berserk button was shown when the medallion Mike gave her broke, even Cameron was shocked at Zoey's transformation.
    • Touch Eva's MP3 or speak ill of her name, and you're as good as dead.
    • Don't mention Chris' age, interupt him, correct him, or play him like a fiddle (As Scott learned).
      • As Sierra learned don't ramble on about his personal life.
  • In The Venture Bros., don't ever insult Triana in front of Dean.
    • Don't touch Brock's car, or take his last cigarette.
    • DO NOT mention his father in front of Action Johnny. Surprising him with Dr. Z is also a bad idea.
  • While not true of the original series, in Voltron Force the fastest way to get Keith and Lance SERIOUSLY angry is to threaten Allura or put her in danger.
  • Wakfu
    • Don't mention Armand's bad breath to his face.
    • Rubilax threatening to turn Evangelyne into a ghoul is what provokes Sadlygrove's Unstoppable Rage in episode 22. In fact, almost every time Grovy's Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass comes out, it's in response to Eva being in danger (or being hit on).
    • Don't call The Mmmmmmmmmporpg by his birth name. No, seriously, don't. Unless, well, you want the whole town razed.
    • Qilby does not appreciate being called a traitor. It's true, but he has such a huge It's All About Me complex that doesn't see it that way.
  • Yin Yang Yo: Don't you dare break Yin's Two-nicorn toy. She will rain fire down upon your pitiful head from the sky if you do so.
  • Young Justice
    • Superboy will flip out when anyone mocks his lack of acceptance from Superman.
      • And do not, under any circumstances, hurt/insult M'gann. She might be able to prevent him from ripping you limb from limb, so don't risk it.
      • Also, due to an incident with an illusion of the Joker in Mount Justice, he hates monkeys. And apes. Not that he's ever come across a normal ape or monkey, mind, nor one that isn't trying to kill him.
      • Wordof God is that once Superman finally does accept Superboy, albeit as a little brother rather than as a son, he does not respond well to people trash talking him or attacking him, as seen in the tie in comics where Superman fried Brainiac with his heat vision for insulting Superboy and the season 2 episode Alienated where he took a missile in the chest that was originally meant for Superboy.
      • In "Agendas" he does not take being stuck in a pod wearing his Cadmus suit again very well, even though it's ostensibly meant to heal him.
    • Do not taunt Miss Martian about losing Conner's love, the team's approval, or being banished back to Mars for being a White Martian. When Psimon did it, M'gann put him into a coma.
      • In Season 2, don't belittle or mock her adoptive brother Beast Boy and don't kill her teammates especially if you're already a traitor.
    • Messing with Jamie Reyes' friends in any way, shape or form is a bad idea. Maurice should be grateful Jaime just got him arrested instead of listening to the Scarab, considering what it's implied he did to Jaime's friend Ty.