Liveblog Table of Contents

Table of Contents
There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)
by WillyFourEyes
Prologue: Press Start to Begin Liveblogging1
Chapter 1: Neptune Falling...and Rising3
Chapter 2: IF and the Pale Witch2
Chapter 3: Dungeoneering, Terraportation, and Random Video Game References1
Chapter 4: Labor Woes in Lastation
Chapter 5: Heart Full of Black - The True Name of Evil1
Chapter 6: The Great Tech Expo Exposť2
Chapter 7: Rolling Blackout2
Chapter 8: Leaving for Leanbox4
Interlude: IF's Idol
Chapter 9: The Grumpiest Goddess of Them All
Chapter 10: The Grumpiest Goddess of Them All, Part 21
Chapter 11: The Guild (No, The Other One)
Chapter 12: Overlord's Right Hand2
Chapter 13: The Otaku Goddess and the Plot Against Neptune
Interlude 2: Bonus Characters Get!
Chapter 14: The Grumpiest Goddess of Them All, Part 3
Chapter 15: I Can't Believe It's Not a Trap!
Chapter 16: The Heretic Hunters
Chapter 17: Avenir Infiltration
Chapter 18: Key Party
Chapter 19: Heretics on the Offensive
Chapter 20: Raid on Entremets1
Interlude 3: Leveling Up for Leanbox
Chapter 21: Pick Your Poison
Chapter 22: Another Trap?!
Chapter 23: Not a Trap, but Definitely Another Double-Cross
Chapter 24: NPC Death Flag Triggered
Chapter 25: Histoire's Release Date Pushed Forward
Interlude 4: Celestia and Something About Legendary Weapons
Chapter 26: Weapon Lured, Part 1: Trinity Blade
Chapter 27: Weapon Lured, Part 2: Dual Revolver
Chapter 28: Weapon Lured, Part 3: Wisdom Bow
Chapter 29: Weapon Lured, Part 4: Truth Spear
Chapter 30: One Door Opens, and Three More Doors Close
Chapter 31: Goddess Recruitment Drive, Part 1: Black Heart
Chapter 32: Goddess Recruitment Drive, Part 2: Green Heart
Chapter 33: Goddess Recruitment Drive, Part 3: White Heart
Chapter 34: Say No to Piracy!