There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 11: The Guild (No, The Other One)

People of the Guild

No matter the number of powerful foes they defeat, no clue on a Key Fragment surfaces. They head back to the Basilicom, however...only to find that White Heart has closed to place to outsiders (no doubt she anticipated their return). IF tells Nep and Compa that she's a member of "the Guild", a group that doesn't worship the goddess of their native land and are looked down upon as heretics. Financier, who chased them away not too long ago, is also a Guild member, only working under Lady White Heart out of a sense of duty.

There's a place called Guild City (subtle...) among Lowee's many cities, made up mostly of expatriates from Leanbox who wanted to create a place for people just like them. Compa tries to butter Financier up in order to help them get inside the central Basilicom, but Financier confesses that she doesn't have that much power to get them inside directly. All of the Basilicoms are connected to Entremets via underground passageways, and IF plans to let Financier "guide" them to Entremets using these tunnels.

Underground Pathway

Financier reveals a pathway connecting the Central basilicom to Guild City. The party checks the entrance, but of course, things are never so simple...

The tunnels, predictably, are filled with monsters, since the Guild members have never actually used them to move around. Fortunately, Neptune and her friends are more than well-prepared to fight them, and have little trouble sneaking through the tunnel into the central Basilicom.

  • Enemies: Viper, Berserker Bunny, Gyuki
  • Treasures: Reflex x7, Tuffmil x3, Gelatin x20 (hidden), Detoxin 4

White Heart, initially confident that she'd driven Neptune's party away, is less than happy to see them when they suddenly emerge from one of the secret tunnels. Financier, Compa and IF leave as quickly as possible, in hopes that Neptune can get through to her. Just as White Heart prepares to explode into another of her rants, she becomes less hostile (but no less snarky) when Neptune addresses her as "Lady White Heart" instead of one of her usual cutesy nicknames.

Guild Extremist City

The group visits another town to annihilate some monsters. According to IF, the town is a city ruled by Guild Extremists. IF is a Moderatist, who, unlike the Extremist faction, prefers to focus on worshipping, instead of condeming others who don't follow their line of thinking. One of the Extremists points them in the direction of Dis Snow Forest, where there are more monsters lurking about.

Compa's Pop Quiz (skit)

Professor Compa the Game Wiz has a challenging question for Neptune! While exploring Guild City, they run into a game store that carries a device called a Watch & Game. Compa then asks Nep an on-the-spot question about the origins of the Game &—er, the Watch & Game, with dinner on the line of she guesses correctly. Out of the blue, Neptune blurts out "a calculator", causing Compa to faint from the shock...that Neptune actually got it right.*

Quest time!

World's Labyrinth F. 1

Client; Labyrinth Researcher

We've discovered a labyrinth on one of Lowee's islands. However, no one has returned alive from there. Can someone go investigate the area and find the cause?

Recommended Level: 13

  • Enemies: Virpal, Wyvern, Minotaur, Thanatos (DS)
  • Treasure: White Pins, Frost (S)

The cause of the disappearance is a winged demon called Thanatos. Upon its defeat, it drops a Test Potion X, a very powerful syringe for Compa (who, ironically, gets knocked out during the battle) that far outclasses anything the other two girls have at the moment.

Dragon, Baby!

Client: Bearded Tunnel Man

Someone witnessed a green dragon carrying an infant on its back. Apparently, the infant was kidnapped from the nearby village. Oh boy, can someone help before the dragon eats the child?

Recommended Level: 12

The Dragon took the baby through one of the tunnels underneath the Basilicom. The party follows it to the end of the tunnel and give it a savage beating, rescuing the boy. Along the way, Nep finds a pair of Frost CPU pieces, with just the leg piece needed to complete the set.

  • Enemies: Viper, Berserker Bunny, Gyuki, Minotaur, Guardragon (Boss)
  • Treasure: Data Storage Keychain, Frost W, Frost B (hidden)

Once the side quests are completed, they head off to the snow forest to complete the anonymous Guild Extremist's request, where they run into a part-frog mutant called a Tadpole. Using their most powerful weapons, the girls are able to dispatch it and pick up something that loks like Stuffed Frog.

  • Enemies: Virpal, Rock Worm, Mandragora, Demonic Crab
  • Treasure: Tuffmil 5, Detoxin 2, Gelatin 10 (hidden)