There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Interlude: IF's Idol

Dragon with a Blue Shadow

The Dragon with a Blue Shadow quest takes place inside the Remnant Tower, the same locale as their regular mission, so Neptune elects to send the team out in that direction to save time. Compa gains enough experience to reach level 20 to catch up with her companions and not worry about having to feel like a burden. IF discovers a new weapon for her: a syringe filled with carbonated soda, breaking Neptune's monopoly on super-powered weapons.. The group finds and defeats the Boy's Shadow (which is indeed shaped like a Blue Dragon) with little trouble, and are congratulated by the client for their efforts.

  • Treasures: 2 containing Soda syringe (hidden), 4 Reflex
  • Enemies: Demon, Mist Dragon, Golem

After searching the lower level, Team Neptune scouts the Monster Tower a few floors up. The enemies here seem weak compared to the foes they fought on the lower level, oddly enough. Even the boss, the Lindwurm, is barely capable of standing up to the girls at their level (no doubt because the game's semi-linearity allows them to hop between worlds at any time). For their trouble, they pick up a Wind Bullet to add to their arsenal.

  • Treasures: 3 containing 5 Tuffmil, 15 Reflex, Medical Drug (hidden)
  • Enemies: Hornet, Gorbash, Bat

The girls reach the dungeon, but aren't able to get the information they need from their map, so they think it a good idea to go back to the Basilicom with Neptune in her transformed state to lessen the chance of them getting turned away. Before they get a chance to do so, they see an easy quest on the mission board:

Beast's Forest

Client: The Sanctified

We've gotten reports about an irregular Gyuki infestation. We need to take care of these violent monsters before they cause any damage. Can you help take down five of them?

Recommended Level: 7

The girls enter Maado Forest, an unusually cold place decorated with Halloween and Christmas decor. The Gyukis tend to be elusive, but don't give them nearly as much trouble as they used to. As usual with these hunting quests, most of their time is consumed chasing away lower-class enemies that aren't on their hit list. They do manage to locate a collectible Leanbox stamp, as well as a Blast Heart shoulder unit, which confers slight resistance to wind.

  • Treasures: 2 containing a Leanbox Stamp and Blast Parts (S) (Hidden)
  • Enemies: Weeping Grass, Dendrobium, Gyuki

The Basilicom isn't allowing them to enter, so they hightail it back to Planeptune briefly to rest.

I Dislike Me/The Mentor, IF (5pb skits)

Despite her efforts, IF barely misses 5pb's show. She finds a suspicious shadow beyond the crowd of people. 5pb spots IF and tries to run away again, but is stopped so that her #1 fan can chat with her. As she tells it, she actually is rather shy when she's not working, which is why she hides from her fans and practices far away from everyone. IF offers to help her idol overcome her shyness and help connect with her fans.

After their little side trip is complete, Team Neptune discovers that there is still one remaining landmass they have yet to visit in their search for key fragments...