There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 22: Another Trap?!

Helping the Aristocrat Leader

The crew ends up agreeing to help the Aristocrats regarding monster bounty quests. The Aristocrat leader gathers them up for a meeting on an abandoned trade route, which Turquoise plans to use to secretly smuggle weapons to aid in the rebellion against the Basilicom.

But before they do that, they see a few more quests on the board to look at.

Innocent Gift

Client: Businessman with a Pure Heart

Have you heard of this secret society on Leanbox where only people with pure hearts are allowed in? I want to ask a girl out from there. Someone find a rare jewel so I can give it to her as a gift!

Neptune hangs back as the other girls head to the entrance of the Stella Mines, both to give herself time to recover from her poisoning, and to allow the rest of the party to show off their skills. The girls don't disappoint, as they're able to find their target item (as a random drop) without much trouble. They also find not one, but two pieces of the wind-elemental Blast CPU costume.

Recommended Level: 10

  • Enemies: Bird of Paradise, Killer Bee, Golgos
  • Treasures: Blast (Waist parts, head parts are hidden)

Sleeping Statue

Client: Archaeologist

I heard there's a moving stone statue called Guard or something at the end of a ruin. I can't resume my research until it's gone. Could someone go defeat it?

Recommended Level: 15

The girls press onward to the middle of the Sealed Ruin, which they once again dominate. After some searching, the team finds the last piece of the Blast CPU costume to complete another set for Neptune.

  • Enemies: Devil's Pupil, Killer Bee, Fenrir
  • Treasure: 4x Gelatin, Blast (Chest Parts) (hidden)

Disc Search

Client: The Sanctified

There's an organization conducting illegal business with pirated discs, but no one will spill about where the discs are hidden. We only know they are somewhere in Stella Mines. Can you help us find them?

Recommended Level: 20

The pirates don't seem to be all that concerned about secrecy, as the girls find the suspicious box a short distance away from the entrance to the middle level of the mine.

  • Enemies: Fenrir, Golem
  • Treasure: 4x Reflex, Suspicious Box (hidden)

This done, the team heads off to Maado Forest to clear a path for the rebels. The challenge factor is low, but the experience point rewards are also low. Even killing the Clione doesn't put much of a dent in the girls' experience point requirements.

  • Enemies: Fenrir, Killer Bee, Bird of Paradise, Minotaur (boss)
  • Treasure: 8x Reflex, 10x Detoxin, 12x Tuffmil, Leather Bracelet (hidden), 15x Reflex

Neptune completes the job and returns to Jade, surprising him by appearing in her CPU form. The weapons he plans to use against the Basilicom were made by Avenir and brought in from Lastation, which is technically illegal, but Jade says he has a friend on the inside who knows of ways to get around this loophole. —-

The Goddess' Apology

Another invitation from the Basilicom. This time, it is from the Leanbox CPU herself, who wishes to apologize for the poisoning debacle. Jade is skeptical that the Basilicom actually wants to extend an olive branch so soon after the incident, but Compa urges them to go along anyway. Green Heart is there to greet them right away, and appears to be friendlier up front than Black Heart or White Heart. When asked about the Key Fragment on Leanbox, Greenie refers them to Conversation, the evangelist that greeted them earlier. She leads them to a mine that looks a lot like the Stella Mines, and then promptly splits, supposedly trapping them inside. Of course, you can never keep a good heroine down, as the girls manage to find their way out of the dungeon with ease.

  • Enemies: Fenrir, Demon, Devil's Pupil
  • Treasure: 3x Detoxin, 10x Reflex + 5x Gelatin (hidden), 10x Tuffmil, 8x Reflex, 5x Reflex

Attack of the Cicada Horde (Skit)

While enjoying a break from the action by going out into the field, some goofball in a strange costume claiming to be from the "Cicada Horde" jumps out of a hole and harasses the party. Luckily, the kid doesn't appear to be all that dangerous, as his mother identifies him as a Cogs of Battle fanboy and drags him back home.