There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 32: Goddess Recruitment Drive, Part 2: Green Heart

Next on the list is Leanbox, which has the second-most shares of the four goddesses.

Three Valkyrie Sisters

Client: Son of Low-Class Aristocrat

Do you know the Three Valkyrie Sisters of Leanbox? I heard by defeating them, you can go to Valhalla and become a warrior after death Interested? Either way, go and test your strength.

Recommended Level: 55

The Valkyries are said to have a base on the fourth floor of Hirool Castle. Neptune's party investigates, even if it means taking some of Black Heart's shares to give to Green Heart. The goddess of Lastation is much more powerful than everyone else on the team, so she decides to hold back until the rest of the party catches up.

Ortlinde, Brynhildr and Schwertleite greet the party at the end of the dungeon. Fighting three bosses at once proves to be stifling for the girls at first, but once they get into their groove, the valkyrie trio goes down.

  • Enemies: Nothung, Tanighe, Dragon Zombie
  • Treasures: Maid (Leg parts) (hidden)

They continue their dungeon runs, taking care not to deplete any of Lowee's shares so as not to complicate their quest in recruiting Lady White Heart later on. Eventually, Neptune gets Green Heart's eye.

Versus Green Heart

The party heads to Leanbox to persuade Green heart again. However, they immediately run into a problem...she left the Basilicom to go and fight monsters again around Micro Park.

  • Enemies: Killer Bat, Physalis, Daeva
  • Treasures: Reflex x7, Tuffmil x15 (hidden), Tuffmil x4, Reflex x10

When they find Green Heart, she's passed out from overheating again. Compa heals her, and she asserts that destroying the monster-spawning discs is the key to saving Leanbox. However, Neptune disagrees, and they transform to have another one-on-one duel to see whose method is right. Neptune comes out on top, and gains Green Heart's support.

The Great Gamindustri War?! (Green Heart skit)

Green Heart has been locked away in her room for three days. When one of her servants goes to check on her, he is ordered to rally the troops for war. Of course, the orders he heard were actually from Green Heart playing an MMORPG to teach a lesson to a bunch of greedy players from Planeptune.

Headed to Planeptune (Green Heart skit)

Green Heart is attempting to sneak out again and head to Planeptune. She does so because they have the best arcades, and she has lots of luck winning prizes in their crane and (not to mention the mountain of tokens she has in storage there).

With Respect, I Decline (Nisa/Green Heart skit)

Nisa can't stop ogling Green Heart's ample bosom. In exchange for the secrets of Green Heart's breast growth, Nisa is offered a deal. She simply wants Nisa to spend a week raising a tank-type character to help her win a guild raid in one week, but Nisa declines, saying that she can't dedicate that much time to video games.

Lady Green Heart... Are You Okay? (Nisa/Green Heart skit)

Nisa worries about Green heart, who seems to be overworked from an online game addiction. However, compared to some, Nisa discovers the issue isn't nearly as bad as it could be.
Nisa: How long did you end up playing?
Green Heart: Only about five horus yesterday. Sometimes I'll play around 150 hours per week.
Nisa: 150 hours?! You're not even sleeping for 2 hours each day!
Green Heart: I'm still an amateur. A trained MMO veteran would play non-stop without sleep.

Kichiku Megane Harlem Set for Virgins (Gust/Green Heart skit)

Green Heart's hotly anticipated package is finally delivered. However, the content information was clearly marked on the outside of the box...

Gust drops by with the package, and Green Heart makes her promise not to tell anyone (especially IF) that she's been playing adult-rated games behind everyone's backs. Gust agrees to do so, but even a goddess has to pay up...

A Gamer's Sense of Money (Gust/Green Heart skit)

Gust obtained a voucher code to download an online game demo for free. She immediately goes to sell it off to Green Heart. She won the demo for a Planeptune-based MMO called Four Goddesses Online in a sweepstakes, even though Green Heart applied 200 separate times and Gust has very little interest in video games (money, on the other hand...) Gust sells the voucher to Green Heart for 10,000 credits, not expecting her to actually take the bait.

Enduring 99 Years (5pb/Green Heart skit)

Lyrica stumbles hazily out of Lady Green Heart's room. She and the other party members spent all night playing a board game with Lady Green Heart, who beat them all handily.

Online for Dummies (5pb/Green Heart skit)

Music activities take up most of Lyrica's life, but she's introduced to the world of gaming through a voucher code given by Lady Green Heart (probably the same Four Goddesses demo Gust tricked her into buying). She doesn't recognize Green Heart's message at first, since Green Heart is using a male avatar, and still doesn't have much of an idea how the game works even after she gets help.

Beautiful Gentleman (RED/Green Heart skit)

RED finally joins the party. She seems to get along with everyone, but one day she surprises IF with some sudden news. She started playing Four Goddesses Online and got "married" to Green Heart's character. For all of the talk earlier from IF about being creeped out by RED's earlier advances, she seems to be a bit jealous that she's lavishing attention on another goddess...

LEFT 4 RED (RED/Green Heart skit)

As RED comes to enjoy her time with Lady Green Heart more and more, IF starts to act a bit strange...

Unlike the other girls, RED doesn't get bored playing Green Heart's games...especially the M-rated first person shooter gore-fests. Realizing that RED is a bit younger than everyone else, IF doesn't think it's appropriate for her to be playing such games, and then goes off to talk with Green Heart about it.

With Goddess (RED/Green Heart skit)

RED still works hard to earn Charisma points even after joining the party. She's planning something else to surprise IF! It's not quite the surprise IF was hoping for - a copy of Kichiku Megane Harlem Set for Virgins, the same H-game Green Heart ordered earlier in the day. IF figures that RED made an innocent mistake like last time, and pops the disc in...