There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 20: Raid on Entremets

A Heretic's Hideout

Compa notices a heretic near the site of a monster raid inside of a town. The team creates a tentative connection between the monsters and heretics, and they corner one of them in a cave near Dolphin Park. They learn that the heretics have been using specially marked discs to summon monsters to attack the villages. The heretic tricks Neptune into holding onto an unmarked disc, and she soon learns that they also work in reverse.

Now, trapped within the dungeon inside the disc, they quickly realize that waiting around for the old man to summon them and release them from the disc is a futile-at-best effort, and choose to do what most other summon monsters never bother to do - break themselves out.

When they reach the end of the disc, Neptune wonders if beating the boss there would allow them to literally break out of the disc and escape. Strangely enough, Neptune's plan works, and they get another piece of Overlord Momus as a bonus.

  • Enemies: Demon Lord, Diablos, Nebiron, Centaur (boss)
  • Treasure: Detoxin x2, Gelatin x4, Reflex/Detoxin/Gelation x10 (hidden), Reflex x3

Once confronted about the discs, he says that they were given to him by Arfoire (referring to her as Momus' messenger without mentioning her by name, which is still displayed as ??? since she's never formally introduced herself to the girls). Having lost all his faith in the goddesses, he's chosen to do Overlord Momus' bidding, and won't listen to what they have to say. The presents the team with a problem: do they attempt to destroy all of the heretics' discs, or try to tackle the problem at the source?

Legendary Hero (skit)

Neptune appears to be deep in thought, but neither IF nor Compa can guess what it is she's thinking. Nep then wonders why, since she's the main character of the game, that she doesn't have legendary heroic blood flowing through her veins that enables her to defeat powerful monsters with ease.

War Hunch

The heretic admits defeat and reveals the monster's source. No information on the Key Fragment is found. Meanwhile, an unexpected visitor surprises the party.

Chamberlain Financier enters and asks the girls to talk to Lady White Heart and try to calm her down. She received a tip that the Guild Extremists are planning to raid Entremets, but she can't notify White Heart herself without revealing her nature as a Guild member. She leads Neptune and the gang to White Heart's chamber, but she refuses to move. The heretics have discovered their location, and are prepared to rip the place apart inside out, if necessary.

Raiding and Escaping

Everyone secretly moves White Heart out of the Basilicom, but their movements have already been taken into account by their foes. They return to the underground path, leaving the CPU at the inn. The Guild Extremists have sent out monsters to try to scare them off. Neptune and IF fight off most of the monsters, then return to Lady White Heart to update her on the situation. Their only hope to stop the raids is to lure out Arfoire and confront her directly, separate from the Extremists or the other monsters.

The Messenger's End

The party writes threatening letters to lure out the Overlord's Messenger. Each writes their own, hoping one will strike a nerve.

Indeed, Arfoire is incensed by one of the threatening letters, not for specifically calling her out, but...because Neptune addressed Overlord Momus as "Overlord Moron". They use this to their advantage and beat the witch into submission, hoping to send a message to the other Guild Members that may still be on the lookout for them.

CPU White Heart

Everyone expects some good news, since they got invited to the Basilicom by White Heart. After Arfoire's defeat, the Extremists scattered and ran away, and reconstruction on the Basilicom is well on its way. White Heart offers her thanks, as well as her knowledge of the Key Fragment located on Lowee.

Lowee Key Fragment

The party is energized by a clue about the Key Fragment, courtesy of White Heart. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly...

Their search takes them back to the Closed Holy Ground inside the Sealed Ruin. This area is a lot larger than the one they visited, except the enemies are nominally tougher and the treasure isn't quite as tempting. At one point, Nisa has to use the Monster Bell to get the enemy to stop following them long enough to allow them to explore the entire dungeon before taking on the boss.

The girls have faced down this Guard Vermin before, and are well aware of the kind of damage it can do, so IF prepares some special medicine to help out the party in case she gets paralyzed. They defeat the Guard Vermin and obtain the third Key Fragment, along with a White Keychain and a small boost in character levels for everyone.

  • Enemies: Grill Worm, Rabbit, Sahuagin King, Arch Lindworm
  • Treasures: Gelatin x11 (2 chests), Tuffmil x6, Reflex x30 (hidden), Reflex x7 (2 chests)


This is your third Key Fragment obtained, correct? Well, congratulations on getting this far, and I hope that obtaining the fourth (possibly final, even though it feels like there's still a lot of gameplay left to go?) piece doesn't give you too much trouble.
EndarkCuli 11th Jul 12