There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 33: Goddess Recruitment Drive, Part 3: White Heart

The last stop the team has to make before taking on Arfoire in Celestia is Lowee, which takes them much longer to complete since Lowee's share value is low compared to the others.

King of Dragons

Client: Dragon King

You want half of the world? Then, come work for me. I will give you the right once I approve of your power.

Recommended Level: 45

  • Enemies: Kuyutha, Peach Swallowtail, Rafflesia
  • Treasures: Whistle Keychain, Snow (leg parts) (hidden), Reflex x15

The Dragon Cave is the only dungeon suitable for the party's level at the moment (the next-highest dungeon level being 80), so they move quickly to investigate. The path to the dragon is just one long spiraling path, making it impossible for the girls to get lost. They take the dragon king down, and rather than take half the world to themselves, simply settle for all of the dragon's loot.

After what feels like hours of level and Share grinding, Neptune is able to get into the Basilicom. White Heart, in her usual grumpy manner, refuses to lend a hand even after Neptune tells her that everything was Arfoire's fault. Histoire convinces Neptune to try using force, and Neptune and White Heart duke it out in the deepest corners of Dis Snow Forest. White Heart proves hard to take down, but remains steadfast in her refusal to go with Neptune. Despite her professed hatred for the Planeptune CPU, she's no match for good-ol' Reverse Psychology, and accidentally "invites" herself into the group in order to get back at Arfoire.

Book Release Day (White Heart skit)

Today is the release date for a book White Heart has long been waiting for. She tries to send Financier on an errand to buy the book, but Financier is already out running other errands at the moment.

Amateur Writer's Award (White Heart skit)

White Heart decides to enter an amateur writing contest. How far will she go?

She reads through one of the books that was entered in a previous competition, and complains that it sucks. She plans on getting a laptop to submit an entry of her own.

Time Passes (White Heart skit)

White Heart says, "The Internet. How scary." Financier returns from her grocery shopping, but White Heart shoos her away so that she can begin writing her novel. She gets a bad case of writer's block right out the gate, so she surfs the Internet to try to get ideas...and winds up wasting two hours.

Abnormal Expression (Nisa/White Heart skit)

Nisa is given a book written by White Heart, only to discover the goddess' writing is far more outrageous than the heroine imagined possible. When White Heart leaves to get more books, Nisa mumbles to herself that the lady's writing is beyond terrible.

...White Demon? (Nisa/White Heart skit)

After successfully locating a bandit stronghold, Nisa discovers the riffraff are under attack from a "white demon". Predictably, the so-called demon is White Heart in CPU form. Nisa tries to convince her to back out of attacking them in CPU form, but when the bandits insult her modest breast size, she joins up with White heart to beat the snot out of them.

Invitation to Lowee (Gust/White Heart skit)

Gust is quite savvy for her age. White Heart personally invites Gust over to Lowee, as she is impressed with her alchemy synthesis skills. However, Gust still wants to travel around the world until she masters her craft. In a rare moment of genuine kindness, White Heart plans to welcome her with open arms, should she decide to move to Lowee on a more permanent basis.

The Most Expensive Item (Gust/White Heart skit)

Gust is determined to find out which goddess is the most popular in all of Gamindustri. She asks for White Heart to autograph one of her scarves, and then goes off to auction it on the Internet. It manages to fetch a much higher price than either Black Heart or Green Heart's mementos. Gust is amused, but White Heart is not.

Cart Racing (All Goddesses skit)

The party passes an annual cart racing event around Shroom Kingdom. Black Heart is surprised, since she hasn't seen cars like that on Lastation. Neptune and IF learn that the race is being held by Wowser, the turtle king they met in an earlier skit. The cameramen starts asking personal questions, which cheeses Neptune off enough to chase him away.

The Real Hero and Goddess? (All Goddesses skit)

The group encounters someone who seems like a true hero. A minor disagreement occurs...

A sword-wielding elf kid helps up an old lady who got attacked by a "hexaroc"note . The lady calls herself "Bimpa", a nursemaid to the princess and protector of the Triangleforce. After the two of them leave, another mysterious traveler appears, who is also in awe of the hero. When Green Heart tells the traveler that she is one of the goddess, Neptune, White Heart and Black Heart start arguing over which one of them is greater.

Lady White Heart (5pb/White Heart skit)

Is she as shy as Lyrica, or does she just avoid people in general? Lyrica finally gets the chance to interact with Lady White Heart and is actually left with a good impression.

Suspicious Novel (5pb/Nisa/White Heart skit)

While Lyrica rejoices over a novel written by Lady White Heart, a concerned heroine of justice watches over her from the shadows...

Lyrica receives a copy of the book from White Heart and is anxious to read it, hoping that a book written by a CPU would contain quality handiwork. Nisa is waiting nearby, but is unable to reach out to Lyrica to dissuade her from reading it.

Dilemma 2: For Someone (5pb/White Heart skit)

Lyrica is hit by the sudden urge for sweets. The voices start to argue inside her head once again, but they keep going off on tangents...

While struggling to come up with a new concept for a song, Lyrica notices a slice of strawberry shortcake nearby. The Good Angel, Bad Angel voices return as she wonders who owns the cake. Instead of arguing about the morality of eating someone else's food, the two voices try to determine who it belongs to.

Red Alert (Red/White Heart skit)

Red causes a commotion in the sacred Basilicom as if she's running from something. What happened here...? It turns out Red is running from White Heart, who is rather pissed at her for not keeping her gas under control.

Unofficial Publishing (Red/White Heart skit)

Red received something from Lady White Heart. She seems excited, as she got a bunch of White Heart's original books, which she plans to share with everyone, as they can't be found in stores.