There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Interlude 3: Leveling Up for Leanbox

Not content with sitting on their laurels after their victory over the third Key Fragment guardian, Team Neptune goes land-hopping in preparation for their trip to Leanbox, starting on good ol' Planeptune...

Rampaging Dragon

Client: Planeptune Defense Force

You know about the illegal discs containing violent game characters, right? We need more volunteers to fight against this threat.

Recommended Level: 30

According to witnesses, a Dark King is rampaging around the third floor of the Neo-Geo front. The dungeon is incredibly straightfoward, with no twists or branching paths. They head to the end of the corridor where the boss is waiting for them, and trounce him without any trouble at all, picking up the Blaze Core parts to complete the set.

  • Enemies: Guardian, Automatic Cannon, Micro Burst, Dark Rage Dragon
  • Treasure: Scrap Card (hidden), Reflex x10

Revenge for the Betrayal

Client: Wounded Adventurer

I went to fight a monster as requested by the Basilicom, but one of our allies started attacking us instead. He stole all of our belongings... He can't be forgiven. Please go beat him up for me!

Recommended Level: 30

The knight was last seen on the first floor of the Norma Tower. In one of the rooms, IF finds a hidden treasure chest with a Trinity Bangle, which confers some slight resistance to each of the four magical elements. Since Red is rather lacking in defense, so she gives it to IF. The Traitor Knight appears to have fooled more than a few people, as the girls find the knight wearing very feminine armor. "Man or woman, it doesn't matter", Neptune says, as they lay the smackdown on her and do their best to return the stolen items.

  • Enemies: Dragon, Tania, Mandragora, Traitor Knight (boss)
  • Treasures: Tuffmil x10, Trinity Bangle, Reflex, Tuffmil (hidden)

Golden Dragon

Client: Elder

Every year, a Golden Dragon pays a visit to the ruins around this time. I used to fight it when I was young, but never beat it. I'm offering a reward to whoever can defeat this dragon. Anyone up for the challenge?

Recommended level: 35

The girls are more than prepared to face off against the dragon, and get a Golden Axe disc for their efforts.

  • Enemies: Diablos, Death Hornet
  • Treasures: Reflex x5, Detoxin x4, Gelatin x5, Giant Safety Pin (hidden)

While their work is done (plot-wise) on Lastation, they notice that there's a new sidequest dungeon for them to check out there...

Wireless Charger (Gust skit)

Having so many cell phones, it's not unusual for IF to break one or two. What does Gust have up her sleeve to remedy such a situation? A wireless charger, of course! She won't tell exactly how she made it, but it seems to work well enough compared to the wired chargers IF keeps using and breaking. IF likes it, and thinks it's good enough to be a big hit.

War Against Creation

Client: Historian

I had no idea this god actualy existed... According to myth, he will end up destroying Gamindustri. Anyone! Please take care of him!

Recommended Level: 35

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), said god is not Overlord Momus, but a Jormungandr holed up in the upper level of the Sealed Ruin. Fittingly, the path to the end of the dungeon is snakelike in nature, leading them right to the boss and an easy victory.

  • Enemies: Magitek Soldier, Death Hornet
  • Treasures: Reflex x6, Cardboard (head CPU parts) (hidden), Detoxin x5, Gelatin x4