There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 34: Say No to Piracy!

With the complete party assembled, it's almost time for everyone to make a final assault on Arfoire's stronghold. Before they go, they find that there is still a little bit of activity in Planeptune.

Female Theater Group (All Goddesses skit)

A heated discussion is provoked when IF finds a slight discrepancy regarding an all-female opera house. The play professes to take place during the 16th year of the Taisho period, except that the actual Taisho era only lasted for 15 years. Black Heart and IF think they might have set it in that period to portray what might have happened if Japan hadn't been engulfed in World War I, but Compa is told by someone close to the project that the number "16" was put there because it was such a long-running series. Oops...

Showing Gratitude (All Goddesses skit)

A blue hedgehog welcomes the girls back to Planeptune. He leads everyone, other CPUs included, to a large mansion within town. Everyone is surprised, but also worried that Neptune might have done something that put all their lives in jeopardy. The owner of the mansion turns out to be the mysterious traveler they ran into on Lowee. He decided to open up an orphanage after meeting the goddesses, and thanks them for their generosity. In return, he gives them a very limited-edition figurine of the "Four Goddesses".

No Ogre (Red/Green Heart skit)

IF has become a die-hard game fan through Lady Green Heart and it seems Red is following in her footsteps. Green Heart introduced her to a dating sim based on the Shinsengumi, but it was quite different than the one IF played, as one of the love interests was actually the main character.

Celestia Castle

(Author's notes: The content in these final skits seems to depend on how many of the other CPUs are in your party.)

The CPUs are bound by their destiny. To end all the manipulation caused by the fate, the party heads to the land where the Console War began.

IF notes that Celestia Castle looks far less dark and grimy than what she would have expected of Arfoire's lair. None of the other goddesses knew such a castle even existed in Celestia. Histoire tells them to hurry up and head toward the castle before Arfoire starts to laugh at them.

The path to Arfoire's inner sanctum is a single, clover-shaped path, fraught with tough enemies. Neptune tries to apply as many Eject buttons as possible in order to escape and keep her health high enough to face down her arch-nemesis.

  • Enemies: Tanighe, Dragon Zombie, Master Golem
  • Treasures: Reflex x10, Heaven's Bangle (hidden), Gelatin x15

The party reaches Arfoire's lair, and they exchange several minutes of harsh words before they learn of Arfoire's real purpose - to steal Histoire's powers and write herself in as the true goddess of all of Celestia. The first "final battle" ends in a suspiciously easy victory for Neptune and friends, but they all realize that the battle isn't over, and try to get the hell out of the lair before something even worse happens.

The Final Battle

Arfoire has fallen. However, the journey is not yet over. Before having the chance to plan their next step, they must face their destiny in one more form.

Unlike the previous times they fought Arfoire, she was genuinely defeated and killed in their recent battle. However, their nemesis is revived with barely a scratch on her, thanks to the power of the faith in her followers and the phony prophecy of Overlord Momus that allowed them to spread monsters all over the land. Another beatdown from Neptune's party is all Arfoire needs to tap into her inner evil and unlock her third and final dragonlike form (known as "True Arfoire" if the player has all three goddesses in the party). A long, protracted battle ensues, with Arfoire unleashing an array of devastating super attacks that nearly wipe the party out. The combined might of the goddesses and the maker characters (IF, Compa, Nisa, Gust, 5pb and Red) is eventually enough to put Arfoire down for the count once and for all.

Everyone returns to solid ground on Planeptune, and decide to celebrate by returning to the Basilicom on Planeptune. They go to a room where they can talk in private about what to do with the monsters. Histoire grants the four CPUs the power of True Goddesses, granting them absolute authority over their worlds and the power to erase the monsters from their worlds forever with a single, collective wish. After some debate about whether or not they'd be "taking the easy way out", they all agree to Histoire's proposal. The console war has made them bitter at each other for so long, it takes them a while to realize each other's strengths and weaknesses to allow the wish to work properly. They also collectively agree to voluntarily give up their CPU powers and live out the rest of their lives as humans.

Thus ends the tale of Hyperdimension Neptunia and the great Console War. The credits roll, and IF, Compa and Neptune give a personal "thank you" to the player for completing the game. At this point, the player can save their game and choose to restart a New Game+ with everyone's levels intact, or embark on the Playable Epilogue, where you can view a few extra skits and explore some additional Bonus Dungeons. But since the story's pretty much definitively been wrapped up, this liveblog is now complete. Thanks to everyone for reading this, and I'll see you again next time!