There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Interlude 2: Bonus Characters Get!

After the meeting with Lady Green Heart, Neptune's party sees one more quest on Leanbox's quest board:

Griffon Hunting

Client: Guild Staff

Griffon hunting has been popular among the youth these days. Come along and fight the Griffons with us!

Recommended Level: 12

The girls go back to Hirool Castle to hunt a Griffon for the Guild. Neptune finds a Blast CPU body unit in a treasure chest near the entrance. It doesn't do much for her wardrobe, since she doesn't have many of the other parts of the Blast suit to match. Their search ends with a fight against a Sub Griffon, which they try to complete as quickly as possible, as another quest pop-up appears in Planeptune.

  • Enemies: Killer Bee, Bird of Paradise
  • Treasures: Blast (Back) parts (hidden)

Botroll Bounty

Client: Planeptune Defense Force. There are countless illegal discs produced in Evil Cave. This is going to drive more residents away from our land. Please, someone help us get rid of them.

Recommended Level: 18

Relieved to be back home in Planeptune, Neptune and her friends search the center of the Evil Cave to hunt some Botrolls, which were created by the stolen discs. This new group of fiends is much stronger than the Jakis who also inhabit the area, and only differ slightly in appearance by hair color and clothing design. They appear to have left behind a Muscle Figure in their belongings, which is of little use to them, but makes a nice addiction to Neptune's growing collection of souvenirs.

  • Enemies: Botroll, Dogoo, Jaki, Imp
  • Treasures: Muscle Figure (Hidden), Reflex x6

Justice Keeper of Gamindustri!

A monster appears in a nearby town in Lastation. Will the party be able to rescue all the villagers from this vicious creature?!

Due to a food-related accident, Neptune is unable to help Compa and IF against the monster, and their own attacks have no effect against the beast. Moments later, Nisa, a wannabe heroine dressed in a silly-looking cape, tries to dive-kick the monster to scare it away, but clobbers Neptune instead (because she didn't hear Nisa calling her attack). She then goes on to actually defeat the monster while Compa and IF try to revive Neptune.


Gust is having difficulties completing her client's task. Meanwhile, she and the party have another interesting meeting.

Gust needs to make a potion for her client by the end of the day, but there aren't any shops around that carry the ingredient she needs. Compa volunteers to help her find it in the monster-laden fields, in return for helping them out earlier.

Tough Love (5pb skit)

IF pays a sudden visit to Lyrica and takes her on a mysterious outing. There's a festival in town, and IF offers to take her in town to try to help her beat her leaving her in the middle of a crowd. Predictably, it doesn't go over so well.

Will You Buy It? (5pb skit)

As the two girls start to get along, a problem arises involving 5pb's sales. She isn't getting as many fans as before, and IF wonders if she simply needs new material to draw them in. She offers to go to 5pb's next show and observe fan reactions. Not a single person comes by to listen to her sing. One disgruntled complains that the price of her CDs is too high.

Dampened Spirits (5pb skit)

The public reacts oddly toward 5pb, giving her a heavy mental burden. IF is on the case to find a way to remedy the situation!

While alone in her room, she tries to figure out how she can remedy the situation she's in, while all of a sudden, her guitar appears to be talking to her, encouraging her not to change a thing (it's actually IF speaking from behind the door).

Later, IF and her Guild informants discovers that 5pb/Lyrica's CDs aren't selling because they're getting distributed heavily over the black market.

Heroes' Item (RED skit)

Red makes another sudden appearance while IF is on a personal quest. IF grows concerned over Red's lonesome journey, but the other girl seems confident enough...

IF's quest takes her to a weapons plant, where she finds the red-haired "wifey seeker" playing around on one of the conveyor belts. IF pulls Red out of danger, worrying that she doesn't have a weapon to fend for herself. Red responds by pulling out a handful of weird weapons, including a yo-yo, which was once used by a kid hero against aliens on a quest to rescue his father.

That's What a Heroine Is!

Back on Planeptune once again, an elderly man is cornered by a monster. In such a hopeless situation, there is still one who has not lost hope!

A pair of brothers finds the monster, but Nisa steps in and takes control of the situation. The boys make cracks about Nisa's provocative dress and lack of cleavage before running away in fear. Once again, Compa and IF get there a few steps behind.

Compatibility (RED skit)

Another Red sighting! She reveals the story of her tragic past to IF, but...

IF wonders if Red's parents know that she's out and about fighting monsters. As soon as she brings this up, Red gets sad and makes up a story about her going on her harem quest to rescue her parents from a village overrun by giant plant monsters. Of course, IF doesn't believe a word of it.

Wife's Job (RED skit)

Red frequently visits IF now. At first, IF didn't know how to handle the unpredictable antics of Red, but it seems like she's just going along with it now. Red begs IF to stay by her side, but IF tells her that she has responsibilities as a party member first. At one point, while being used as Red's personal Lap Pillow, IF remarks that her head is really heavy, like a barbarian who powers up by eating caveman meat.

Round Up (RED skit)

Red struggles to enhance her friendship with IF through frequent visitations. Then, some important information is revealed...

Finally, Red is anxious to meet IF's party, and is overjoyed when IF lets it slip that it's an all-girls party. Without warning, she bolts for Lowee.

Reaching 100 (RED skit)

Her high level of energy is Red's only strength, but she seems a bit weak today. What's motivating Red to keep appearing in front of IF despite an illness?

The chilly temperatures have given Red a bit of a cold, so IF orders her to rest until she gets better. She says that by doing so, her "charisma" level will get the last few points she needs to reach 100 and motivate IF to actually introduce her to Neptune and the gang.

Newcomer (RED skit)

Red never gives up visiting IF. IF tries to convince her to stop coming by, but seeing Red's determination, her "goondere" (Red's words) side kicks in, and she relents, allowing Her Royal Dragon Redness to join.

Sprouting Conspiracy (5pb skit)

No information is beyond the Guild's grasp. IF heads to the notorious black market with Lyrica in tow.

5pb wonders why they're infiltrating the black market during the does one of the black market goons, who catches them in the act. 5pb, displaying a combination of fear and anger, confronts the music thief. He, of course, tells her that trying to stop him won't work, as more black markets will pop up even if his is shut down. He tries to justify it by saying that he's giving 5pb's music to the people at a low price, conveniently leaving out that he's making a killing on illegal profits. This fact isn't lost on either of the girls, who give him a lecture about the evils of music piracy. The black marketer gets fed up and...his head seemingly explodes, releasing a monster, who had used the poor fool and his music piracy scheme as a conduit for Overlord Momus' war machine. IF clobbers the monster and frees the pirate, who agrees to destroy the copies that he has.

Decision (5pb skit; forgot the actual name of the skit)

The black market is shut down, but the illegal disc's source is unknown. Lyrica realizes the severity of the situation and makes her decision as 5pb. IF wants her to try to focus on her music, but is nevertheless welcome to have her as a member of the squad.

Red and 5pb are now playable characters, but both of them start out at level 1. 5pb is armed with her PLA-01/5L electric guitar, and Red's arsenal includes a kendama, yo-yo, frisbee, and pachinko ball shooter. On the field, Red uses her kendama as a hammer to break rocks, while 5pb has a Treasure Search ability similar to the one IF uses. Between the two, Red has better physical stats, while 5pb is a better magical fighter, using her guitar to send out waves of energy at her foes.