There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 30: One Door Opens, and Three More Doors Close

The Last Battle?!

Their archenemy, Arfoire, makes an appearance yet again. However, this time she acts a bit different. The last battle before ascending to Celestia begins!

With all four weapons ready and assembled, Neptune and friends are prepared to go to Celestia, but Arfoire butts in yet again, warning them that the path to Celestia is the point of no return for either of them. She demands a one-on-one battle against Neptune, and disables IF and Compa to prevent them from interfering. Using a mish-mash of CPU parts to prioritize attack strength, Neptune unleashes her fury on a weakened Arfoire for the sake of her friends. Rather than finishing her off at this juncture, Nep sees to her friends after Arfoire escapes.

Before they go after her once again, they take the first terraportation leap off to Planeptune to meet with Histoire.

To Celestia...

The crew returns to Histoire after gatherign all elgendary weapons. There is just one thing left to do before going to the final dungeon (Author's note: actually two things, but I'll get into that just a bit later)!

After showing Histoire the weapons, she leads them to a room that contains the “keyholes” for each weapon. She instructs the team to place the weapons into each of the keyholes – spear, gun, bow, and sword, after which she commands the seal to unlock, leading the way to Celestia Castle.

Two more quests unlock after Histoire's event: “Lineage of Justice” and “Bug King”, but Neptune still feels that she doesn't have enough power to take on Arfoire by herself, so she attempts to get help from the other CPU goddesses, from Lastation to Leanbox to Lowee, but...

Resignation of a CPU

The group returns to Lastation's Basilicom to gain Black Heart's support. Meanwhile, the rumor of the CPU's resignation floats in the air. Black Heart tells her intent to one of her subjects that she plans to step down, feeling responsible for the disasters with Avenir and the Tech Expo. As her last order, she tells the Sanctuary and Parliament to merge together and learn to get along.

Before she can return to Celestia, Neptune's party shows up along with Histoire. They try to explain the situation to Black Heart, but she is steadfast in her refusal to interfere with human affairs, and flatly turns down Neptune's plea for help.

CPU's Decision

Each land is still threatened by monsters. In order to save the world as soon as possible, the team visits Green heart's Basilicom once more.

In a strange turn of events, Green Heart has left the Basilicom to go out fighting monsters, instead of staying at home playing video games. One of her subordinates tells them that she went off to Hirool Castle, so the girls move quickly to catch up to her before it's too late.

When they find Green Heart, she's burned out and overheated herself from fighting monsters nonstop. They implore her to return home and rest off her injuries, but she's decided that she wants to start taking her job as goddess more seriously by fighting. Histoire gives Green Heart the same speech as she did with Black Heart. Every time she hears about Arfoire abusing her goddess abilities, Neptune gets all fired up, and is disappointed that Green Heart doesn't feel the same way that she does, and is promptly kicked out after being told (once again) that she still doesn't understand the weight of her own role as a CPU.

  • Enemies: Killer Bat, Physalis, Dullahan, Daeva
  • Treasures: Reflex x10, Gelatin x14, Detoxin x13

CPU's Refusal

Everyone returns to Lowee's Basilicom, but this time with Histoire in tow. Their mission is to gain support from White Heart in order to defeat Arfoire! Unfortunately, getting through to White Heart goes about as well as expected, as she has reverted to her “grumpy” persona.

Another quest appears: “King of Dragons”...but the words of the other three goddesses have hit pretty close to home, so Neptune returns to Planeptune to try to make sense of it all before continuing onward.


Neptune, the CPU who lost her memory. Consequently, the other CPUs will not see her as an equal. To her despair, Histoire imparts another nugget of truth.

After Compa suggests expensive advanced medical procedures to try to get Neptune's memory back and IF prescribes the old “smack-them-upside-the-head-until-they-remember” cure, Histoire says that she can try to re-record her lost memories into the tome.

Neptune goes unconscious for a while, and appears in a mysterious dungeon without the help of the others. She sees Arfoire coming down the hall, but the witch ignores Neptune and laments to Histoire that she can't rule over the human world anymore, and needs “a new, more competent CPU” to handle it. Neptune can't interact with either of them, but she continues to watch, hoping that she'll get some clues as to where she came from.

Arfoire tells Histy that she rewrote the rules of the lands for what would soon become the four goddesses. She then turns to Neptune, who tells her that the other goddesses are upsetting the balance of the human world by remaking it in their own images, and orders Nep to stop them and unify the human world and Celestia. Neptune suddenly remembers this speech from long ago, and realizes that the other CP Us may have been given the same spiel by Arfoire, meaning that she may also have been the one to instigate the Console War in the first place.

CPU's Disappearance

Neptune regains her memory and, despite Compa and IF's concerns, she seems to handle it well. Meanwhile, another incident strikes the party. Neptune suddenly went off on her own to the Norma Tower, according to a contact within the Guild, supposedly to face Arfoire on her own without anybody's help. Of course, since she's the main character and they need her help to finish the main quest, they go off to rescue her.

  • Enemies: Killer Bat, Manticore, Demon Vine
  • Treasures: Reflex x10, Detoxin x10, Reflex x10 + Gelatin x10 (hidden), Gelatin x10 + Tuffmil x2, Reflex x5

Neptune, now with her memories back, is totally pissed off that she has a piece of Arfoire's memory implanted in her, and wants to put an end to it right away. IF decides to smack some sense into her.

During her second unconsciousness episode, Nep has even more flashbacks from her previous adventures, making her realize that she'd been acting like a spoiled brat a lot. Histoire tries to reassure her that such behavior is natural, but she ought to focus on her own positive qualities, lest she become consumed by hatred. She apologizes to the group for her previous actions, and then rejoins the party, prepared to get the approval of the goddesses and take on Arfoire in Celestia...