There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 28: Weapon Lured, Part 3: Wisdom Bow

The Cave, Ruin and Fugitive

The team goes back to Leanbox to find one of the legendary weapons. According to Histoire, it's hidden in a ruin...

They are led back into the Stella Mines, where the enemies have toughened up considerably since their last visit. While the Sphinxes give out paltry experience and money rewards, they don't hold back on the pain, nor do the axe-wielding Ouroboros. When they reach the end of the dungeon, they encounter a fugitive of the Guild, who summons a monster from another one of Arfoire's piracy discs. This time, it isn't a dragon, but a snake-like creature called Orochi. After the monster is defeated, the Guildsman surrenders and gives them the handle of Gheytz's Wisdom Bow, and says there may be more parts like it in the forest where he found that one.

  • Enemies:: Ouroboros, Sphinx, Moon Rabbit, Hua-Po
  • Treasures:: Tuffmil x2, Reflex x3, Reflex x20 + Detoxin x20 + Gelatin x20 (hidden), Reflex x4

Master Idol Production (disappointingly, not a 5pb skit)

Everyone gets excited over the idea of becoming masterful idols. Who will the contestants vote for?

They approach a producer in town and ask him about the big crowd gathering. He says that it's an event for girls to audition to become an "idol master", with the top three contestants being hand-picked by the audience to be raised into great idol singers. Neptune and Compa are excited about winning the contest that they sign up right away, thinking that their main character status might give them some fan cred. Unfortunately, it doesn't work out for them, and they continue on their journey...

Lost Forest?

Hopefully nobody will get lost in the forest where one of the weapon parts is said to be! The only place they know of that fits the description is Maado Forest, but they don't have much of an idea where to look. While wandering around, they bump into a grotesque creature called Tiamat. The monster doesn't have the part they need, but a merchant (who was in the vicinity at the time) thanks them by telling them that Turquoise might have a rare item. He tries to rip them off by selling a shoddy knock-off bow, but they intimidate him into running away before they change their mind about saving him. The merchant drops a stick on the ground (which may or may not belong to the Wisdom Bow) after running away.

  • Enemies: Behemoth, Hua-Po, Griffon, Red Lurian
  • Treasures: Tuffmil x6, Gelatin x8, Detoxin x10 + Gelatin x10 + Tuffmil x10 (hidden)

Aristocrat Leader's Hobby

Seeking more information, the party visits the Aristocrats' leader. He gives them a warm welcome and shares his knowledge of the legendary weapon. Turquoise believes that he may have found the string to the Wisdom Bow, but a traveling merchant (presumably the one the girls rescued from Tiamat) said it was useless. The last part is said to be in his shrine somewhere. (Author's Note: There's a mistake on the English Language track on the last line of Turquoise's speech where it plays a voice clip by Jade instead, even though he got killed a while ago.)

Release from War (skit)

The party admires a soldier who is about to go to war and protect his country. The man, dressed in a helmet and full-body suit of armor, is found standing by a crater, the site of a meteor strike. The girls cheer him on, but decide to get out of there before another one comes. (Author's Note: I'm not at all sure what this is supposed to be a reference to.)

Hero's Shrine

The hero Gheytz's Wisdom Bow... The final part is said to be in a shrine dedicated to him. Will they be able to find the shrine?

They return to Maado Forest to find a monster-covered shrine. Compa finds a strange fairy creature and wants to take a picture of it, but it runs away. Neptune follows it into Ghetyz's Shrine. They don't meet any resistance when they enter, but the treasure chest where they expect to find the last piece of the bow appears to be empty. Luckily, Compa's keen eye finds it buried in a dark corner of the chest, allowing them to assemble it with ease.

After they finish exploring, they check the quest board to find another high-level quest, which they save for later:

Three Valkyrie Sisters

Client: Son of Low-Class Aristocrat

Do you know the Three Valkyrie Sisters of Leanbox? I heard by defeating them, you can go to Valhalla and become a warrior after death. Interested? Either way, go and test your strength.

Recommended Level: 55