There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 9: The Grumpiest Goddess of Them All

The girls arrive in Lowee, a land almost perpetually covered in snow, and home to the goddess White Heart.

Snowy Land

Lowee is a calm land covered entirely in a blanket of white. The people of Lowee have unwavering faith in their goddess' protection.

Neptune and friends take refuge from the cold inside Lowee's Basilicom. The Sanctified, the local messenger, is quite a bit more helpful about helping the girls locate strong monsters who might be guarding Key Fragments, and directs them to the Central Basilicom, Entremets (the one they've stopped at is simply one of several small branch Basilicoms).

They listen to a PR piece from White Heart, who tries to sell potential movers on its rich use of magic, and the fact that it's so damn cold everywhere. Also, the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya (for those of you who can pick out English voice actresses; Japanese fans will hear Yuno's voice instead).

The Central Basilicom

In Lowee, Basilicoms are located in each city. The party now heads toward the Central Basilicom (because it's a whole lot easier [not to mention disk space-efficient] than trudging city-by-city). Neptune complains about being cold, but IF brought along a hot pack for the other two girls to share. Entremets is located in the midst of a secluded forest, which succeeds somewhat in keeping the riff-raff away, but leaves quite a big vaccum for monsters to sneak in and call the place home.

Of course, there's the usual quest board diving to do, so the girls take a quick peek:

Abnormality in Snow Land

Client: The Sanctified

Large amounts of Slapping Lobsters were found at the ruins. They normally don't breed there, so we went to investigate the cause. Looks like heretics were summoning monsters using some suspicious item. We need help to get rid of these monsters.

Recommended Level: 6

The girls are asked to take out ten of the little critters in the lower level of the Sealed Ruin. The place is littered with debris, which gets Neptune all excited about being able to use her hammer again. As expected (somewhat), IF locates an ice-themed processor piece for Neptune to use. They have no trouble finding lobsters to whack, but always flanked by enemies of a different type.

  • Enemies: Slapping Lobster, Vorpal, Sea Serpent, Dendrobium
  • Treasures: Lowee Stamp, Frost Heart Chest piece (hidden), The Super Shinobi (magic disk)

Upstart Dungeon

Client: Merchant

A Lamp Fish's Lamp sometimes fetches a good price. My intuition is telling me that chance is coming up, but I'm not strong enough to fight in dungeons. Can someone go obtain five Lamps in my stead?

Recommended Level: 5

  • Enemies: Sahuagin, Lamp Fish, Devil Tentacle, King Crab
  • Timeline: Frost Heart Head piece (hidden)

Fantasy Crepe (RED skit)

IF finally finds time in her busy schedule to try Neptune's favorite crepe shop, but her visit is interrupted by an unexpected someone...(why does IF get to have all the fun, anyways?)

As IF places her order, Red sneaks in and "orders" one from atop a zip line. While she waits for her "traditional Japanese cuisine"-flavored crepe to arrive, Wifey #1 offers to share a piece of her less-impressive custard crepe with her new Dating Sim-obsessed friend (good for 30 RV points in Red's book).

None of the Above (RED skit)

A little while after the crepe, Red suddenly shows up again and asks IF to take a "How Well Do You Know Me?"-type quiz. Getting an answer wrong means IF will have to do whatever Red wants (judging from her past behavior, this could mean something that can only be vaguely alluded to due to this game's "T" rating). When Red asks IF what she's "collecting" right now, she fails to mention the "correct" answer in her set of questions (which, ironically, is the correct answer).

Red: Choosing isn't always right! Sometimes, not choosing is the correct answer! It may be referred to as the "harem" option!

Joke (yet another RED skit)

Lowee is a land of magic and fantasy. The things found here are always beyond imagination. There's something IF's wanted to purchase from such a place...and it's not from Nep's favorite crepe shop. It seems IF's found herself a favorite bakery that only makes a limited quantity of white peach blancmange. Red lies in wait underneath a bench (probably coincidentally, but given that this is Red here, we can't be too sure), sees IF's new snack and wants to have a taste. IF obliges, but Red gobbles it all up, leaving none for her to enjoy.

The next day, IF finds a box addressed to her from Red, who wanted to make up for yesterday's slip-up with a gift of all the blancmange she can eat...except the box actually contains something called "Lady Blanc's Manju" (which, sadly, the player doesn't get to see.)
The path to Entrements is short and simple, thanks to the girls building their levels on dungeons in the other landmasses. It doesn't take them long to reach the exit.

  • Enemies: Dendrobium, Sea Serpent
  • Treasures: 8x Reflex (4x hidden)

Financier, White Heart's attendant, notices the girls approaching the secluded Basilicom, but White doesn't want to deal with them. When told that she'll get a stern talking-to by the evangelists and rumors may spread of her unwillingness to greet visitors, she relents.

Neptune is the first one to greet White, who isn't at all happy to see her, and even less inclined to help Nep or her group gather info on the key fragments. Predictably, she gets lectured by Conversation later on about her un-goddess-like habits, as such an attitude makes it hard for both of them to do their jobs properly (White to protect the people of Lowee, and Conversation to convince others that White Heart is even worth worshipping).