There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 7: Rolling Blackout

Secret Meeting

Lady Black Heart meets with someone, locking everyone else from the Basilicom out of her room... That "someone" is Ganache, the Avenir employee who was saved by Neptune earlier. He and Black Heart (here identified as Noire*) are convening to think of a way to take down Neptune, and he assures her that he's got the situation under control.

The Scheming Solicitor

Few jobs reach the factories of Lastation due to Avenir's monopolization. The party accepts a job from Avenir while they hear a familiar voice... The Moderator (from the Lastation Basilicom) "greets" the girls, acting as a stand-in for their client, who wants them to exterminate the nearby monsters. He doesn't care how or why they do it, just as long as they get it done. The girls are worried that killing so many monsters will drive them to extinction, but that's exactly what Moderator thinks ought to happen anyway.

Warning! The Boy is Violent! (cont.) (skit)

Everyone decides to take a break at a park in Lastation, only to run into Compa's favorite little boy. She tells Neptune and IF about her encounter with the bratty kid, who shows up to tell the girls "his side" of the story...and tries to con them into buying the console. Neptune tries to get the boy to go away by saying that IF will get it for him, and then when that doesn't work, she dares IF to touch Compa's breasts (because theirs are so small in comparison). This touches off a "pervert" setting in the boy's brain, and all he can think about now are Compa's boobies. While he's distracted, the girls make a break for it, hoping that they won't run into him again.

Black Heart's blog gets another update, as does the local quest board:

Whistling in the Wasteland

Client: The Sanctified

Siegfried and Haken are causing trouble on Lastation. They've taken refuge in a cave beneath the wasteland. Please, someone defeat these two delinquents.

Recommended Level: 28

The quest appears to be a bit out of their league, so they head to Mega Storage 3's Monster Storage unit to search for the monsters that Avenir wants them to exterminate. The building seems to be overrun with robots and Hell Vipers. In contrast to the pieces of equipment normally found in the secret treasure chests in other dungeons, IF finds 10 bottles each of Reflex, Gelatin and Detoxin).

The back room contains a four-clawed bird called a Roc. Having taken quite a beating on the way to fight it, the girls stop to take a quick breather for recovery. Luckily, even their lowest-level curatives are able to keep them alive long enough to withstand the Roc's onslaught of attacks.

  • Enemies: Automatic Cannon, Gunner, Hell Viper
  • Treasures: four with a total of 18 Reflex and 5 Detoxin and 5 Tuffmil

They report their success to the client. Despite his courteous demeanor, he still only gives them 1000 credits for the the job (for the record, they got a full 4000 creds after defeating the Roc — these Avenir guys are cheapskates!), and tells them that Avenir intends to use the Roc parts in its next batch of machinery.

Another quest pops up on the quest board, but the team, having slightly more pressing issues at hand, puts it on the back of their "to do" list.

Disastrous Flames

Client: Historian

The seal binding the bird of disaster, Phoenix, broke. I hope nothing bad will happen, but could someone please go take care of it before it causes any damage? It should still be inside the Sealed Ruin.

Recommended Level: 25

Black Shadow Appears Again

The party heads to a dungeon to find a monster civilians have reported seeing. however, it turns out someone else was waiting there for them...

Black Heart is led to the Windy Wasteland to intercept Neptune's party, and she spends most of that time talking to herself about ways to deal with her, going off on a few tangents while trying to remain focused on her mission. (I-it's not like she wants to put on a disguise and cook for Neptune or anything!) Nep's party eventually comes around to meet their plug suit-wearing stalker, and the girls are all rested up and ready to kick Black Heart's butt again.

After her third defeat, Black admits she's not strong enough to take them all on, but not before warning them that "[the] entire landmass" will come after Neptune. She doesn't make it very far before running out of juice and getting glomped from behind by her rival. Neptune asks her for the whereabouts of her white-haired alter ego, not knowing that they're one and the same. She notices that the girl is bleeding and forcibly takes her back to town for treatment.

Mysterious Girl

Compa cares for a beautiful, wounded girl. She seems fine, but she's acting a little strange... The girls offer to send her back to where she came from, but she won't tell them exactly where it is (which may or may not be amnesia-related). Compa lets her stick around for a while, but treats her as a civilian and refuses to let her fight. IF informs the girls that they've got a new job lined up and tells them to get moving right away.

Amnesiac Buddies

The girl the group rescued has amnesia. Neptune forms a bond with her, but the girl doesn't reciprocate. Iffy and Compa leave them alone so they can speak freely. She asks Neptune why they're traveling, and Neptune responds by telling her about her journey to save Histoire. The girl slips in and out of "amnesiac mode", blurting out things that only Lady Black Heart should be able to know ("future-proofing", people saying "she only does everything") before splitting, with her last words being that she wants to be the one to rule over everything if Neptune isn't interested in becoming a goddess and doing more than saving Histoire. Black Heart's sudden departure leaves Neptune saddened and somewhat grumpy...


So Black Heart and Neptune are totally girl-crushin' on one another? Heh.
FreezairForALimitedTime 4th Jan 12
Well, Neptune is pretty glomp- and grope-happy, and Black Heart does exhibit tsundere tendencies (even if it is more "tsun" than "dere")...
WillyFourEyes 6th Jan 12