There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 12: Overlord's Right Hand

Ruler of a Snowy Forest

The team gets a bounty request from Lowee's Central Basilicom. The party heads to a forest where a nasty Troll has taken residence. Financier, representing the Basilicom, doesn't recognize Neptune in her Purple Heart form, so Compa has to try to explain that it's actually her.

They follow the troll's trail to an enclosed part of the snow forest. The area is surprisingly free of Cliones, but has plenty of materials for mixing medicines. The Troll is easily defeated, and leaves behind a body piece for the Martial CPU.

  • Enemies: Zephyranthes, Rock Worm, Ice Fenrir
  • Treasure: Boss' Wood Sword, Reflex x3, Reflex x20 (hidden), Reflex x6, Detoxin x4

As soon as their mission is completed, White Heart transforms and attacks, demanding a rematch. Neptune transforms as well, in order to meet her CPU rival on equal terms. White Heart appears to get the upper hand at first, but Neptune breaks out an EX-Skill - a flashy sword combo which she dubs the "Neptune Break", that shreds White's health down to almost nothing. Sore after getting defeated yet again, she escapes.

A townsperson submits a new bounty request. This time, the target is a Gold Dragon holed up in a tower. Before they go out to do so, team Neptune sees another sidequest on the board waiting to be fulfilled:

Way of Faith

Client: Passionate White Heart Follower

Lady White Heart is so cute... I wanna show how much I care about her by getting rid of the monsters around here. Could someone defeat a Baby Shadow for me? Thanks!

Recommended Level: 15

The girls head back to the tunnel near the Basilicom for the quest. In an early room in the cave, IF discovers the Leg Parts needed to complete Neptune's Frost set. Other than that, there isn't much in the way of treasure to be found, save a Stuffed Snake near the Baby Shadow's lair. The Dragon, still in its infancy, isn't able to dish out much damage

  • Enemies: Rock Worm, Berserker Bunny, Minotaur, Viper
  • Treasures: Frost (L) (hidden), Stuffed Snake

The Tower of Monsters

With that done, they go off to the Bruagga Tower to seek out the Gold Dragon. When they reach the inner sanctum, they discover a heretic, scared out of his mind at the presence of the girls, thinking they're msesengers of the Overlord sent to destroy the world. When he tries to run away, he drops a disc, which Neptune steps on and breaks to spite him. The broken disc releases a Light Dragon, which hardly looks like the Gold Dragon they were contracted to fight. The Dragon is very durable, and is capable of using an attack that lowers its victim's attack strength (but this "Low Tension" ailment has its upside - it takes fewer AP to use skills). Compa uses this to her advantage to help take the dragon down before it can do any more damage. For their efforts, they receive the Overlord's Right Arm.

  • Enemies: Revenant, Bean Nighe. Hraesvelgr, Sea Bat
  • Treasures: Reflex x5, Gelatin x2, Reflex x15 (hidden)


Just so you know, I recently picked up a copy of this game. I haven't actually played it yet, though, mainly because I don't have the equipment to hook my PS 3 up to the internet as of yet. I know that I don't need DLC to enjoy myself, but I hear that much of it is free, and all of it sounds so tempting! Of course, if your tales of adventure and hilarity are anything to go by, I'll have a blast when the time comes. This has been a fantastic liveblog thus far, and I urge you to keep up the marvelous work!
EndarkCuli 13th May 12
A lot of the "free" DLC dungeons that are available are impossible to complete unless you buy the patches that break the level 99 cap.

The only paid add-ons that I'd recommend for enhancing your Neptunia experience are the character-based ones (though I wonder why Idea Factory and Compile Heart didn't just make Nisa and Gust playable from the get-go)...
WillyFourEyes 14th May 12