There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 24: NPC Death Flag Triggered

Griffon Hunting 2 (Quest)

Client: Guild Staff

Witnesses report seeing a Sub Griffon. It might have slightly different attacks and weaknesses compared to normal Griffons. Don't let your guards down.

Recommended Level: 30

The girls continue further up Hirool Castle. They don't much care about the monster's attacks or weaknesses, as their goal is simply to find the monster and achieve the coveted S-Rank for finishing quickly. They are satisfied that the random encounters in Leanbox are starting to catch up with them. They don't waste much time dealing with the Rare Griffon and getting the heck out of there so that they can deal with Jade.

(Note: This side quest dungeon is peculiar, as it's the only one so far that has a second exit. Its significance will be explained very shortly.)

  • Enemies: Chariot, Earth Serpent, Peryton, Ring Dragon
  • Treasure: Reflex x10, Stuffed Bunny, Maid (Bottom) (Hidden)

Aristocrat Mansion Raid

Jade reveals his plan to raid the Aristocrat mansion. The team parts with Green Heart and goes to meet with the Aristocrat leader to warn him. However, while his adopted son is plotting against him, Turquoise is busy cooking. They dance around the subject for a while until Compa just comes out and tells the truth. Turquoise doesn't believe Jade would be so brazen, but he is quickly proven wrong when Jade shows up to enact his plan by chasing them out of the mansion.

Neptune and friends run through the aristocrat mansion, in what appears to be an exact replica of Hirool Castle 3F. Neptune doesn't notice the similarities, as she's focused on getting out of there so that she can give Jade the what-for.

  • Enemies: Chariot, Earth Serpent, Peryton, Ring Dragon
  • Treasure: Detoxin x4, Brisk Qatar [sic], Tuffmil x4, Reflex x4, Reflex x10 + Gelatin x10 (hidden)

They escape to a forest behind the mansion, but Jade catches up to them and explains why he's using the Aristocrats to fight against the Basilicom - to get back at the Archbishop for using the Aristocrats to clean up his mess from the time when he was a young orphan. IF and Compa try to convince Turquoise not to attack the Basilicom, and instead shift his priorities toward reining in Jade.

Legend of a Hero (Quest)

Client: Hero Hideo

Have you heard of Ababab? It's a monster from Lowee that brought disaster a few decades ago. I barely escaped its attack back then after sealing it away, but the seal has weakened. Can someone go defeat it for me?

Recommended Level: 30

The Ababab was sealed in the upper level of the (curiously unsealed) Sealed Ruin. This level has multiple obstructions that need to be broken down with Neptune and RED's hammers, which lead them to some rare and interesting treasures - a Promotion Stamp and a CPU head piece for a Maid outfit.

The Ababab is a giant plant monster, so Compa exploits its natural weakness against fire to help bring it down quickly. Upon its defeat, it relinquishes an Altered Beast disc for Neptune to use.

Enemies: Peryton, Ring Dragon, Tania, Mandragora Treasure: Promotion Stamp, Maid (Head) (hidden), Gelatin x5, Tuffmil x6

On the Run

Jade runs off after a sudden epiphany. The party rushes to catch up with him.

He disappears into a darkened tunnel within the Stella Mine. In a break from dungeoneering tradition, the hidden treasure is located near the entrance of the dungeon, instead of the exit.

  • Enemies: Mandragora, Tyrant, Tania
  • Treasure: Gelatin x2, Reflex x5, Reflex x20 (hidden), Tuffmil x4

By the time they reach Jade, he meets face to face with Arfoire, who had used the name Conversation as an alias, and was working with him to bring down the Basilicom. She punishes him for his failure as only a major villain can, but he gets in a few token (and altogether useless) last words before finally biting the dust. They fight again, and Neptune's team comes out victorious again. Before running off, Arfoire mentions that she had captured Lady Green Heart, leaving the Basilicom under the control of the Archbishop, leaving Leanbox teetering on the edge of a civil war.