There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 19: Heretics on the Offensive

After acquiring the second of the Key Fragments, Neptune and friends move on to Lowee in search of the next fragment, but predictably, they run into even more trouble.

Extremists and the Black Shadow

Some Guild Extremists resort to violence when their faith is questioned. They hide in Lowee's shadows and plot to take down the Basilicom.

Ganache, having grown tired of losing to Neptune, retreats to his Guild Extremist hideout in Lowee. He is confronted by Arfoire, who plans to give him her full support in exchange for attacking the Basilicom head-on. He has a bit of trouble finding her trustworthy, especially when she openly mocks his faith, but reluctantly decides to go along with her plan.

Good Ear (Gust skit)

When Compa drops her change, Gust's secret skill is discovered. Compa thinks she dropped four coins, but Gust says there were actually five. She says that she didn't actually see them drop, but was able to count how many there were simply by listening closely. IF puts this special ability to the test, and is amazed when Gust is not only able to correctly count how many coins she has in her hands, but also where she obtained them.

They find a few more quests to undertake now that they've gained a few levels:

World's Labyrinth F. 2

Client: Labyrinth Researcher

One of our research members was attacked by a monster during our investigation. That giant creature... It must be the ruler of that floor. Please, avenge our comrade!

Recommended Level: 25

The girls head back into the Dis Snow Forest, wondering how a forest can have a second floor. It doesn't take them long to find the boss, a giant centaur-like monster called a Labyrinth. Nisa joins the battle group to prove her worth, and she helps bring the beast down so that the party can complete their job.

  • Enemies: Varpal, Steel Golem, Demonic Crab, Mandragora
  • Treasures: Reflex x6, Snow (Shoulder Parts) (hidden)

Girlfriend's Revenge

Client: Earnest Girl

My crush is literally in love with this game character. I want to cook his favorite seafood curry to make him acknowledge my feelings, but I'm missing an important ingredient. Can someone please get a Piece of Squid for me so I can finish cooking? Please!

Recommend Level: 30

Fittingly, their quarry is on the middle level of a ghost pirate ship. There aren't any bosses to fight, but Remoras, Kraken, and Giant (not really) Crawfish swarm the area as if they own the place. Fortunately, the Krakens were very generous in their random drops and the client was only looking for three Pieces of Squid, making quest completion a breeze.

  • Enemies: Giant Crawfish, Kraken, Remora
  • Treasure: Snow (Waist Parts) (Hidden), Anti-Static Keychain

A Mysterious Monster

Normally, monsters only appear outside of town due to the goddess' divine protection. However...the town where Neptune and her friends are resting is attacked one afternoon, but the guards were unable to alert the townspeople about a monster that appeared out of nowhere. The girls hurry to Dolphin Park to investigate. A Guild Moderatist, who helped chase the monster away, confirms their report.

They get to the center of the park in time to fight an armored Giant Bull. Aside from it being able to take a good deal of punishment, there was nothing out of the ordinary about it - no magic spells, no ability to talk, and no other sorts of enchantments - which disappoints Compa quite a bit, as she was expecting something more freaky. However, she noticed something awkward during their battle - the presence of a Guild Extremist...