There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 23: Not a Trap, but Definitely Another Double-Cross

Unknown Assailant

Enraged by the Evangelist's actions, the group returns to the Basilicom. However, another enemy appears to stand in their way!

Green Heart appears before them as her transformed alter-ego. Even though she straight up tells the party who she is, they still can't tell that she and the Lady Green Heart they met in the Basilicom are the same person. She accuses Neptune of making up the story about her being poisoned in order to bring down the Basilicom from within, and then attacks. After getting smacked around for a bit by the part, Green Heart runs away.

The Unexpected Visitor

A woman suddenly comes to visit Neptune. She has long, blonde hair and a fantastic bust. Who could this voluptuous woman be?

Green Heart, now back in her humanoid form, comes in to visit Neptune and try to get friendly with her, unaware that the two of them had battled not too long ago. She asks to speak privately with Neptune, asking her for a favor regarding something on "her" landmass. Neptune can't do it, insisting that she still has no memories of anything before her fall.

Green Heart is disappointed that Neptune has decided to take sides with the Aristocrats against the Basilicom. IF and Compa try to assure her that Neptune isn't willfully acting hostile toward the Basilicom, and also tell her about what happened between them and Conversation. Compa wants to try and track down the Evangelist so that she can gather more information on why she's doing what she's doing. Green Heart, being the closest person to Conversation, agrees to lend her assistance.

Meanwhile, a request pops up on the quest board.

Search for an Employee

Client: Sundry Shop Owner

One of our employees went missing during a delivery. Can you please go find her for me? I hope she's okay.

Recommended level: 20

The employee was last seen around the second floor of Hirool Castle. The girls search the halls of the castle and find a young girl with bunny ears and a stange-looking knife. It turns out their target is the merchant girl Macaroon from Trinity Universe. A non-combat NPC in her own game, she doesn't put up much of a fight in her battle, and is easily defeated.

  • Enemies: Golem, Hraesvelgr, Demon
  • Treasure: Maid (Shoulders) (hidden)

Can't Stop Thinking About... (skit)

A protective system was stolen from a village surrounded by a ring of light. The group runs into a handsome man whose NPC silhouette looks suspiciously like a certain swordsman/thief. While walking through a forest, he warns them to leave as soon as possible, because someone stole part of a core that operates a protective barrier around the area they're in. Someone else finds the culprit before they can act, but Not!Yuri thanks them anyway before leaving.

Another Betrayal?

The suspicious Evangelist... Through Lady Green heart's research, the party learns the Evangelist is heading toward a dungeon where someone else is waiting. The map takes them back through the Old Trading Way tunnel. Neptune, Compa and IF retake the lead, as they are unsure of what awaits them at the end, and want to have their best team on the front lines in case things go pear-shaped again.

  • Enemies: Serpent, Mist Dragon, Bean Nighe, Fire Dragon
  • Treasure: Reflex x10 (hidden), Tuffmil x4, Detoxin x5, Reflex x6

The girls find Conversation plotting against the Basilicom along with Jade. With the weapons the girls helped him smuggle, he plans to fake an attack on his own home and pin it on the Basilicom to get the Aristocrats fired up and ready to attack. Neptune wants to bash the traitor's skull in, but IF has a different plan - put a stop to the raid before things get really ugly. Green Heart vows to deal with Conversation herself while the girls go after Jade.