There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Interlude 4: Celestia and Something About Legendary Weapons

Truth about Neptune and Her Nemeses

Everyone succeeds in rescuing Histoire. There are many questions, but first, they need a nice place to settle down.

Histoire re-introduces herself and starts talking about Celestia, the realm of the console goddesses. One goddess from the past gave her a portion of her power, in the event that she might try to misuse it. Unfortunately, this power can't be used by herself, and the other goddesses can't do anything to change the balance of the world unless Histoire gives the OK. Said goddess, Arfoire, is using the rash of monster attacks as a means to strike fear into the populace and weaken their faith in the goddesses (and at the same time, weakening the powers of the goddesses so that Arfoire can take over). With no one in Celestia to guard it, Arfoire has stepped in and taken over Celestia.

Before the party can even think of getting near Celestia to challenge Arfoire, Histoire suggests that they try to get the other three goddesses to join the party and help fight this great evil. Histoire then tells the girls the truth about Neptune's past (a fact probably already known by the player at this point) - that she is the CPU of Planeptune.

The Path to Celestia

According to Histoire, Arfoire is in Celestia, where only Goddesses may reside. To find a way for Compa and IF to go too, Histoire suggests a unique plan.

Histoire takes them to a ruin full of records of legendary weapons, and tells them a story of a time before her birth, largely similar to the tale they're experiencing right now. The ancient heroes sealed off the road to Celestia with their weapons in order to keep out any undesirable elements. The records of these weapons (dubbed the "Quartet Arms") are largely lost to the annals of history, and Histoire fears that it will take her a long time to discern their exact whereabouts. She gives the girls a few clues on the locations of these weapons - Planeptune's is in a cave, Lastation's is buried in a field, Leanbox's is in a ruin, and Lowee's is somewhere in a snowy forest. Since the cave on Planeptune is the closest one to their current location, the party heads off there first...

Loud Mouth Gaming Boy (skit)

Everyone meets a boy filled with passion about gaming, but IF finds him a bit disagreeable.

The boy passes the girls while holding a vintage 16-bit gaming console, but it's too old to get it fixed or replaced. He's attached to his old console, but rants against the dubious claims about his being the first "domestic 16-bit console" before walking off. IF and Compare are hardly impressed.

Loud Mouth Gaming Boy Again (skit)

IF and the iothers run into the game-loving boy once more. What'll happen between them now?

The little gaming nerd returns, with IF giving him the nickname "16-bit" from their last meeting. He scoffs at her, saying that he appreciates 32-bit gaming technology as well, with IF responding that the follow-up was a relative failure.

Loud Mouth Gaming Boy Finale (skit)

The boy confronts a game company executive. His harsh words are meant as motivation and love for the company.

The boy, now mockingly called "2D Boy" by IF, returns. Neptune tries to stop the two of them from fighting when she notices a gaming executive entering a car. The boy shouts "Your company SUCKS" to the director, telling Neptune that it's supposed to motivate them to make them better at console making. After the boy leaves, Compa muses: "Wh-what is this melodramatic skit doing in this game...?"