There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 26: Weapon Lured, Part 1: Trinity Blade

The race to unlock the path to Celestia is on, leaving only marginal time for Neptune and friends to level-grind. They are able to find a new challenge on the quest board to undertake. It's slightly above their level, but they decide to take any opportunity they can get to power up before continuing the main quest.

Worst Machine of the Year

Client: Event Coordinator

The annual Worst Machine of the Year is opened to select the crappiest invention for this year. One of the machines has gone out of control. Please stop this rampage.

Recommended Level: 45

The dungeon is surprisingly small and straightforward, with only one path to the end, where the Betelgeuse robot is hiding. For a “crappy robot”, it sure is able to give Neptune a good beating, even when transformed. Luckily, Compa is able to apply a timely Revive Kit to save her, preventing her from getting locked out of a lucrative experience point bonus.

  • Enemies: Wave Cannon, PT-00X-ZL
  • Treasures: Test Chip (hidden)

A strong Clione is also hiding in the dungeon, but since fighting it took longer than it took to beat the Betelgeuse super robot, they decide to skip it and come back later.

Cave of a Legendary Weapon

Planeptune's weapon is inside a cave... Following Histoire's words (and Neptune's intuition), the party heads to a cave. For the first time, they run into a consecutive battle without summoning for it, as they are attacked by a Shadow Dragon after defeating a group of Banshees on their way into the cave.

However, instead of the weapon, they discover an Ancient Dragon, who is also looking for the weapon. After a prolonged battle, the Dragon admits defeat. He gives the girls the grip of the Trinity Blade, a weapon once held by a hero named Yuzusuki. He then mentions that another part of the sword was seen near the Sky Harbor, so Neptune makes that her next destination.

  • Enemies: Choocoboo, Banshee, Shadow Dragon, Devilish Bee
  • Treasures: Reflex x10, Detoxin x5, Tuffmil x3

Sky Harbor and the Hero

The team stands absent-mindedly at the Sky Harbor, the edge of a landmass. There seems to be nothing like what the party is looking for...but they are greeted by a member of Planeptune's Sanctuary, who had stored the cross-guard of the blade just in case someone else came along and knew what to do with it. He continues on, telling them about what happened to Yuzusuki (spoiler alert: he disappeared into a cave after defeating the goddess, and may be holding the final piece to the Trinity Blade).

Hero's Grave

At the underground cave where Yuzusuki spent his last years, an old man awaits Neptune and her friends. He says that the hero's grave was demolished by an earthquake, but somehow his favorite weapon, the Trinity Blade, survived. After hearing that the girls have recovered the other parts of the sword and plan to use it against Arfoire, he gives them the blade...but without the pommel, the sword is still functionally useless. The pommel is believed to be somewhere on Planeptune, so the girls continue their search...

Reputable Elder

Despite IF's frustration, Compa moves to the beat of her own drum. Thankfully, that leads the team right to the final piece of the weapon. Neptune and IF arrive in Yun Mao Square after a lot of wandering, with Compa re-joining them shortly afterwards...after grabbing supplies from her home to prepare for a very long trip. Unbeknownst to her, her grandpa gifted her with the pommel of the Trinity Blade after finding it in his backyard. IF takes the piece from Compa and puts the pieces together, giving the girls the first of their Quartet Arms.

(Author's Note: There's no in-game picture of this new weapon yet, but the sword's blade is depicted as being in the shape of the number “3”, probably just because it looks cool.)