There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 29: Weapon Lured, Part 4: Truth Spear

Snow Forest and Legendary Weapon

The snowy forest in Lowee still chills to the bone, even with the goddess' protection. Despite the frosty air, the party is determined to find the last legendary weapon.

A historian is surveying the area for excavation, and believes that a piece of Miamoato's Trust Spear may be around in the forest somewhere. Compa spots a piece of the spear in the historian's belongings (he knows it's authentic because it's engraved with the Miamoato Seal of Quality), which he's reluctant to give up after finding out he had it with him all along. He mistakenly told them that they could have whatever they wanted from the pile, so they choose the spear piece. Afterward, he mentions that Guild Extremists had gone on a ruin-pillaging rampage, so he says it might be worth their while to raid their hideout while they're gone.

They head off to the Guild Extremist lair, only to find someone from the Moderatist faction performing clean-up after they disappeared. IF notices a parry guard to match the butt-spike they found in the forest. The Moderatist tells them that another piece is likely to be found in a cave somewhere. Compa has had her fill of caves, but realizes that it's the only lead they have to find the next piece of their legendary weapon.

  • Enemies: Green Lurian, Polliwog, Varpal, Red Fish
  • Treasures: Gelatin x10 (hidden), Reflex x4, Gelatin x7

Brain Age Scare (skit)

IF is concerned about her forgetfulness. Compa suggests to train her brain, but the last time Iffy tried it, it said her Brain Age was around 40. Neptune scored 50, and Compa had a Brain Age score of 60. Unimpressed, IF tells them to try playing it again before suggesting it to her.

Singing of Lorelei

Client: Financier

In Lowee, we often hear this beautiful singing coming from somewhere> It's also said to herald impending disaster. I would appreciate you finding the source of this voice and, if necessary, defeat it.

The girls overlooked this dungeon on their last venture into Lowee, so they decide to explore the pirate ship to seek out the source of the eerie singing. They find another CPU part (the first one they've found in a while), and are able to defeat the monster without too much trouble.

  • Enemies: Arch Lindworm, Sahuagin King, Grill Worm
  • Treasure: Reflex x8, Detoxin x4, Snow (Back parts) (hidden)

Immoral Princess

They arrive at a cave in search for a weapon part, but run into a vaguely familiar princess...

A princess named Pear (who in her silhouette is holding up a giant peach) had been waiting for a long time for a certain plumber to rescue her, but she couldn't stand waiting in "a different castle", so she ran off with another man. In exchange for keeping the secret, she gives them the the Trust Spear. Only one piece to the legendary arsenal remains - the spearhead.

Boxing Battle (skit)

Neptune's words infuriate IF. How will they choose to settle their dispute?

When Neptune makes an off-hand remark about IF gaining weight, IF retaliates with some harsh words about Nep-Nep's airheadedness. Compa, desperate to stop a fight from breaking out, chooses to mediate a virtual boxing match. Both of them work up quite a sweat, and manage to forget about their troubles.

World's Labyrinth F.3

Client: Labyrinth Researcher

Looks like this is the deep end of the labyrinth. Let's defeat the ruler of this floor and conquer the labyrinth!

Recommended Level: 25

No one is certain how this area of the labyrinth had gone undiscovered up until now, or why it's much easier than the ones they've explored recently. Nevertheless, they press onward, using as many of the Eject Buttons they can to avoid fighting the damage-sponge Skeleton King, only to run into a Snow Fairy, which is an even bigger damage sponge. The journey was worth it, as they get another CPU piece out of the deal, as well as a great weapon for Compa.

  • Enemies: Vurpal, Devilish Bee, Skeleton King, Red Fish
  • Treasure: Reflex x5, Stone (Head Parts) (hidden), Used Phone Card

The moment they finish the dungeon, another side quest alert pops up, but it's far out of their league, so they leave it alone until much, much later.

Reverse Survival

Client: Broke Student

I used up my life savings on gambling and lost it all... I heard any wish will come true by defeating this fairy monster on one of Lowee's islands. Can you please defeat it and wish for me not to starve to death?

Recommended Level: 80

Miamoato's Partner

With big round eyes and a spiky green shell, a dragon who claims to have been the hero's partner appears in front of the party. Of course, they have to head back into the forest to find him. When they defeat a poison-spewing Dark Dragon in the heart of the forest, they are saddened to learn that it isn't carrying anything. That is, until a talking green dinosaur/dragon pops out in front of them and gives them the spearhead after he learns that they plan to follow in the heroes' footsteps.

  • Enemies: Oni, Ogre, Red Fish, Black Swallowtail
  • Treasure: Reflex x30 (hidden), Reflex x10, Detoxin x10, Tuffmil x10, Gelatin x10