There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 25: Histoire's Release Date Pushed Forward

The End of the Evangelist

The Evangelist Conversation was Jade's accomplice. She was pulling the strings behind the imminent war between the Basilicom and the Aristocrats. Green Heart uses Conversation's sudden disappearance as an opportunity to escape from captivity and meet up with the heroines, who plead with her to try to put a stop to the fighting. Neptune tries to get the attention of the warring factions (usually functions like that are reserved for Leanbox's Archbishop), allowing Green to make an official and definitive end to the conflict. She then asks the girls to go after Conversation/Arfoire while she tends to clean-up duties.

After their chat with Green Heart, the girls see a new quest on the quest board.

Take My Dragon

Client: Dragon Breeder

The dragon I raised is super powerful. To prove its power, I need someone willing to fight it. Bring on the challenge, if you're up for it.

Recommended Level: 35

Having fought the likes of all three rival CPUs has prepared the group for a challenge like this, so they head down to the lower level of the Stella Mines to investigate. The lower level seems to have an alternate exit, as well, and not a whole lot in the way of treasure, so the girls hurry on toward their target, a Bahamut that proves to be more bark than bite.

  • Enemies: Mandragora, Dragon, Tania
  • Treasure: Maid (Waist) (hidden), Tuffmil x8

Neptune's party then tracks the rogue evangelist to the Remnant Tower. They take their time fighting their way through enemies and enjoying the scenery when they run into Arfoire again. After another tough battle, Neptune emerges victorious. In typical villain fashion, Arfoire vows to keep fighting, just before running off and pleading that someday they will meet again.

  • Enemies: Dark Cobra, Butterfly, Ariadne, Garuda
  • Treasures: Reflex x12 + Detoxin x12 (hidden)

A Goddess and Her People

The CPU, Green Heart, reflects on her priorities as the battle subsides. Along with the party, she interrogates the Archbishop regarding his objectives. Archbishop Yvoire tries to explain his side of the story, only to be cut off by Neptune, who tells him everything she heard from Jade before he got killed. Green Heart accepts partial responsibility for what took place, and laments having given Yvoire all of the duties she was supposed to take care of as goddess. She says she knows the location of the final Key Fragment, and she plans to reveal the location to them after one last party together.

Blue Shadow of a Dragon (skit)

A mysterious person approaches the girls while resting under the shade of a... tree?

Nep, Compa and Iffy complain about all of the hot weather they've had lately, so they go to rest underneath a tree to cool off. However, the shadow of the tree looks almost looks bigger than the tree itself. A nondescript NPC mangaka wearing a gas mask tells them that the shadow is that of a dragon, here to protect travelers from the heat. When pressed about what kinds of manga he draws, the man tells them about one of his other "great works" before leaving the girls to their dragon-induced shade.

There's still time before the girls have to meet up with Green Heart for the party, so they go off to explore some more...

Dancing Butterfly

Client: Anti-Parliament Youth

The Parliament is hosting an event to clean out a ruin's monster population. Media from all over the world will report on this occasion. Let's go defeat the monsterse before the Parliament and steal the show!

Recommended Level: 40

IF's Treasure Search fizzles out without detecting anything, so the girls go on and loot the tower dry of any treasures they can find in plain sight. Their opponents at the are two Poison Butterflies, which live up to their name. The Butterflies are also much tougher to kill than most normal butterflies, but only give out the same amount of experience as a normal level 40 enemy.

  • Enemies: Thor, Valkyrie, Lesser Bat
  • Treasure: Reflex x8, Detoxin x10, Gelatin x5, Tuffmil x5

Stargazing Boy

Client: Boy

I saw a ray of light strike the tower while I was looking up at the sky last night. No one believes me. they tell me to stop playing games so much. Please go confirm the truth.

Recommended Level: 40

The girls return to the Remant Tower, the site where they last defeated Arfoire. Their opponent is an Antares, a monster so big the camera has to tilt upward from the ground to properly capture it. With just a few strikes of its mace, it clobbers IF and Compa, leaving Neptune and Nisa to go back and forth to perform clean-up.

  • Enemies: Thor, Arch Demon, Lesser Bat
  • Treasures: Reflex x6, Tuffmil x4, Ring Keychain, Metal (Legs) (hidden)

Leanbox Key Fragment

The party is energized by a clue about the Key Fragment, courtest of Green Heart. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly...

Green heart's tip leads them to yet another familiar-looking ruin. At the end, they meet a familiar-looking Guard Vermin, which they defeat to obtain the fourth and final Key Fragment.

  • Enemies: Thor, Arch Demon, Valkyrie, Lesser Bat
  • Treasures: Gelatin x5, Gelatin x5, Reflex x10, Reflex x10

With all of the Key Fragments in hand, Neptune returns home to Planeptune.

The Real Fear of Being Deaf (skit)

A haunted house using stereophonic sound via headphones... But what's the real reason for the headphones...?

Back in the city, the girls see a lot of folks walking around wearing headphones, almost completely unaware of their surroundings. IF tells the others a story about the one time where she went to a haunted dollhouse and had to wear headphones to experience full stereophonic sound. It felt almost as if the dolls were trying to talk to her...

Histoire's Release

Neptune completes the set of Key Fragments, but still no word from Histoire... To top it off, the party grows aware of one major issue...none of them (not even Histy herself) has any idea where she is. Suddenly, Histoire speaks directly to Neptune for the first time in a while. IF and Compa can now (just barely) also hear a bit of what Histoire is saying because the seal on her has weakned, thanks to the presence of the Key Fragments.

Neptune follows their signal to an ordinary-looking cave, which leads them to a place called the Goddess Ruins, a rundown old shrine that isn't dedicated to any of the particular console goddesses. They scour the dungeon until they find the room containing Histoire's book. Once found, Neptune and Compa work together to assemble the key, and unlocking the book reveals Histoire to be a young girl with fairy wings who ends all of her sentences with emoticons. Histoire tells the girls that there is no Overlord Momus - it was one of many stories cooked up by Arfoire - and that the Arfoires they fought across the other three lands were fakes meant to distract Neptune and mask her true objective. Histoire suggests that they leave the dusty old ruin to find a better place to continue the conversation...

  • Enemies: Army Bee, Black Swallowtail, Dark Rabbit, Fafnir
  • Treasure: Detoxin x5, Gelatin x4, Tuffmil x10 (hidden), Reflex x4, Detoxin x3