There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 27: Weapon Lured, Part 2: Dual Revolver

With the first weapon in hand, the group heads over to Lastation for clues about the next weapon.

Bandit's Treasure

The group wanders around a wasteland seeking one of the weapons, only to run into a strange bandit in a dungeon. They aren't sure what Histoire means when they have to search a field, so they head off for the nearest cave. The Devilish Bees, Terrain Worms and Kuyuthas give them a bit of a scare, but the gold-colored Moon Rabbits feel as if they has been displaced from a much lower-level dungeon.

They fight their way through the enemies and reach the end of the dungeon, where a bandit leader is waiting for them. They try to shake him down for a treasure, but instead he summons a Kaiser Dragon from a disc given to him by Arfoire. The dragon puts up a good fight, but the girls come away with another impressive victory. The bandit is impressed, and gives them a piece of another of the Quartet Arms Kuterogi's Dual Barrel Revolver. He says that members of the former Basilicom may know of the whereabouts of some of the other parts.

  • Enemies: Devilish Bee, Terrain Worm, Moon Rabbit, Kuyutha
  • Treasures: Reflex x5, Reflex x4, Reflex x20 (hidden), Tuffmil x3

The Storage Operation System (skit)

The party finds a strange industrial crane powered by mysterious mechanics in a game company's storage. Neptune's curiosity leads her to want to try operating the thing, but it feels strange for her to operate with so few buttons. Compa likens the simple controls to that of an arcade crane game, which gives IF bad memories for some reason.

Old Basilicom Aftermath

The Sanctuary has returned to the city. Everyone finds out the old Basilicom is now put to use in a surprising being converted into an employment agency to help people find jobs. One of the young men on the unemployment line discovered a gun cylinder while cleaning out stuff from the old Basilicom, but he gives it to Neptune and tells her to seek out the material shop in town for more information on the gun parts.

Informative Material Shop

The party pays a visit to Chevre's shop with the gathered weapon parts to have them identified. He confirms IF's hunch that the parts they have gathered so far belong to Kuterogi's Dual Revolver, which is a really big gun. He pulls out a used trigger and hammer from his stash to complement the two parts they already have. Chevre then goes on to talk about Kuterogi's interest in technology, and that he spent the last years of his life in a frontier town after injuring his leg.

Another quests pops up on the quest board, but it's far above the level of the party. They make a note of it for later, because it comes from a rather familiar source...

Dear Neptune

Client: Ganache

Hello. It's been a while. This is Ganache. We've made some nice tweaks to our previous robot. I'd like to request your party to do a functionality test. Oh, but please sign the waiver beforehand, in case something bad happens...

Recommended Level: 55

Hero's Casket

Another cave is said to hold the last part of the Dual Revolver. One warrior stands guard over the weapon and greets everyone upon their arrival. The dungeon is much larger than the ones they traveled through earlier, so it takes them a while to find her. Unfortunately, the guard isn't happy to see them at first, branding the girls as thieves out to steal the treasure. Neptune tries to explain their purpose for gathering the weapons, and to their surprise, she actually gives the last piece of the weapon up to them.

  • Enemies: Kuyutha, Rafflesia, Peach Swallowtail, God Dragon
  • Treasures: Reflex x5, Tuffmil x4, Gelatin x10 (hidden), Reflex x3, Tuffmil x2

Archnemesis Appears

Arfoire, their nemesis, appears again. Will they settle things once and for all? (Yeah right!) She's learned of the party's plot to assemble the Quartet Arms, and is trying to run interference. Unlike the clones they've faced up until now, this Arfoire swears she's the real deal. Neptune and her group decide to settle things quickly, even though they know it wouldn't be quite as cool or dramatic at this point, especially because they only have two of the weapons they need (and because there's still 25% more of the game to complete). By now, the girls are aware of most of Arfoire's tricks after having battled her clones so many times, so they are able to withstand her attacks and come through on top once again.