There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 14: The Grumpiest Goddess of Them All, Part 3

Bed Sharing (Red skit)

Lowee is a land buried in snow year-round, and Red is troubled over its extremely cold nights. She plans to keep warm by sneaking into the bedrooms of her new companions, but can't decide which room to pick, so she picks a number at random only for IF to inform her that she chose her own bed anyway.

And now, back to the plot:

That's What You Call a Father!

Evil hands force a father and daughter apart, but our heroine won't let injustice slide. Go, heroine! Never lose! No matter your flatness!

The two jerk brothers from before try to kidnap a restaurant owner's daughter to increase their own revenues. Nisa swoops in and clobbers the duo (who still can't resist cracking jokes about her petite figure), but goes way overboard and scares the girl she's trying to rescue. Another monster attempts to attack the town, but this time, Compa and IF beat it before Nisa can do anything.

Another Attacker

While the party continues to fight monsters, the hands of the Overlord begin to cast shadows over Gamindustri...

The girls are lured into Dis Snow Forest, and are caught by Arfoire, who claims to be a messenger for Overlord Momus. The girls engage the witch in a tough, drawn-out battle. After a few retries, Neptune and friends overcome this new challenger, obtaining a Momus Stamp from her. 5pb and Red gain a bunch of levels just sitting by and watching them, becoming combat-ready almost overnight.

Monster Bounty (skit)

Neptune and friends travel to the Shroom Kingdom, where they meet a giant, angry turtle named Wowser (King of the Woopa Twoopa), who hates mushrooms. A pair of twins runs after Wowser, who leaps away like a frog.

Capture the Newtype

A white shadow crosses with the team once more. Neptune's fate, mixed with her lost memory, follows her every move. The girls vow to capture White Heart this time, and are fully prepared to take her on after the beating they took at the hands of Arfoire earlier. After wearing her down, Nep and IF try to interrogate her, but she doesn't stick around long enough to tell them anything useful.

A Quiet, Lost Girl

The party rescues a girl lost outside of a dungeon. Neptune struggles to find a way to reach the girl's closed heart.

After running away from the party once again, White Heart finds herself alone and hungry, without a way to return to the Basilicom. She blames all of her troubles on Neptune's interference, and tries to slink away when Nep's party discovers her. They aren't having it, so they wrap her up and take her back to their base. White refuses to say anything after she's captured, so IF kicks her and Nep out to have some alone time (similar to the events where she made "friends" with a seemingly amnesiac Black heart earlier).

The two girls pass a crepe shop on their trip, and White lets it slip that Nep used to be a goddess, but was never any good at it because she doesn't like responsibility. She then bluntly says it's better for her if she didn't regain her old memories.

The Inevitable Battle

Monsters continue to mercilessly ravage the land of Lowee. Leaving the girl behind, the party heads to a new dungeon. Compa suggests that White come along with them, but without her powers, IF says that she's as useless as Compa's giant syringe. The team heads off to a suspicious forest, where the enemies finally seem to have caught up with the party's level. The monsters are being led by a menacing Ubelluris, who appears at first to be more than a match for the team, but is eventually defeated without Neptune having to transform. The beast leaves behind another piece of Martial CPU gear (the legs this time), which Nep gleefully adds to her inventory.

  • Enemies: Mandragora, Varpal, Demonic Crab
  • Treasures: Reflex x15, Detoxin x5 (hidden) Reflex x9 (2 chests), Gelatin x3

But no sooner do they celebrate their victory that White Heart transforms and attacks them yet again. After another crushing defeat, White Heart gets into an argument with Neptune, calling her a coward and other such insults before Nep finally decides she's had enough and leaves.