There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 18: Key Party

CPU Black Heart

Black Heart invites the girls into her chamber. Neptune recognizes her as the semi-amnesiac girl the party rescued earlier, and she and the others are surprised that the goddess looks barely as old as them. She attributes her youthful appearance to goddesses not aging. Preferring to dispense with the formalities, she takes a guess as to why Neptune and her friends are there in the first place - to seek out strong monsters and find the key fragments to rescue Histoire from captivity. Black Heart still doesn't quite know what Neptune is talking about, but she is able to provide some information that might lead them to one.

Search On! (skit)

While out in the field at night, Neptune and company run into a man dressed as a police officer and wielding a large gun. He claims to be from S.R.A.T.S., and tells the girls to get out of the way, lest they get eaten by zombie dogs. More Resident Evil references ensue, and the strange man runs off.

Leanbox pulls within terraportation distance as the girls are chatting with the goddess, so they make that their next destination.

For Our Friend (Gust skit)

Gust knows exactly what is needed to save her poisoned ally, but her abilities are at their limits. However, Gamindustri has not forsaken her quite yet... Compa suggests that Gust take her friend to Planeptune's General Hospital, but Gust says she can't get there fast enough to save her friend. She asks them for help in finding an ingredient to help complete her potion - an Erde Crystal (basically crystallized magma). The girls split up and eventually find the crystal underground, after Compa coaxes her into transforming so that she can survive the ultra-hot temperatures. Gust is overjoyed, and goes off to complete her potion...

This is My Calling (Nisa skit)

Nisa appears in a time of crisis! She decides on her path after a fierce battle.

Monsters are continuing to attack villages, and the team is doing their best to fight them off, but more and more keep coming. Suddenly, Nisa arrives on the scene and asks for their help in fighting off another monster, but worries that they're overextending themselves. Neptune explains their mission to her, and after hearing they're fighting for peace, love and justice and all that jazz, she decides to tag along for a while.

The girls head off to Planeptune to check up on Gust...

Her Dream (Gust skit)

The party's influence on Gust was subtle, but significant. For herself and her dream, what path will she take?

Gust now wants to join the party, as thanks for helping her find ingredients. Compa tells her that the journey might be dangerous for her, with all of the weird pale-faced girls wandering around and stalking them, but Gust says she's not afraid. Neptune and IF are happy to welcome Gust to their ever-growing squad.

Nisa and Gust, like Red and 5pb before them, start out at level 1 when they first join the party. Unlike those two, however, you can only make them playable by purchasing their battle tickets from the in-game store (which first have to be purchased from the PSN store...) They also have special passive abilities that the other two don't have. With Gust in the party, everyone gets a 30% discount on all items sold in the store, from potion ingredients to weapons, armor and other accessories.

Nisa's passive ability is more useful, despite its lack of any kind of explanation within the context of the game. She lets you know how many "shares" each of the four particular lands have, which fluctuate based on where you clear events and dungeons. A high "share" rating is necessary to view the events needed to getting each of the three CPU goddesses on your side. These little meters used to only show up after completing a dungeon, but can be viewed anytime from the menu or when selecting a dungeon.

Right now, Lastation has the most shares, with Lowee a close second - hence all the major happenings between those two lands in the last set of posts, and almost nothing on Leanbox or Planeptune, which have almost no shares.

Another note: if there are more than six characters in a party, the rest of them have to sit in the "EX" slot. Those in the "EX" slots don't get any Leaked Experience like the ones on the front and back lines do.

Lastation Key Fragment

With a full group of characters on the battle line, everyone heads back to Lastation to check out the area Black Heart told them about. Nisa and Gust, in no condition to fight, hang out in the back lines to watch Neptune and her friends so that they can get enough experience to meaningfully contribute. The girls notice something weird is going on when the boss music plays during their normal battles, but the standard dungeon battle music starts up when they fight the Clione.

Sure enough, when they get close to the boss of the area, "Transformed" White Heart accosts the party again, supposedly for one decisive duel. White has learned a few new tricks since their last encounter, but the combined strength of Neptune's forces once again prove to be too much for her.

The Guard Vermin (the actual boss of the dungeon) proves to be formidable itself, utilizing an attack that paralyzes the entire party, causing their attacks to sometimes fail. Neptune and her friends consume a lot of potions trying to withstand their paralysis, holding out long enough to defeat the monster and obtain one of the Key Fragments Neptune was looking for. The monster also left behind a Black Keychain, whose purpose remains unknown for the time being.

  • Enemies: Death Hornet, Bean Sidhe, Cerberus, Magitek Soldier
  • Treasures: Reflex x6, Black Cat Ears (hidden), Reflex x4, Reflex x5, Gelatin x6, Detoxin x2, Gelatin x7