There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 10: The Grumpiest Goddess of Them All, Part 2

Legendary Overlord

Lowee's Evangelist greets the trio. She mentions the existence of an Overlord who is rumored to be stronger than a goddess. Can her words be trusted...?

The Evangelist comes in and talks to them about Overlord Momus, one of the sources of the monsters within the area, and warns that they'll face harsh judgment for trying to defeat him (supposedly because the original goddess had trouble sealing him away, and the others ran away like scared children).

Item Selling Girl

Compa struggles making the medicine to treat Neptune's sniffles. This leads to a chance encounter between the party and a small little girl.

While Compa and IF argue over how to correctly make the medicine, Gust, a young girl with a bunny hat and a habit of occasionally speaking in third-person, barges in to show them how it's done. Using her mad Atelier skillz, she whips up a potion from her own special stash of ingredients that seems to do the trick. She offers it to Compa and IF for a price, since it's the only way she can make money in this tough economy.

After Nep recovers from her slight cold, the girls go off to do some more quests:

Proof of Purchase

Client: Traveling Merchant

I was attacked by a Capricorn and it stole my Purchase Permit for a certain product... Can someone go steal it back?

Recommended Level: 10

Aboard the derelict Schooner TYPE-AL, Neptune finds a chest with Stone CPU Leg parts. They slow her Purple Heart form down considerably, but confer a greater resistance to Earth elemental attacks than the Grand Heart CPU parts do. Finding the Purchase Permit is easy, as it was being carried by a regular enemy, rather than a dungeon boss.

  • Enemies: Knight Craw, Leviathan, Capricorn, Dagon
  • Treasures: 10 Gelatin, Stone Leg Parts (hidden)

Ancient Medal

Client: Medal Collector

You've heard of rare ancient medals found on Lowee's islands, right? I'm a collector of those medals and I heard one of them is in the tower. I can't go there, since it's teeming with monsters. Can someone find the medal for me?

Recommended Level: 7

The girls head off to the lower level of the Bruagga Tower. They only have one to find this time, but it does'nt appear to be a random drop, so they search every room of the dungeon until they find it. IF's treasure sense, which normally uncovers CPU parts and rare weapons, leads them to the medal the collector is looking for.

Enemies: Concord, Bat, Yeti Treasure: Ancient Medal (hidden)

Mysterious Invasion

The party treks to a dungeon mentioned by Financier, White Heart's loyal chamberlain. Who will they run into next?

Financier's tips lead them to a floor on the Bruagga Tower known as the Infested Tower. The boss at the end is a fire-elemental Hot Dog. Compa uses some of her ice magic (specifically, the Iceman disc she created at the beginning of the gmae) to help speed things along. For their trouble, they receiving a pair of ironic gifts, considering the source - a Penguin Land magic disc, and an Ice Bullet to round out their elemental arsenal.

After defeating the boss, White Heart (currently in CPU mode and carrying a large axe) challenges Neptune to a fight. She orders Compa and IF to stay back, but they refuse to back down, on account of them being a party and all. When White Heart is defeated, she blames her loss on her not having recovered all of her powers, and disappears.

  • Enemies: Yeti, Bat, Concord
  • Treasures: 2x Reflex (9), Tuffmil (20) (hidden), Gelatin (3)

So far, Neptune has managed to draw the ire of two of three goddesses. How much longer will it be until Green Heart turns on her, too? And how much longer will she have to use the Armas test model laser blade until she can get an actual working sword? Find out the answers to these questions and more (eventually) on future episodes of Hyperdimension Neptunia!