There's a Nep for That (or: WillyFourEyes plays Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Willy Four Eyes

Chapter 16: The Heretic Hunters

Pursuing the Heretic

The group brainstorms a way to defy Avenir as Chian takes care of preparations. They head out to locate heretics purged, or exiled, by the Basilicom's Sanctuary [erm, this should be Parliament]. Despite IF's best efforts, she can't get a hold of them.

While IF ponders her next move, Compa says that an old man is being attacked by creatures outside of town.

Aspiring Game Creator (skit)

Everyone befriends an aspiring game creator one night in Lastation.

While Neptune prepares to take a bath before going to sleep, she is interrupted by a young man named Zack Unfair, who is unemployed but wants to become a game creator (and also likes peach pie). One of his favorite games is GG7, of which IF also seems to be a fan.

They take a look at the quest board, and find that they're finally of a high enough level to take on a few more quests.

Disastrous Flames

Client: Historian

The seal binding the bird of disaster, Phoenix, broke. I hope nothing bad will happen, but could someone please go take care of it before it causes any damage? It should still be inside the Sealed Ruin.

Recommended Level: 25

  • Enemies: Fire Dragon, Bean Nighe, Sea Bat, Hraesvelgr, Phoenix (boss)
  • Treasures: Heroine Stamp, Blaze (Body Parts) (hidden)

Neptune and friends plow through the dungeon with little trouble, obtaining an Alex Kidd magic disc and some parts for the Blaze CPU while out exploring.

Operation Bounty

Client: Moderator

Witnesses have sighted multiple Augustuses in Massive Storage 5. We need someone to go take care of them, as they can be quite dangerous. Anyone out there confident enough to take this job?

  • Enemies: Augustus, Dragoon
  • Treasures: Reflex x6, Blaze (Shoulder Parts) (hidden), Lastation Stamp

Recommended Level: 27

The Augustuses prove to be easy to defeat, but hard to locate, as the party keeps getting interrupted in their hunt by mechanical Dragoons. Neptune realizes that her Neptune Break skill hits multiple enemies, so she uses it to try to finish their job quickly, as the Augustuses often come in packs of two at a time. They also find the shoulder parts for the Blaze CPU, making two complete elemental CPU sets.

Alchemy Helper

Client: Student Alchemist

Our next assignment is to create a Ruby Prism. I need a Giant's Soul, which is only fuond inside the body of a Deity Megalith. Anyone want to help me get this?

Recommended Level: 25

  • Enemies: Micro Burst, Guardian, Automatic Cannon, Deity Megalith (boss)
  • Treasures: Triple Edge (hidden)

The girls run into the same group of foes they fought inside the abandoned storage facility. The only one that isn't at all familiar to them is the Deity Megalith, a giant mechanical golem which packs quite a punch, but only seems to attack once per turn, as opposed to two per turn like most enemies. They defeat it and turn in the Giant's Soul for their reward.

For Our Goddess

Client: Planeptune Guild Extremist

I admit we were wrong... We can't gain faith by forcing people to migrate here. It's only going to upset Lady Purple Heart... I know we shouldn't ask, but will you please help take care of our released monsters?

Recommended Level: 25

  • Enemies: Mist Dragon
  • Treasures: Cardboard (Waist parts) (hidden), reflex x3, Detoxin x3

The girls find their target right near the entrance, but before they fight the Mijaguji, IF's Treasure detector finds a Cardboard CPU waist part. Neptune wonders if it's a joke, but finds out that the parts make her CPU form stronger when she puts them on, at the expense of less durability (because duh, cardboard...)

Whistling in the Wasteland

Client: The Sanctified

Siegfried and Haken are causing trouble on Lastation. They've taken refuge in a cave beneath the wasteland. Please, someone defeat these two delinquents.

Recommended Level: 28

The Cyclops are tough, but the Tsuchinokos go down easily to Neptune Break. The dark knights Siegfried and Haken are quite troublesome, as they have to be fought as a pair. Compa and 5pb aren't 100% for the battle, leaving it up to IF and RED to put them in their place. Red gets knocked out, but IF and Nep pick up the pieces, along with a Cardboard back piece, and Overlord Momus' Left Arm.

  • Enemies: Tsuchinoko, Cyclops, Peryton
  • Treasures: Reflex x6, Cardboard (Back parts) (hidden), Overlord's Left Arm

Strangely, 5pb is still able to do her radio show despite being a member of Neptune's party. After she reads off the "thank you" letters sent to her for the party's exploits, they get a request from Sir President Stringer that they can't fulfill yet, so they mark it down for later and head off to the Heretic's Cave. They find one of the older Heretics holed up in a room on the east side. He says that the heretic group relocated to Colline, the site of the old Basilicom. He was waiting for a messenger to help his group find salvation, but still has yet to show up.

  • Enemies: Tsuchinoko, Peryton
  • Treasures: Reflex x6 (2 chests), Detoxin x5, Tuffmil x5, Studded Bracelet (hidden)