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16th Jun, 2019 02:24:38 PM

I think it's the kind of thing that has to be taken case by case, but yeah, if the usual editors of Benson don't want it there, they'd be justified in taking it down. Edit-bombing of pages of shows you don't watch, and I imagine the overlap there isn't huge, is, ah, impolite.

16th Jun, 2019 02:38:29 PM

I like Name's the Same, but the biggest draw for me is the cross-media subpages because they're kinda funny to read, so that could be moved to JFF with nothing of value lost tbh.

As for this problem itself, yeah, we need some sort of standards on this sort of thing. I personally only do it if it's something I think could be legitimately confusing, or if the note is funny.

16th Jun, 2019 04:59:13 PM

It strikes me as more of an etiquette issue. That and just — know your audience, read the room. Don't make a joke for its own sake on a page where 90% of the people who would get it probably aren't ever going to read it.

16th Jun, 2019 10:52:04 PM

The note was added to Benson about four years after the page was created, by Bob Riddle, who otherwise did not contribute to the page at all.

So this was definitely just someone stumbling upon a page and inserting this note because they thought it would be funny.

11th Jul, 2019 06:17:12 PM

Found another obnoxious one, this time on Judy Garland's page.

Don't confuse the actress with the Big Bad of Final Fantasy I, everyone. Because that's totally a thing that could happen.

11th Jul, 2019 06:56:05 PM

I'm going to concur that, yeah, that sort of thing just seems annoying.

Fighteer MOD
12th Jul, 2019 06:23:37 AM

Tasteful editing is often beyond the ken of many a user. Those "disambiguation" entries should be relevant and there should be a reasonable chance someone might confuse the items in question.

12th Jul, 2019 10:23:31 AM

^ Alright, with that in mind I'm just going to start cutting these whenever I find them.

Looks like someone already got the Judy Garland one.


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