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NTC3 is a Russian-Australian troper who has found this site circa 2011, and lurked for another year before finally making an edit. Fast forward to present, when I'm active more often than not and try to contribute as much as possible to the wiki. My activity here generally boils down to these things:

  • Adding obscure movies/games/novels that didn’t already have their own page on the wiki.
  • Crosswicking the works I like or whose pages I have created (not always same thing.)
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  • Namespacing, de-nattering and putting into alphabetical order the trope pages while crosswicking.
  • Adding images to any work page without them, regardless of perceived quality. If it needs one, it’ll get one from me.

Sometimes I will also write quite lengthy reviews when I have time and feel like it, though this isn't very often.

     Things I have done so far (last updated in 2014) 

And loads more stuff since I last updated this in 2014.


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