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Hi there!

I'm just another young American troper.

When I started out on this wiki, I was mainly interested in internet series. My earliest contributions showed a leaning towards internet memes like Sans Gaming or works that had undergone Memetic Mutation like Kahoot!.

But early 2018, I became interested in anime and Indian animation after getting into Ninja Hattori (again due to Memetic Mutation). Around October I got into Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. I became a fan of Chinese animation and other Asian Animation. I still enjoy Western Animation just as much, though.


I tend to edit or create pages for obscure foreign cartoons, ones that very few Americans have heard of. I want to make pages for a lot more of those shows (particularly the ones by Fujiko Fujio, Creative Power Entertaining, and the Indian equivalents of the big three. I might enjoy those shows even if they aren't well-liked in their home countries, like Simple Samosa (yeah, that show's a trainwreck, but I like it anyway).

I also create pages for notable Long-Runners, a few notable Musicians, games, etc. that somehow don't have pages, like Oyako Club, Luis Fonsi, PGA Tour and Maths Mansion. I want to try giving some Artists pages, but I haven't done that yet.

I still create pages on Web Original media like BroFilms. I know that I'll never give every Web Original work a page because there are just so many works on the wide internet. But I'll do my best to create some.


Other pages are just random and out-of-the-blue decisions of mine like the Health Hotline page. Don't ask me why I made that.

On the Lumper vs. Splitter debate, I used to be a splitter who wanted to give everything its own page. But since then, my attitude has changed, and now I'm usually a lumper who thinks everything's neater on one page. Depending on the work and its trope count, you might be able to convince me that a split is justified.

I have a tendency to make pages really quickly if I don't actually know a work all that well, like Happy Family or Mole's World. I also almost never crosswick my examples, but hey, 2.0 will do that for me one day.

I frequent Ask The Tropers and some of the forum projects. I just like seeing what's going on elsewhere on the wiki. I think I spend more time reading those sections (along with checking/reading my watchlist) than I spend actually reading the wiki.


Finally, I inexplicably became friends with Spark Plug The Troper because we were both fans of the obscure Indian cartoon Simple Samosa and we talked about it in the Lost Media Wiki Discord server together. We both knew of each other before we met, though. We have quite a few interests in common and we often work together on this wiki (for instance, we both want to Trope Overdose Doraemon, Happy Heroes, and Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf).

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