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AgentParadox from Neither here nor there. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jan 19th 2019 at 4:36:59 AM

Any suggestions for additions to the Lake Guardians article are welcome.

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Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow.
Jan 19th 2019 at 5:26:50 PM

I have 1968 as the birth year of Professor Birch. In the original Ruby and Sapphire he is 35, which would suggest a 1968 birth date given the games came out in the US in 2003. This would make him 50 now.

Oak was born in 1951, and was 10 when he traveled to 2002 (the year 4Ever was released in the states) thanks to Celebi. Upon return to 1961, he continued his Pokemon journey for a few more years. In 1969 he began attending college and protesting a losing war Kanto was involved in. Early that year before going into college he met a girl, with whom he had a son (Gary's eventual father) later that year.

This info I plan to incorporate into my 20th Century history.

AgentParadox from Neither here nor there. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jan 21st 2019 at 2:49:32 PM

I like the additions you're making. However, you'll probably want to take liberties with Oak's age, as he is young enough in the games to be Gary and Daisy's father, yet is inexplicably their grandfather. Blue/Gary is 10 in the 1st gen, where Oak is stated to be 47 (13 and 50 in the 2nd gen). An age gap of 37 years? Okay then... Meanwhile, Daisy's age isn't stated, but she's obviously quite a bit older than Gary, so that only raises more questions as to how old Oak and his son each were when they became parents. If Gary was the only child, you could have an 18-year-old Oak being parent to a child, and then his own son being 18 or 19 when Gary was born, making Professor Oak 36 or 37, which isn't too unbelievable. However, add Daisy to the equation, plus her vague older-teen-or-is-she-young-adult age, and you either have teen pregnancy or... something FAR worse...

I should probably mention that there's a 36 year gap between me and my... father, not grandfather, so that only makes Prof Oak's age even more inexplicable.

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Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow.
BackSet1 A Change from Better to Worse from The Archipelago Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
A Change from Better to Worse
Jan 21st 2019 at 4:41:06 PM

There's always the possibility oak is a... er... Step-Grandfather?

"That would be stupid. We're not going to do that."
Jan 21st 2019 at 7:50:42 PM

[up][up] There is an explanation given by someone working on a fan manga of the Pokémon anime that gave his interpretation on the matter. note 

Jan 21st 2019 at 10:18:54 PM

I have some suggestions for the Froakie Line article:

A popular early video game revolves around trying to get a Froakie to cross a road and river safely.

A popular adult cartoon series features a show-within-a-show where entire episodes consist of a Frogadier hypnotizing the audience, getting viewers to praise said Frogadier. It is implied that the parent show's protagonist is immune to the hypnotic effects, as he says in one episode that the show started going downhill in season 3.

Jan 21st 2019 at 10:29:30 PM

1964: A Kalosian rock group named The Squirtles (despite the Pokemon not being native to Kalos) takes the world by storm. Appearances on a popular Kantonian variety series help the band's popularity soar. Over the ensuing 6 years, The Squirtles have many #1 singles and albums, and made 4 movies, 2 of them live-action with a comedic plot, a third being animated, and the last being a documentary about the making of their final album, albeit recorded before their next-to-last (and it features a rooftop concert to boot).

AgentParadox from Neither here nor there. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jan 22nd 2019 at 1:56:45 PM

Are there any additions that can be made to the Lake Guardians page (for example, the "other" section)?

Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow.
Jan 22nd 2019 at 3:33:48 PM

[up] Well, my knowledge of the Lake Trio goes like this:

Mesprit does not stay in Lake Verity that often; it will flee from its home and force the trainer trying to catch it to go on a wild goose chase. The other two will, however, stay in their lairs at the Lakes.

Anime implies that they choose a person that matches their personality as their "human connection" when the world is about to go to chaos. Mesprit chooses Dawn for her empathy with Pokémon, Azelf chooses Ash for his strong will to protect Pokémon, and Uxie chooses Brock for his knowledge of Pokémon. The evidence of their choosing is their projected soul appearing before their chosen person when they get near the Lakes.

Adventures does the same thing. Mesprit chooses Diamond for his emotional control, Azelf chooses Pearl for his strong unbending will, and Uxie chooses Platinum for her great wisdom.

It's a recurring theme that should be mentioned.

Jan 22nd 2019 at 5:11:08 PM

I can tell you Legendary and Mythical Pokemon have been the subjects of popular music in the Pokemon World since at least he 20th century, influencing not only 1960s psychedelia but also heavy metal in later decades, among other genres.

Arceus is praised or at least mentioned in religious music in the Pokemon World.

AgentParadox from Neither here nor there. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jan 23rd 2019 at 2:09:31 PM

I've added in about Mesprit's roaming tendencies and the Guardians' tendency to choose human connections.

However, I feel I should mention that Arceus, despite having created the universe, hasn't been revered as a deity in the same way as the Christian God has, whereas Pokémon like Rayquaza and Necrozma have instead received deity reverence. Arceus has heavy roots in Eastern creation stories, where it basically created the world and then walked away, so to speak. But I digress.

Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow.
Jan 23rd 2019 at 2:30:06 PM

Given that Detective Pikachu did say "OMG!" and that there are so many top creator deities featured in real-life religions beside the Judeo-Christian God, I think we shouldn't shoehorn in Arceus into every fantasy religion of Pokémon if it isn't well known by the people of the Pokémon World. Maybe speculations, but nothing like "Oh My Arceus" except maybe in Sinnoh.

AgentParadox from Neither here nor there. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jan 23rd 2019 at 3:03:50 PM

That's very true. I mean, people who believe that the Big Bang created the universe don't say "Oh my Big Bang!" (At least, not to my knowledge.)

As a little aside, I'd planned to have the mention of U/M/A being seen (or reported) in Hoenn, and that they each have a favoured time of day you'll be likely to see them. (Uxie at twilight, Mesprit during the day, and Azelf at night.) But I'm not sure how best to word it.

Edited by AgentParadox on Jan 23rd 2019 at 11:33:23 AM

Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow.
Jan 23rd 2019 at 6:04:14 PM

Surprised it wasn't OMA that Detective Pikachu said.

I hope we get news on G8 soon

I'll probably be taking on some of the new mammalian Pokemon introduced.

New addition to the 20th Century timeline:

1974: The sitting governor of Kanto resigns as a result of a political scandal involving the coverup of a hotel break-in. A reference to Watergate and Richard Nixon's resignation.

Jan 23rd 2019 at 7:48:33 PM

[up] Oh, we're doing real life parallels then? Heh, I'm not so sure if that can correlate with fantasy, optimistic view that Pokémon emphasize. You know about Kanto from the original games. It's based on the real-life Kanto, Japan. But there's one major difference:

It's based on how Satoshi Tajiri remembered Kanto before mass urbanization turned into the mega city of Tokyo. Where there are lots of forests, fields and ponds for young Satoshi to go out hunting bugs. In fact, Pokémon is Satoshi's attempt to recapture that feeling he felt as a child and give to a generation who never experienced outdoor bug hunting. Keep that in mind.

But if I were to include a real-life event parallel in the Pokémon World, it would be the Lost Decade era of Japan. Where the stock market crash and Japan's economy tanked. If we were to consider Pokémon Red and Blue to take place in late 1990s, specifically 1996-1997, then it might explain why a lot of trainers' fathers are missing and why Team Rocket is powerful. And yes, I am taking notes from Takeshi Shūdo for this scenario, why do you ask?

rmctagg09 The Wanderer (he/him) from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer (he/him)
Jan 23rd 2019 at 10:19:32 PM

Allusions to historical events in individual PEFE articles is one thing, but a whole 20th Century of the Pokémon world plus actual bios for characters is a bit outside the scope of the project, since that's going more into fic than encyclopedia territory, and our purpose is to be a base for further fiction instead of something that constrains.

(And in keeping with that, defined dates for the subjects of PEFE articles are almost always a no-no.)

@Lake Guardians: I would add their Cave of Being and Nameless Cavern appearances to Sightings.

Edited by rmctagg09 on Jan 23rd 2019 at 1:48:13 PM

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite. "The wheel will turn ever more, but I see pain. I see victory, but pain.
Jan 24th 2019 at 5:36:59 AM

I want to claim dibs on reworking the Sentret line, since there is a lot of missing info.

AgentParadox from Neither here nor there. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jan 24th 2019 at 9:09:09 AM

The new sighting information is now added.

@pf9 I agree that the Sentret article is very rough, and could do with a rework. Plenty of information just isn't there, such as Sentret and Furret's height and weight, a bit on their general behaviour, the regions where they can be found and why they are found there, more detail on their social structure and Courting/Childrearing habits...

Edited by AgentParadox on Jan 24th 2019 at 5:11:48 PM

Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow.
Jan 24th 2019 at 12:39:49 PM

I've always thought that mammalian Pokemon were the best kind of Pokemon, since mammals are the best animals. You should know, we're mammals too.

I'd like to see a Pokemon based on humans. We have humanshape Pokemon, but I don't think there is a true human Pokemon.

Jan 24th 2019 at 12:41:51 PM

And when the day comes we start doing the Eevee family, I'd like to take part, in particular doing the courting and childrearing section.

BackSet1 A Change from Better to Worse from The Archipelago Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
A Change from Better to Worse
Jan 24th 2019 at 2:03:38 PM

Bit late but Oh My God makes sense in pokemon. I mean, real life "God" has a million different names.

"That would be stupid. We're not going to do that."
Jan 24th 2019 at 3:55:25 PM

I want to add some pop culture items to the Pikachu line article:

A Pikachu is one of the stars of a long-running cartoon series created by a duo who went on to create their own television animation studio. This series features a Pikachu outwitting a Meowth who attempts to eat him. Supporting characters include a Granbull and his Snubbull pup, a Ducklett who gets into all sorts of trouble, and a nephew in the form of a Pichu who also gets into all sorts of trouble.

Another long-running cartoon series features several various Pikachu characters, including a cute one who always seems to have a cold, a duo from Castelia City, and a Mexican-sounding one who is very, very fast.

A Kanto media company which began as an animation studio has a Pikachu named Petey as its mascot, who celebrated his 90th birthday recently. He is often seem with a female Pikachu.

A superhero Pikachu was the mascot of another, lesser-known animation studio.

A more recent TV cartoon stars two genetically-engineered Pikachu who scheme to take over the world. They got their start on another TV cartoon that had something of an anthology format.

The animation studio founded by the duo that created the Meowth and Pikachu cartoon mentioned above had several Pikachu characters of its own. These include a talking Pikachu duo often at odds with a talking Meowth, a detective Pikachu who partners with a detective Meowth and reportedly inspired an actual Pikachu to learn English and become a detective himself, and a country Pikachu who feuds with a neighbor Meowth.

(this comment will not be added to the article: Fun fact: I went to school with someone related to Joe Barbera.)

Petey Pikachu's home studio also featured other Pikachu characters, including a bunch of Pikachu working on a dress for a downtrodden princess, and another detective Pikachu that may have inspired the actual Pikachu detective.

A 1980s animated film series featured a Jewish Pikachu and his family emigrating to Unova.

A female Pikachu is one of many guest characters in a racing video game starring one of the protagonists of a video game series where primate Pokémon are the protagonists.

A popular platformer features a boss in the form of a Pikachu who tosses bombs at the player, who must use them to damage said boss. It was a reworking of another platformer which starred a series of one-shot characters to include the main characters of the publisher's flagship series.

In contrast to other Pikachu in fiction, another platformer contains a Pikachu antagonist.

A popular short story features a Pikachu having its intelligence increased artificially.

A popular children's novel later made into an animated movie featured 2 Pikachu who help people and Pokémon in need.

Another childern's book made into an animated movie featured a Pikachu who was the last survivor of his mother's last litter.

Another children's novel that spawned 3 movies had a Pikachu adopted by a family and treated as human.

A popular children's book series featured a Pikachu, who, among other things, takes interest in a boy's toy motorcycle.

A popular fable features two PIkachu in contrasting lifestyles, another features a Pikahcu who outwits a Pyroar.

BackSet1 A Change from Better to Worse from The Archipelago Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
A Change from Better to Worse
Jan 24th 2019 at 4:29:45 PM

If I may make a rather Meta suggestion:

A Long running Anime about a boy and his Pikachu traveling across regions to become the very best like noone ever was. Interestingly, many of the events in the Anime have been reported to have actually transpired.

"That would be stupid. We're not going to do that."
Jan 24th 2019 at 5:38:17 PM

I don't think your suggestion will be approved

SullenFrog Wait, he isn't dead! Shia Surprise! from Voormithadreth Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
Wait, he isn't dead! Shia Surprise!
Jan 24th 2019 at 6:27:00 PM

Why are you trying to shoehorn Pikachu into what seems like every single piece of fiction that's ever featured mice as characters? A lot of these would work better with Rattata.

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