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Our Next Feature Presentation: Dolly Dearest (10/15)

Join Us Tuesday, October 15th @ ~8:00PM (US/EDT) Here:

For the uninitiated... A contingent of tropers (mostly from across America) holds regular get-togethers over the Interwebs on this site called Synchtube which lets individuals, such as ourselves, open and join in text-based chatrooms within typical web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, et. al.) that allow the chat participants to view YouTube videos in synchronization with everyone else present (without even needing to set up an account)... and we've decided to use said chatrooms to play cheeseball webvideos and feature-length movies found in the public domain which stretch all the way from letters B to Z, which everyone subsequently riffs on a la MST3K.

For over SEVEN years, everybody who gets involved mostly finds good enjoymentnote  in calling out tropes that are recognized in the videos and stories and coming up with jokes to fling back at whatever's happening on the screen, many of which turn into various in-jokes and running gags (a Coven Glossary is kept and maintained for everyone's help and convenience HERE) to repeat in the chat.

We're always looking for new ways to better coordinate and expand our activities and are more than happy to welcome newcomers interested in joining our gatherings.

Complete List of Past Features (and Their Respective Ratings)

Suggestions List for Future Features

Coven Glossary of In-Jokes, Memes, and Other Useful Terms to Know

Coven .gif Gallery (Our favorite moving images composed in the simplest of digital formats)

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   Note:    To find our writeup on text commands and other fun coding that can be used in the chat, Go Here.

  • 80's Checklist— A list of things to look out for in movies from the 1980's...
    • 80's Metal
    • Action Montage
    • Big Hair/Mullets
      • Sweatbands
    • Day Glo
    • Gratuitous Breast Shot
      • Linnea Quigley
    • Legwarmers
    • Lycra Pants/Leotard on a Girl for General Exercise
      • for Dancing/Gymnastics
    • Makeup on a Guy
    • Short Shorts on a Guy
    • Straight to VHS
      • Only Ever Released on VHS
    • Synth Instruments/MUZAK
    • Too Much Makeup on a Girl
    • Video Arcade Console
    • Yuppie

  • Alf Ramsey's Porn Dungeon— An unspecified chamber in an indeterminate location, long believed to have been in the possession of the late Sir Alf Ramsey, used primarily for detaining prisoners and the kidnapped, who are often shackled or bound and tortured (Origins: Alan Partridge's horse racing commentary)
  • ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?— Asked very loudly and very sarcastically (often by the host) during incredibly dull and boring features that prove to be a waste of time when even their own "big climaxes" or "showcase setpieces" are just as incredibly dull and boring as everything that has already transpired. (Origins: Reactions to the grand special effects shot of a flying saucer destroying an English Manor at the ending climax of The Strange World of Planet X, which was our great reward for having watched the whole lot of nothing that transpired beforehand)

  • Badcore— Music that embodies the "raw" elements of hardcore punk due to lack of skill, as opposed to a stylistic choice (Origins: The crappy blues-rock band in Driller Killer) (See Also: MUZAK, Radcore)
  • The Barbarian Brothers— David and PEEEE-TUUUUUUR; twin actors/body builders/mullets that will be forever endeared by us for their pedestrian action/fighting sequences, atrocious acting, and even worse comedy schtick; remembered by us for timeless classics such as The Barbarians, Twin Sitters, Double Trouble, Think Big, DC Cab, and a deleted scene from Natural Born Killers. (See Also: Dem Organ Bones, UUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRR, XILLION WIT A XEE)
  • Bastid— Deliberate misspelling/mispronunciation of "bastard", repeated as often as the word is used by tough guys in action movies (Origins: Actor Richard Norton's delivery of the line "Die, you bastard!" in a fight scene in GYMKATA; the word "bastard", in particular, sounds overdubbed, out of place, and obviously mispronounced) (See Also: Ice T > FUH Q).
  • Batman Sound Effects— Absurd onomatopoeia and other nonsense syllables posted in ALLCAPS to compliment fight scenes in the spirit of such scenes in the Adam West Batman television series; however, none of the most commonly mentioned "sounds" (below) actually have anything to do with Batman. Feel free to create your own.
    • BOOF
    • BONER
    • BORT
    • FAPPO
    • FLARN
    • MITT
    • NEWT
      • GINGRICH
    • PITCH
    • SNUH
    • TWAT
    • WENG
    • ZOP
  • Beeping Machines— The source of many electronic ZOUNDS, named for the phrase coined in A Talking Cat!?! by Duffy the Talking Cat used in reference to human electronics and technology (See Also: Zounds)
  • Buddha's Name Be Praised— Reference to the one thing we're always guaranteed to hear whenever we watch an Asian martial-arts movie with the word "Buddha" or "Buddhist" in the title, or whenever the scene shifts to a Shaolin Temple; Buddha Bless You is a more infrequent variant

  • Can We Play House Now?— Question attributed by us to any young girl or child in movies who looks like they have no business being in a movie and would rather be doing other "kid stuff" (Origins: Young Carla's repeated requests to play house from Robot Monster)
  • Cassie O'Keyboard— A legendary MUZAK composer who happens to get a lot of work in many of the movies we endure; (in)famous for his compositions with synth instruments.
  • Chekhov's X— Any identified occurrence of Chekhov's Gun (anticipated or fully realized) is called out with 'X' = the specific item that is fulfilling the trope's role and function (i.e. Chekhov's Handkerchief, Chekhov's Hot Air Balloon, Chekhov's Loose Shoelace, etc.) (See Also: Every X Is a Pinto)
  • Cigar In/Out— Keeping note of placement of cigars in/out of characters' mouths whenever they may appear, a variant also occurs with smoking pipes.
  • CINEMAGIC— Denotes when images or sequences are cast in reddish or pinkish hues over the screen. (Origins: The showcased filming technique in The Angry Red Planet) (Compare: NEGAMAGIC, Ninja Turf)
  • The Cock-A-Doodie X— Part of calling out Cliffhanger Copouts and other retroactive changes to continuity, often involving characters presumed to be dead (especially when watching old Film Serials from the 30's and 40's during pre-shows), where X equals something integral to the event that is being changed in this manner (Origins: Annie Wilkes's complaint about a cliffhanger serial from her childhood; "HE DIDN'T GET OUT OF THE COCK-A-DOODIE CAR!")
  • Cyber Seduction— Any use of computers/Internet/digital technology as a tool for sex/sensuality/flirtation. Those who do become enchanted by any such thing are said to be Cyber Seduced (Origins: The Lifetime Channel Original Movie Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life about a teenager who becomes addicted to Red Bull and pop-up porn advertisements)

  • Death X: The X That Eats— A play on the movie title Deathbed: The Bed that Eats that comes up whenever a work follows a "Death Noun" title scheme, where X (the noun) fills in for whatever unusual object or item is killing off story characters.
  • DEBOB— Stock nonsense word to be shouted whenever a gray text box pops up in a Gamemaker works, especially when watching Let's Play videos by Lowtax and Shmorky (Origins: Lowtax and Shmorky's LP video of something called "Library Save" in which nearly all the pop-up boxes at the "completion" of a "level" would simply say, "Debob".)
  • Dem Organ Bones— A song sung on occasion to the tune of "Dem Bones" in which non-existent bones inside flesh and tissue organs are claimed to be connected to other such non-existent bones in non-connecting organs (i.e. "The lung bone's connected to the... spleen bone"), referencing a similar song occasionally sung by The Barbarian Brothers in Thing Big.
  • Doom House— The Greatest Horror Film of All Time. Also, the Greatest Page and Collection of Subpages on the Entire TV Tropes Wiki. The whole thing is just one giant collection of in-jokes for us. Just watch Doom House already! (Also written: Dewm Haus)
  • A DOOM X?!?— Baffled bemusement at the mention of any place or object that brings doom or terror, where 'X' = said place or object, to which the perfunctory response is, "Yeah, DOOOOOOOOOOOOM". (See Also: Doom House)
  • Do Not Entry— A bit of broken English serving as a general warning for characters not to "entry" certain places, which also spun off as Do Not X, where X = any noun or gerund that would maintain the original phrase's flawed grammar (Origins: A sign reading "Do Not Entry" inside a hospital in The Beyond, an Italian-made film that is supposed to be taking place in Louisiana; in other words, the sign doesn't do a good job of maintaining the illusion that the story takes place in the United States)

  • Earth... Nice Name, Isn't It?— A repeated mention from Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe that we lifted for whenever anybody mentions the planet Earth; it really is a nice name
  • Every Time I X, I Get Nervous— EVERYTHING makes us nervous! Whenever this line may appear, it must be read in a cartoonish Texan accent, where X = an action or activity that is described either in a movie or in a chat, e.g. "Every time I go to hyperspace, I get nervous!" (Origins: L from Starcrash and his occasional references to things making him nervous) (See Also: Robot Chauvinism)
  • Every X Is a Pinto— Anytime something explodes in a movie, we make reference to the trope Every Car Is a Pinto by identifying the exploding item (X) as a Pinto, especially if it's another vehicular mode of transportation (i.e. Every helicopter is a Pinto, Every speedboat is a Pinto, etc.) (See Also: Chekhov's X)
  • The Evil Laugh— A small memento from Allan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold, particularly a bit concerning the evil High Priest, Agon, who rules the Lost City of Gold and condemns people to be dipped into molten gold and turned into golden statues; can be seen (heard) HERE
  • Exciting X Action— Used to call attention to either ordinary, banal actions (or strange things that still somehow manage to be dull in their execution) in boring movies and sarcastically tout them as important selling features and audience draws (i.e. Exciting Midget Action in '9 Deaths of the Ninja' ).

  • FAA— Our favorite abbreviation to play around with; no one is entirely certain what it stands for, but many attempts to decipher its full meaning have been made, often ones that reference or poke fun of anything in whatever movie we have playing or the premise of this generally being an Overly Long Gag (Origins: Coach Walker's baseball cap emblazoned with the initials in five-inch letters in the Olympic-themed slasher flick Fatal Games).
  • FAHR!— A corruption of "Fire!" used to mimicked shouts from loud generals and other authorities of armed gunman when they deliver the order to their men to shoot their weapons.
  • Fire Is Hot, And It Can Burn— Many movie characters seem to not realize that fire safety is something you should learn and that's why we fall back on this song; thank you, Fire Marshall Carl Winslow!
  • Flutey, Flutey, Fluuuuuuuuuuuute...— Something of an interactive "chant" relayed back and forth in the chatroom, particularly when the room goes deathly quiet and whatever we're watching is in a lull moment; one person calls out, "Flutey, Flutey, Fluuuuuuuuuuuute...", another then replies, "Obooooooooooooe" (Origins: An often repeated bit of BGM in The Impossible Kid, although the "obooooooooooooe" is probably a clarinet).
  • Fromokide— The act of killing any character in a work who is immensely hated by us; any acts of fromokide that are committed are the work of a Fromokidal Maniac (Origins: Touch of Satan) (See Also: Teenicide).
  • FUNKMUZAK that is perceived as being So Bad, It's Good (Origins: Puma Man) (See Also: MUZAK).

  • The Godfrey Ho Drinking Game — A novel way to get wasted in style during Friday night pre-shows
  • Gopher It— Oronym of "go for it". Whenever a character in a movie says the latter phrase, we all think of the former one. (Origins: The phrase "go for it" being said on multiple occasions during Beyond Re-Animator)
  • The Green Flesh— Coven Hive Mind, inspired by the big-grinned green smiley from watch2gether. Long Live the Green Flesh!

  • Helium Girl— Annoying bitch with a high-pitched voice (Origins: Tori Olafsdotter/"Ice" from the failed TV pilot for Justice League of America)
  • Holy DonutsJust let this speak for itself...
  • The Holy Grail— A golden jewel of trash cinema, something So Inconceivably Awful It's Unbelievably Awesome, so clearly considered by us to be a "must see" bad movie... but completely impossible for us to find or watch on Synchtube, thus necessitating that we do all we can to track it down and overcome any and all obstacles in the way of getting it on our chatroom video playlist; when a Holy Grail is finally found, it is customary to view our prize as soon as we can get as many of us together as possible and celebrate (Current Holy Grail: N/A )
    • Found Holy Grails:
      • Double Trouble— Our original Holy Grail which first caught our attention in September 2012; it's a terrible buddy cop movie from 1992 starring The Barbarian Brothers; after months of searching and a few jumps through hoops in Sean's editing room, we managed to get our hands on it before New Year's; it was made the Feature Presentation at our last gathering in the year 2012, where it was bestowed our highest honor ([awesome][awesome][awesome][awesome], "Certified Starcrash") (See Also: XILLION WIT A XEE)
      • Think Big— Our second Grail, and yet another movie starring The Barbarian Brothers; this was found just a few weeks after it was declared our new grail, following Double Trouble, when we needed to find something on the fly when we had to change the Feature Presentation at the last minute; it was viewed by the coven on January 21, 2013 and was bestowed [awesome][awesome][awesome][awesome], "Certified Starcrash", rating
      • Yor: The Hunter of the Future— Third Grail; finally viewed by the coven on September 13, 2014, receiving a [awesome][awesome][awesome] rating in the process
      • 'Star Games''—Fourth Grail, finally viewed on May 14, 2016, received a [awesome][awesome]

  • I Got the Poison in My Blood!— A character's health and/or body integrity is corrupted and compromised by Phlebotinum of Evil (monster bite, invading parasite, poison, etc.), usually a sign that a character is "already dead". (Origins: Lance's repeated bit of exposition in Uninvited)
  • I Can CRAWL Again— Exclamatory phrase to shout whenever somebody in a video is crawling on their hands and knees (Origins: The wonders of "Jessie's" miracles in Greaser's Palace)
  • Ice-T
    • The Evolution of Ice-T Avatar Series— Collect them all!
    • Urban Menace Narration References:
      • Attention— Ice-T issues a fair warning to anyone who may be offended be it words like "pussy", "dick", "fuck", and "asshole" or graphic images such as bodies on fire and strangulation.
      • DIE U NO GOOD LOWLIFE MOTHER FUCKER DIE U PIECE OF SHIT BASTARD FUCK YOU REST IN HELL U MOTHER FUCKER, etc., etc.— The accepted response for any individual who finds anything (usually limited to a part or entirety of a video) so intolerable that it breeds anger.
      • FUH Q— Corruption of "fuck you", most often repeated during Ice T's intro video to Urban Menace; a minor variant has been embraced in the form of a segment from The Day Today, in which Chris Morris portrays an American rapper with the moniker Fur Q (See Also: THAN Q)
      • Urban Renewal, Mother Fucker— Deliberate Beam Me Up, Scotty! reference to Ice-T's bizarre concluding line in Urban Menace. Occasionally included in chatroom polls as an equally nonsensical throwaway option.
  • I Have No Home... the JUNGLE is My Home!— Reference to Bela Lugosi's famous villainous rant from Ed Wood's Bride of the Monster that gets a shout whenever movie characters mention "home" or "going home".
  • I'll Never Forget You, X!— How we bid a somber farewell before an Almost Dead Guy (most often a good guy secondary character that is close to the main protagonist who you will, surely, never forget) finally croaks, where 'X' = any way of referring to a character by a quality or trait that seems more than obviously clear to everyone, rather than an actual character name that is very likely not known/remembered by anybody else (i.e. In Johnny Mnemonic, "I'll never forget you, Electronic Ghost Woman!")
  • I'm an X, Y Y Y Y Y Y— A declaration of a characterizing trait or general occupation (X), followed by a single monotonous task related to it repeated six times (Y), intended to be sung to the tune of the children's song "I'm an Elf" by Dan Crow (I'm an elf, work work, work work, work work...)
  • I'm Here... Find Me...— Reference to an unusual anti-drug video geared toward children and shared by Everything is Terrible that is most remembered for adults taking turns staring into the camera and repeating "I'm here... Find me..." over and over; this gets repeated whenever characters in other films and videos utter either phrase or when a character is relaying exposition to another in a prophetic dream or hallucination.
  • ...Into the Very Cradle of Darkness— Phrase often invoked after characters in works are heard telling another, "Come with me"; the phrase is intended to be spoken in the voice of Rip Torn, who speaks this line verbatim in the introduction to the show Ghost Stories from the old FOX Family Channel.
  • It's About TWO MEN... Who Were PARTNERS...— The coven's equivalent to It Was a Dark and Stormy Night; if anybody is going to tell a story, it always begins with "two men who were partners"; even Sean and Prom, who are getting serious writing a screenplay, use two men who are partners as the starting premise (Origins: The beginnings of the unsettling bedtime story told by title character from Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe to a little boy)
  • It's All Good, It's Alright, Everybody Gets Laid Tonight!— A character gets to enjoy a Happy Ending (or sex at the conclusion of a movie); also written, Ev Ry Body Gets LAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIID... Tonight. (Origins: Closing song from the end of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, "Everybody Gets Laid Tonight" by The Hammerheads—the Greatest Christian Rock Song of All Time)

  • James Bond, Ninja Style— Reference to the opening title sequence from 9 Deaths of the Ninja, done in a very 80's, very ninja, very low-rent style which is only comparable to the title sequences in James Bond movies, complete with over the top MUZAK like you wouldn't believe; the sequence generally pops up as a placeholder video to promote featured movies that we can't otherwise do with a movie trailer, especially for Asian martial arts flicks on Kung Fu Fridays, or just to fill a void when we haven't yet decided a what to watch on an upcoming night (Can be viewed HERE)

  • A Knock at the Door...— Stock quip uttered after the sound of a ringing doorbell (Origins: Reginald P. Linux's exact response to a ringing doorbell in Doom House)
  • Kung Fu Fridays— Our once-a-week, very regular viewing tradition that actually means Exactly What It Says on the Tin (Contrast: Midnight Movie Masochism Mondays).


  • MacGuffin Man— Does whatever a MacGuffin can! That is to say, a character possesses the ability to perform any function which a story requires in order for its "plot" to "work" and keep everything going as if by magic; a walking, breathing Deus ex Machina that resolves and overcomes other characters' problems and obstacles single handedly. (Origins: Akton and his seemingly limitless fantastic powers from Starcrash)
  • Master Plan— Any scheme / plot / program / conspiracy / arranged course of action / system of getting anything done / etc.; while not always the case, there is, ideally, only ONE Master Plan, and it is always for the benefit of every single person, even if it's being carried out by a villain. (Origins: the post-World War II American cautionary tale "How to Lose What We Have" in which the nation is brought under the directives of a Socialist "big government" that runs everything according to a single "master plan")
  • Midnight Movie Masochism Mondays— The official unofficial name for the coven, even though we never meet at midnight (not in our "home" timezone, at least) and do actually meet far more often than just on Mondays; there ARE movies and masochism, however. (Contrast: Kung Fu Fridays)
  • Move Your Dead Bones, Bones, Bones...— What we shout when living dead creatures show their first signs of... well, life after death; often ends with somebody exclaiming, "Re-animate your FEEEEEEET!" (Origins: The strange muzak video tie-in to Beyond Re-Animator called "Move Your Dead Bones", performed by a Spanish singer credited as "Dr. Re-Animator")
  • MUZAK— It's a lot like music, except it's terrible (or corny); often signifies synth-heavy BGM but is also generally applied to just about any music that one dislikes. (See Also: Badcore, Cassie O'Keyboard, FUNK, Radcore, ZOUNDS)

  • NEGAMAGIC— A blue-hued variant of CINEMAGIC
  • Nice X, Nice X to DIE in!— A comment made in regards to an article of clothing on a character or the location of a character's scene; sometimes spoken in response to one character looking at another character's appearance and commenting, "Nice X" (Origins: An irate bowler's threatening remarks to the hero of Six-String Samurai, "Nice tuxedo, nice tuxedo to DIE in!")
  • Ninja Turf— Territory so dark and full of blackness that little-to-no light (or screen content) can be perceived, where ninjas are presumed to be lying in wait to attack, not that we'd actually SEE a ninja if one was truly there (Origins: The movie Ninja Turf, which has so many lowlight scenes that significant portions of the movie are so dark it's near impossible to make out what the camera is showing) (Compare: CINEMAGIC)
  • No, Not My Left Eye— Any sort of particular plea for mercy involving a victim of violence begging his attacker/torturer/etc. to either not harm particular body parts, not use particular tools of violence against one's person, or a combination of the two (Origins: The very specific pleas spoken by the victim character in Lowtax's look at a "game" called "Torture")

  • Orb— The Synchtube Coven's single most desired Fantastic Drug; whenever anybody mentions needing mind-altering substances to get through a movie, they're usually thinking, "Hey, man, wanna rub some orb?" and, "Can I get a hit off of that hot orb?" (Origins: The fantastic metal sphere in Sleeper that when touched or rubbed makes the handler feel extremely giddy and laugh uncontrollably)
    • Other Commonly Mentioned "Drugs"
      • Bread— A lesser drug with diminished potency and longevity than Orb that is, consequently, not as sought after as its spherical counterpart, but it's still good enough to have a strong demand, if the movies the drug appears in are any indication (Origins: Loaves of bread used to conceal unnamed white powders in plastic baggies, as seen in Ninja: Silent Assassin and For Your Height Only)
      • Cake— A "metabolically bisturbile drug" from the former Czechoslovakia that affects the part of the brain called "Shatner's Bassoon", which control's an individual's perception of time; it's a foregone conclusion that anyone who thinks more time has passed by during a movie that isn't even halfway over is under the influence of Cake (Origins: A special news report from Brass Eye)
  • Our Feature Presentation— Famous final words before bearing witness to a piece of shit for 40 minutes or longer, usually said by the room's host.
  • The Overlong Death ScreamAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH... (See also: SON)
  • Owlbrows— Eyebrows with hairs so long that they arc upward and outward, looking decidedly evil and very much like an owl (Origins: Actor David Hemmings's distracting eyebrows in Mean Machine)

  • Pallet Cleanser— Another brief video that is frequently necessary if Our Feature Presentation is so miserable that we desperately need to clear our minds and find a reason to continue living; usually means we watch Doom House.
  • The Peacock Joke— An ace up the sleeve of every annoying Comic Relief; if they must fail at everything else that they're there to do, they can tell The Peacock Joke... and still be complete, utter failures; typically manifests in shouts for a Comic Relief to "Tell the Peacock Joke!" whenever they're getting attention in a movie. (Origins: The Christian film The Bells of Innocence and that movie's annoying Comic Relief whose seemingly sole characteristic is repeatedly telling everybody a damn joke about a peacock that we as an audience actually never hear in its entirety and nobody else in the movie ever seems to understand, anyway)
  • Penit Cider— A liquid beverage, often one offered by one character to another (Origins: peanut cider from Touch of Satan)
  • Points— Units which Troping Synchtubers give to one another for particularly witty and droll zingers and references made; points are usually rewarded one at a time with somebody (anybody) announcing, "Point to X" shortly following the initial funny quip, where 'X' = name of person being awarded the point. Nobody is actually keeping track of a score, and, just like on Whose Line Is It Anyway, the points don't matter.
  • Porty Taime— After a Lock-and-Load Montage, then comes PORTY TAIME! (Origins: How we heard Ice Cube saying, "Party time" in Ghosts Of Mars)
  • Progress— When technology meets the worst of Hollywood Science and Science Is Bad (Origins: One of the many memorable words and phrases said by the cold, emotionless Terse Talker narrator from The Beast Of Yucca Flats)

No Entries Yet.

  • Radcore— Music that embodies the technical qualities of Badcore that happens to win our approval (See Also: Badcore, MUZAK)
  • Rasputin Manson Moore— A very strange, wild-eyed man often found hiding in "pot fields" and large botanical gardens spouting scripture like a crazy evangelist whose general appearance has been compared to Rasputin, Charles Manson, and Alan Moore, hence the name; if you ever come across this man, please remain calm, keep your distance, and contact the proper authorities as soon as you are a safe distance away from the suspect where he cannot hear you (Origins: A character [narrator???] from Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter fitting this very description)
  • Rated PG— The official MPAA rating for Boss N****r, and don't ever forget that.
  • RIPOFFCEPTION— Coven nickname for a movie called Escape from Galaxy 3; it's a low-budget Italian ripoff of Starcrash which is, in turn, a low-budget Italian ripoff of Star Wars. (See Also: The Touch of Love)
  • Robot Chauvinism— We're not really sure what this one is supposed to mean, either. (Origins: L, the nervous Texan robot from Starcrash who is also a "chauvinist") (See Also: Every Time I X, I Get Nervous)

  • SANTOS— ALLCAPS cheers at the sight of airplanes landing on a runway, in tribute to El Santos—the only Mexican luchador with a small plane certification. (Origins: El Santos from Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter and his accompanying theme song, "The Ballad of El Santos")
  • Seaweed— The root of all things slimy, deadly, and evil.
  • SNIPER, NO SNIPING!— Just as Dora commands the Swiper, when martial arts movies or shoot-'em-up action flicks suddenly have a character show up with a long-ranged, scoped rifle without being a part of a team ensemble and/or having the weapon skill set pre-established for the character, we demand that the character not be successful with the weapon (and they usually aren't) because there are usually more interesting ways to kill somebody in a martial-arts or shoot-'em-up story
  • SON— Turkish word for "End", serves as our punctuation mark for any loud, long screams we may hear, just as it originally punctuated The Overlong Death Scream
  • The Soviet Judge Gave That a 9.0— A bit of snark in delivered high appraisal of a stunt setpiece (either through sarcasm or sincerity) complimenting it as a sight so good even a Soviet olympics judge (who was always reputed to give low scores to athletes representing countries allied with the US and NATO) gives it high praise.
  • SWAG— Any unusual or odd or funny way of walking, could be applied to anything from a character with a signature silly walk to a terribly animated computer model or a video game glitch relating to walking. (Origins: A YouTuber's comments on the terrible walking animations in Airport Firefighter Simulator)

  • Tap THIS— Viewer response (and other related riffs) to the TAPTHAT tag prominently featured in the usual "8 O'Clock Movie" intro video at the start of most nights.
  • Teenicide— "The fine art of killing yourself (and maybe somebody else) before you're 20", often done with an automobile; naturally, one who commits the fine art of Teenicide is a Teenicidal Maniac (Origins: Old, black & white PSA films from the 1950's produced by something called the Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company to discourage teenage drivers from speeding) (See Also: Fromokide)
  • THAN Q— Corruption of "thank you" coined by Vennu Mallesh as a message to his viewers left at the end of his music videos (See Also: Ice T > FUH Q)
  • The Touch of Love— By far and wide, the SILLIEST of silly love songs, best remembered for its signature way of saying I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU, which is often repeated whenever features include silly love songs of their own or romantic subplots (Origins: RIPOFFCEPTION) (See Also: Muzak)


  • Vennu Mallesh— A So Bad, It's Good Hindi singer LIFER who gave the Internet the viral hit song LIFE "It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do" and gave us the fantastic phrases, "It's not an X, it's my LIFE", "I AM A BRAIN EATER", "Don't believe me, I am a true lier", and more.

  • WAO— Alternate spelling of "wow", repeated by the chat whenever the word is used as an exclamation in a video, frequently invoked during Lowtax's let's play videos; alternately written as Ow WAAAOOO, in reference to a particular outburst from Christopher Walken in the film Communion.
  • Weng Weng— A 2'9" actor/martial artist from the Philippines known for playing Agent 00 in James Bond-style movies For Your Height Only and The Impossible Kid, as well as the western film D'Wild Wild Weng, all in which the little fella runs around shooting Mooks with incredible accuracy, slides on floors, and punches/kicks anybody taller than him in crotch; According to his Wikipedia page, Weng Weng was a huge hit "throughout the Philippines and Asia as well as countries as far apart as Iceland, Uganda, Tonga, Bolivia and Papua New Guinea" and now HERE.
    • "WHOA Pretty Boy MMMMMMM Yeah!"— Surreal line heard in the English dubbing from The Impossible Kid that we love hearing to no end.
  • With Comet— A reference to the credit given for the horse Comet during the opening sequence of episodes of The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., the appearance of any horse on our video screen is referenced the same way, especially when a brown horse happens to bear a striking appearance to the original Comet.
  • Woob! Woob! Woob! Woob! Woob!...— Viewer response to any character(s) running, oftentimes fleeing from something else; also referred to as Woobing.

  • x.wav— Identifies sound effects that come off as conspicuous (perhaps, even completely out of place) or seem to call too much attention to themselves through repeated use or simply just sounding "generic" and "stock"; 'X' = the specific sound or item making sound (i.e. tiresqueal.wav, policesiren.wav, woosh.wav).
  • X Gets Me Hot— Something said whenever things lead to sexual activity under strange or unusual circumstances, where 'X' = that unusual reason for getting in the mood (i.e. "Funerals get me hot") (Origins: A Running Gag with the horny teenagers in the slasher/horror parody Student Bodies)
  • XILLION WIT A XEE— A loud outlandish phrase typed in ALLCAPS after the utterance of any word one hears in disbelief, where "XILLION" = whatever word (or number ending in "-illion") one hears and "XEE" = any letter that rhymes with the letter "B" (BEE) or any phonetic sound beginning with a letter not rhyming with "B" that ends in "EE" (Origins: Barbarian Brother PEEEE-TUUUUUUR's incredible response to the mention of billions of dollars, BILLION WIT A BEE, in Double Trouble)
  • X is Dead...— Another Starcrash reference; whenever anybody asks, "Where is X?" (X = to somebody absent from the chat or conversation), it is perfunctory to respond "X is dead, and I'm leaving to join Count Zarth Arn as the Prince of the League of Darkness." (Origins: Thor's famous proclamation to L and Stella Star after they ask the traitorous bald green guy, "Where is Akton?")

  • Yoko Jackson—Oft-repeated mondegreen first heard in Turkish Star Wars
  • You Should Take a Pills [x]—Suggested when pills/drugs/medication are established in scenes with characters and when the situations arise in which a character is established as needing a phlebotinum tablet for any reason; when characters or individuals in the chat become too excited or riled up over something, they are advised to take a Chills Pills [x] (Origins: Lowtax and Shmorky's playthrough of Schizophrenia, that gives this notice before the player experiences "hallucinations")
  • You Stubborn Mule, Now You Know the Secret!— Perfunctory quip following a surprise twist or revelation, particularly ones that reveal something previously unknown about a person's character (being a werewolf, alien monster, or terrorist, etc., for instance) (See Also: Doom House)

  • ZOUNDS— Sound FX equivalent of MUZAK; cheesy noises attributed to Beeping Computers, whirring doodads, whooshing spaceships, pewpewing laser guns, and just about everything else under the sun. When such sounds are extremely prevalent or outright incessant (as is often the case in many of the Italian B-movies we see, in particular) we say, "The ZOUNDS abound!" (See Also: Beeping Machines)

edited 21st May '16 4:04:55 PM by SeanMurrayI

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CompletelyNormalGuy Definitely not a weirdo from Seattle
Definitely not a weirdo
Nov 11th 2012 at 10:35:33 PM

I do believe you have forgotten Badcore: Music that embodies the "raw" elements of hardcore punk due to lack of skill rather than stylistic choice. Origin: The crappy blues-rock band in Driller Killer.

Also Woob!, but that's Bisected's thing.

No noodles here. Just bad movies. Join us.
Bisected8 I'll smile after my third coffee. from Her Hackette Cave Relationship Status: I only want you gone
I'll smile after my third coffee.
Nov 12th 2012 at 1:49:06 AM

That's "Woob! Woob! Woob!", not "Woob, Woob, Woob", Sean. tongue

The exclamation mark's important, I assure you.

EDIT: Oh, and don't forget Seaweed. The root of all evil.

edited 12th Nov '12 1:52:28 AM by Bisected8

TV Tropes's No. 1 bread themed lesbian.
DiurnalBrocolli Something... from Somewhere... Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Nov 12th 2012 at 4:04:16 AM

What about "EXCITING something ACTION" for when someone is doing something that isn't advancing the plot? I used it a lot during Birdemic.

Just floating around...
Prometheus136 What's eatin' you, chief? from Yoknapatawpha County Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
What's eatin' you, chief?
Nov 12th 2012 at 5:15:12 AM

What about "flutey flutey fluuuuuute..... obooooooooooooe"?

War is God.
PhysicalStamina i can't be bothered to make any new avatars from why are the roads so damn wide Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
i can't be bothered to make any new avatars
Nov 12th 2012 at 5:16:13 AM

[up]Oh man, I forgot about that one.

nomuru2d Gamer-turning-maker from Port Saint Lucie, FL Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
Nov 12th 2012 at 7:22:46 AM

I can finally join in now that I've sorted laptop issues.

Long live Cinematech. FC:0259-0435-4987
Nov 12th 2012 at 10:13:17 AM

Modified per everyone's input. Also added a few others that came to me. We need to get around to expanding our 80's Checklist.

Also, just a reminder again that tonight's feature is 2019: After the Fall of New York (seems appropriate), and I'll be taking back my MC duties for the first time since you know what. So I'll see everyone HERE @ ~8:00 PM US/Eastern, pre-show starts after 7:30. Also, it's good to finally be back in the swing of maintaining an up-to-date OP.

edited 12th Nov '12 10:58:48 AM by SeanMurrayI

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Rockonman Stranger Things have happened... from Cloudy City, WA
Stranger Things have happened...
Nov 12th 2012 at 11:38:56 AM

On the list of in-jokes, think you guys forgot one:

Progress. Brought up where bad technology meets the worst of Hollywood Science.

To the other side.
Bisected8 I'll smile after my third coffee. from Her Hackette Cave Relationship Status: I only want you gone
I'll smile after my third coffee.
Nov 12th 2012 at 3:11:15 PM

I might not be able to make it tonight. Meeting in the morning.

TV Tropes's No. 1 bread themed lesbian.
DiurnalBrocolli Something... from Somewhere... Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Nov 12th 2012 at 3:14:50 PM

I'm only able to make it periodically...

So I shall enjoy myself with you guys if I can!

Just floating around...
nomuru2d Gamer-turning-maker from Port Saint Lucie, FL Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
Nov 12th 2012 at 7:15:58 PM

Damn it all, I had to be distracted and miss it! : [

Long live Cinematech. FC:0259-0435-4987
Nov 12th 2012 at 7:38:37 PM

After Rockonman became intrigued tonight when I brought up ".mp3", I knew I couldn't just keep this a secret between Stamina and I any longer.

Tropers Watching Movies
PhysicalStamina i can't be bothered to make any new avatars from why are the roads so damn wide Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
i can't be bothered to make any new avatars
nomuru2d Gamer-turning-maker from Port Saint Lucie, FL Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
Nov 12th 2012 at 8:05:10 PM

Seriously? That old thing?

Long live Cinematech. FC:0259-0435-4987
CompletelyNormalGuy Definitely not a weirdo from Seattle
Definitely not a weirdo
Nov 12th 2012 at 9:03:04 PM

So, apparently Flash Gordon is available on youtube in its entirety. I confess that I haven't seen it, but nothing makes a cheesy movie beautiful quite like a soundtrack by Queen.

No noodles here. Just bad movies. Join us.
Bisected8 I'll smile after my third coffee. from Her Hackette Cave Relationship Status: I only want you gone
I'll smile after my third coffee.
Nov 13th 2012 at 5:49:45 AM

Sorry I couldn't make it. I had a meeting this morning so I had to actually sleep.

TV Tropes's No. 1 bread themed lesbian.
Nov 13th 2012 at 8:23:33 AM

[up][up] Might be good for a Saturday Night sometime. Until then, I'll keep note of that one on the OP Suggestions List.

Well, before we can enjoy Weng Weng again, we must first endure the intense pain of Christian cinema. I can guarantee this is NOT going to be an easy pill to swallow tonight; not even Chuck Norris is going to redeem this.

"Jesus, Man" Man @ 0:34...

Also, ZOUNDS and Tap THIS have been given their rightful, permanent place in Our Glossary.

edited 13th Nov '12 10:53:09 AM by SeanMurrayI

Tropers Watching Movies
Bisected8 I'll smile after my third coffee. from Her Hackette Cave Relationship Status: I only want you gone
I'll smile after my third coffee.
Nov 13th 2012 at 2:20:31 PM

Oh lord...

TV Tropes's No. 1 bread themed lesbian.
nomuru2d Gamer-turning-maker from Port Saint Lucie, FL Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
Nov 13th 2012 at 4:00:18 PM

Can't tune in yet again. Tuesday and Thursday, the usual. XP

Long live Cinematech. FC:0259-0435-4987
Nov 13th 2012 at 4:29:26 PM

Welp, time the face the music and see just what exactly Chuck Norris has really been reduced to...

Tropers Watching Movies
CompletelyNormalGuy Definitely not a weirdo from Seattle
Definitely not a weirdo
Nov 13th 2012 at 8:10:49 PM

How bad was it? What madness did I miss out on? I ditched you guys to watch The Shawshank Redemption. I know, I don't have to rub it in.

No noodles here. Just bad movies. Join us.
PhysicalStamina i can't be bothered to make any new avatars from why are the roads so damn wide Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
i can't be bothered to make any new avatars
Nov 14th 2012 at 6:36:41 AM

Well, I'm glad that's over and that we can all finally look forward to our first Weng Weng movie since The Impossible Kid (which seems like so long ago, and we should probably watch that movie again sometime, too).

Anyway, can't find a trailer for D'Wild Wild Weng, the movie we will actually be watching tonight (Wednesday, November 14), so please sit back and enjoy the "Weng Weng Rap" in all its glory one more time.

Also, The Peacock Joke has been added to the Coven Glossary.

edited 14th Nov '12 12:44:41 PM by SeanMurrayI

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