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YMMV / Warrior Cats: A Vision of Shadows

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Breezepelt and Heathertail having kits. Is it a Crowfeather and Nightcloud situation, or do they genuinely love each other? Crowfeather's Trial ends the ambiguity, though: they love each other.
  • Ass Pull: The Reveal of Onestar being Darktail's father may have generated a Broken Base, but there's no denying the...suddenness of this twist, which wasn't foreshadowed at all.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • After the complaints Warrior Cats: Omen of the Stars and Warrior Cats: Dawn of the Clans received for the amount of poorly written romance, many view arc six's lack of (major) romance as this.
    • Fans previously complained about the previous two arcs, Power of Three and Omen of the Stars, feeling like they dragged out for far too long and could even be filler-ish at times. They were pleasantly surprised by the much tighter pacing and focus of A Vision of Shadows.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Sparkpelt, almost immediately. At first, due to her appearance, there was worry that she would just be a Firestar copy. The preview chapters of The Apprentice's Quest reveal that she's instead similar to Squirrelflight, causing some to worry that she's just going to be a derivative of her mother, while others enjoy her characterization and/or are sure she'll take a different path.
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    • Needletail was initially an Ensemble Dark Horse, until Thunder and Shadow happened, and she took some levels in jerkass, and obtained Manipulative Bitch status. Although most of the fandom seems to have been okay with her Heel Realization and Heroic Sacrifice in Shattered Sky, others still hate her for her actions in the previous book.
  • Broken Base: As is inevitable with Warrior Cats fans.
    • Should Briarlight survive this series, or should she be let go due to her continued survivals getting ridiculous? She doesn't, leaving fans divided over whether her death was poignant and fitting or cheap and full of iffy implications
    • Just like last time, the time period the series takes place in. Some fans are happy to see the modern characters again, while others feel like their story was wrapped up well enough in The Last Hope and Bramblestar's Storm, or that it had grown stale, and would have preferred either another series following the Dawn of the Clans characters, or one set in the distant future.
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    • Bramblestar and Squirrelflight having four kits, only for two of them to die. Is this an interesting development, or is it completely pointless? It doesn't help that all of the other protagonists of major Warriors books from 2013-2016 (Gray Wing, Clear Sky, Thunder, Moth Flight, Tallstar, and Bramblestar himself) all have siblings who died as kits as well.
    • Alderheart being a medicine cat. While some are excited for another medicine cat protagonist, others are unhappy, since unless there's some twist, ThunderClan is going to have three medicine cats, which seems like overkill. This was given a bit of a nod in Thunder and Shadow.
    • Inevitably, shipping. Case #1: Breezepelt x Heathertail. Some are peeved that Breezepelt gets a family after everything he's done, while others like the pairing a lot and think it's a shame we don't see how it played out. Also, due to Breezepelt himself being a huge Base-Breaking Character, opinions are split over whether Breezepelt will be a great father or a horrible one. Crowfeather's Trial shows he's at least a loving mate, and Kate has stated she thinks he'll be a great father, so the implication is more for the former.
    • Shipping case #2: Ivypool x Fernsong becoming canon in Darkest Night. Some are ecstatic because of the hinted potential of a male queen and the breaking of gender roles, while others find this annoyingly shoehorned into story, arguing that there are no gender roles to be broken in the first place in Clan society. And that's not even going into the upheaval about whether Ivypool should have a mate in the first place.
    • Kate's statement that "there are currently no plans for a female arch villain". Some don't really mind, but others are disappointed, since there's only been one female main villain and a sprinkling of female minor villains so far. It doesn't help that two of the most popular candidates for the arc's main villain were Sparkpelt and Featherpelt.
    • Bramblestar and Rowanstar's decision to separate Violetshine and Twigbranch. Some think it was the fairest trade, while others believe it to be a heartless decision stemming from selfish motives, and contributing to the sisters' Broken Bird status at the end of Thunder and Shadow.
    • Tigerheart becoming deputy after Crowfrost's death. Some believe it'll create a good ying-tang with Tigerstar — Tigerheart being a good deputy and eventual good leader in dark contrast with his grandfather Tigerstar. Other believe he's done nothing to prove himself worthy of the deputyship and that he's too young. There's also the fact that Rowanstar first picked his daughter's mate as deputy, and now his son, leading some to believe he's being bias in his decisions.
    • The revelation that Onestar is the father of Darktail. Some fans think that this is a brilliant twist that no one saw coming, while others think it was a senseless twist thrown in at the last minute to cause drama. Many feel that it contradicts Onestar's early characterization, as well.
    • Sparkpelt being Demoted to Extra after The Apprentice's Quest has taken many by surprise. Some are okay with it, since this gives more interesting characters spotlight, while others think They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Fernsong has been pretty much universally loved since the allegiances for The Apprentice's Quest came out.
    • Puddleshine, the new ShadowClan medicine cat, is really loved, thanks to his Iron Woobie nature (he was forced into being a medicine cat and had to handle an outbreak of a terrible disease, after having very rushed training, at eight moons old) combined with how dedicated to his work he is, even though it wasn't what he originally wanted, and his naturally sweet personality.
    • Crowfrost shot up in popularity once Thunder and Shadow showed him to be an honorable and reasonable cat with good leadership material. Many were disappointed he was killed off near the end of the book.
    • As the new WindClan deputy and leader, Harespring/Harestar is beloved for being a nice, Reasonable Authority Figure atoning for his past in the Dark Forest, which is a breath of fresh air after Onestar's hypocrisy, racism and overblown anger for three arcs.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • Spiderleg being absent from the second version of the Allegiances caused wild speculation. Is he dead, did he leave, or is something else going on? Or is it just an error? According to the preview of Thunder and Shadow, Spiderleg has died of greencough. Very disappointing.
    • Before the preview chapters, there were lots of theories about Leafpool, including one that she was dead and Lilyheart's daughter Leafkit was named after her. There are still tons of wild theories, since unless there's a twist, ThunderClan will have three medicine cats.
    • Some have theorized that Sleekwhisker is pregnant by Darktail after she displayed jealousy over his favoritism and was shown to be rather possessive toward him. Many think that she will give birth to his kits à la Zira.
  • Narm: This line, while heartbreaking, is also rather laughable:
    This is where I go to hunt with StarClan. Oh Violetpaw, how did we end up like this? Are you really going to strike the blow that kills me?
  • The Scrappy: Sleekwhisker was an already unpopular character before Shattered Sky came out, but now she's become one of the most loathed characters in the entire series (which is really saying something). This is probably justified, since she seems intent on conquering the Clans, is heavily possessive, a bully, and happily murders her former close friend on her leader's orders. Also, she was shown to be rather indifferent toward the death of her parents.
    • What's interesting is that many of these fans had been begging for a female antagonist for years. At least they got what they wanted...
  • Seasonal Rot:
    • After four fairly solid books, River of Fire takes a sharp nosedive in quality. Despite its ominous name and the many dangers in it, only one ThunderClan cat dies, which fans complain about since they're bloated with C-List Fodder and old cats who should by all rights be dead or retired. Even worse, nothing really happens plot-wise. It's essentially Filler as everyone waits for Tigerstar II to come back.
    • In general, the second half of the arc is agreed to be extremely weak, after a strong start; many fans state that Darktail died too soon, and the last three books meander about with no real villain and weak writing.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Tree/Violetshine has gotten some stink-eye for this. They meet in Darkest Night and have some Belligerent Sexual Tension, but aren't super close. Then in River of Fire, she's suddenly terrified he'll leave her and acting like their relationship is far closer than it actually is, with nothing to indicate what caused this shift in her opinion on him.
  • The Woobie:
    • Violetshine, goodness. Nothing seems to go right for the poor thing. She's already a Broken Bird at less than a year old.
    • Twigbranch, as well.
    • Needletail combined Iron Woobie and Jerkass Woobie during Shattered Sky.


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