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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Due to the nature of the story telling there’s a lot of room for this, for example:
    • Is Duke a lecherous monster, or is he just mischievous?
    • Similarly, is Missi a tragic victim of circumstance? Or was she a vampire all along? Or does she only have herself to blame for failing to see the risks associated with hanging out in a seemingly abandoned mansion?
    • Did Missi Spiderwebs bring Duke back from the dead only because she couldn’t get over her anger at him, did she somehow find out how good he had it in the afterlife? Or was she getting lonely in the castle with just her familiar, Minose, and resurrected Duke so she could have some interaction with somebody? She also seems to be projecting a little when she sings about “living a life that’s so hateful” and “losing control a bit”.
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    • Did Missi get the staff back because she wants more vengeance on Duke? Because she was afraid he might attack her when she stepped outside and wanted it to scare him off and/or defend herself? Or was she so possessive of it the very thought of Duke reclaiming it lead her back to rebecoming a vampire?
    • Then you get into the staff. Is it sentient? If so, is it truly evil? What are its motivations?
  • Awesome Art: The animation in these videos is gorgeous, with a lot of small movements and attention to details. It is even more impressive when you know that Daria did all of it on her own.
  • Broken Base: The fifth short "Zombie Prostitute." Fans either love it's loopier, cartoonier style, the humor and the Duke Fanservice or hate it for being out of place tone wise, having less detailed animation and being Squicky.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Genevieve the Zombie Prostitute in "Zombie Prostitute" for being Ms. Fanservice for some.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Duke has quite a fangirl following. Missi Spiderwebs has her share of admirers too.
  • Fan Disservice: "Zombie Prostitute" as you see a good glimse of Duke shirtless and a brief bit of when it falls off and he gives it to Nessa as a [[Visual Pun"tip."]]
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The Series has quite a fan following in Japan. Thanks to some fortunate retweets of an introduction of "The Night" by a Japanese user.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In Aurelio Voltaire's song "The Vampire Club" he talks about someone named Missy "losing a fang." Come 14 years later there would be a (part)vampire character named Missi animated to some of his songs!
  • Moe: Human Missi. And Genevieve to an extent.
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  • The Woobie: Missi. An innocent girl who just wanted to read a book who was harassed by a creepy vampire for a long ass night. Even when he gets his comeuppance, she's struggling with losing her sanity and presumably her humanity as a side effect of the staff and the trauma.

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