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Awesome / The Vampair

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Chapter 1: The Night

  • Missi quickly making a plan to outsmart the Duke by looking at her surroundings. When she lures him close enough she pulls a rope that opens all of the window curtains, and then takes Duke's cane to whack him towards the sunlight. He slowly dies and crumbles into ash.
    • Also the ending, where Missi gives a Slasher Smile and turns into a vampire thanks to the power of Duke's cane.
Chapter 2: Land of the Dead
  • Despite not having his cane, the Duke seems to have become pretty powerful when he enters the underworld, even becoming "far renowned". Too bad that doesn't last when Missi finds a book to resurrect him.
Chapter 3: Resurrection
  • Missi's whole song, literally telling Duke "Fuck you".
  • Just watching Missi kick Duke's ass around, and clearly reveling in her powers as a vampire.
    • The first sequences of the song even parallel how Duke first met Missi, from stalking her with glowing red eyes in the shadows, using the cane to light the halls, and tormenting her throughout various areas of his mansion. Now, Missi is the one in control, and easily outmaneuvers Duke.
Chapter 4: The Silent
  • The Duke's note to Missi.
    "Brb get ready for The Showdown"
    • She smiles darkly after she reads the note, expecting a challenge.

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