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Chapter 1: The Night

  • The book Missi is preparing to read is fittingly, Twilight.
  • Duke giving a flirty Aside Glance to the audience and making finger guns as Missi pretends to seduce him.
Chapter 2: Land of the Dead
  • A blink and you’ll miss it moment shows the centaur taking a smoking break.
  • While the zombie skeletons are taking Duke to his throne, they are obviously not pleased by it, and respond to the song in a deadpan expression.
    • The Duke then uses their heads as stairs.
  • In another blink and you’ll miss it moment Duke makes the same finger gun gesture from chapter 1 while in the jacuzzi with the two gorgons.
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  • As the song ends, Duke declares he's so powerful in the underworld that "No, you can't take that from me!" Cut to the ending credits where Missi after what supposedly seems like many months enters the Duke's library to find a spell to resurrect him in the next chapter, a cruel smile spreading on her lips.
Chapter 3: Resurrection
  • Missi messing with Duke throughout the whole chapter.
  • As Missi sways to her song, enjoying the moment, the Duke makes a slow Aside Glance to the audience once more. Clearly wondering, "What the hell does this woman want from me?"
  • Duke being dragged by Missi's shadow projection, and smashing through the layers of doors with each beat of the song.
    • As one person asked, "Did she bring him back just to fuck with him?"
  • Duke's puckered Oh, Crap! face when Missi appears in a room after giving him a low Death Glare.
Part 3.5: Oweee
  • Duke glaring at Missi lounging in a chair and drinking wine, angrily calling her a bitch while she grins and waves at him through the window.
Chapter 4: The Silent
  • While in general it's mostly creepy, focusing on Missi's disappearing sanity and how it freaks her out, it's somewhat hilarious that the reason why she grabs the cane and goes back to insanity is just that she really doesn't like the Duke.
  • At one point, Missi hallucinates that she's being eaten alive by thousands of tiny rodent-like monsters... which she claims would be fine, EXCEPT she didn't give permission. Cue thousands of comments joking that it's okay to eat a woman out as long as she gives permission.
Chapter 5: Zombie Prostitute
  • The entire video is cringe comedy at it’s finest.
  • When Duke first sees Genevieve, the titular zombie prostitute, he makes a gesture of “sure why not” and then the same finger gun gesture from The Night.
  • When Duke approaches Genevieve and parts of her keep falling off his expression screams “what have I gotten myself into?” When he finds himself reacting to her anyway his expression shifts to “okay, I guess we’re doing this.”
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  • When Dukes clothes and Genevieve’s body parts start flying around the skeletal orchestra starts to look a little uncomfortable.
  • As he's about to seduce Missi's older sister Nessa in the graveyard, his 'equipment' falls off.
    "I got a little slip, but then I heard a rip.
    I pulled it out and I said...
The Showdown
  • During a particularly intense moment in the fight, Duke accidentally tears the front of Missi's dress. His completely flustered expression when he realizes what he did is pure gold.
    • The very idea that Duke of all people is blushing out of embarrassment is hilarious in and of itself.
  • One of the funniest drawings Daria has posted shows The Duke fantasizing about human Missi and vampire Missi split into two people so he can sleep with them both at the same time. Meanwhile the real Missi prepares to hurl a book at his head whose title reads “Smacked To Death”.
    • Made even funnier since this is a follow up to an Inktober drawing showing Missi fantasizing about Dukette while an annoyed Duke says “I’m right here y’know”.

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